*`~Sweet Rhapsody~`* (The softer side of this assassin)

Discussion in 'Poetry Realm' started by Xero Satsujin, Aug 10, 2003.

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  1. Xero Satsujin

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    Jul 10, 2003
    There is something so precious that one wouldn’t normally find on the lips of another. It's a sweet embrace of divinity as warm and comforting as the love of a mother. Desires are met but have yet to be quenched as they arrive. Passion grips the soul as your senses are kicked into overdrive. Like the godly grip of ambrosia you are trapped in a whirlwind of pleasure. Chills ripple through your core because your ecstasy knows no measure.

    The whole world around you just seems to fade into black. In that instant you wish for the moment to last until time begins to crack. All that would normally seem impossible becomes reality in this sacred embrace. Two souls become one as you and the other appear to be stuck face to face. Each soundless breath that you breathe comes almost as a surprise. The mind soon gives in to the blind eternity that becomes your lover's eyes.

    You have trouble comprehending how one kiss could mean so much. Yet you instantly understand the very moment that you and your lovers lips touch. All questions that have yet to be answered have just been put on hold. The peacefulness of such a moment is something that cannot be bought nor sold. Your heart has come up to your throat and shakes you with every pound. But you still continue on with only a slight sound.

    As the passion escalates the wrapped embrace becomes that much more serene. Tears soon well up in your eyes but they are something that your lover hasn’t seen. Pleasure unbound begins to take you over from the core. The touch of your lover is all you want and nothing more. To keep it up you allow yourself to become a part of this endless serenity. You would give your all to always have the sweet taste of this hidden divinity.

    You spin wildly out of control and are astonished by the union of souls. This kiss is so rare and precious that it is like the collapse of black holes. The heart gets a high off of the passion while the soul gets drunk off of lust. Desire grips the body and holds your lover with the utmost trust. For that very moment you become one gracefully intertwined at the spine. The taste of your lover is one that opposes even the greatest of vintage wine.

    You are ruled by the way you move and you breathe each other's air. The both of your eyes open and the two of you become entranced by each other's stare. In the blackness that has become the world around you all just stands still. For just a moment longer in this embrace you are willing to kill. If it meant that you could have this kiss forever you might even be willing to die. But as soon reality starts to set in you again start to cry.

    Every pore in your system wants to hold onto what is happening inside you. There is such rapture and joy that this cannot possibly be true. You count the times that you have ever truly felt this way. But there is nothing that could account for this no matter what others might say. As your heart seems to elope with every passing moment of time you start to ponder on the thought of a wish. That no matter what you could always have this dish.

    Only seconds have gone by yet it seems like days have passed. This simple kiss is something you want more than anything to last. Is this just a kiss or does more hide behind the anxious fire of the hearts desire? It seems so because your soul sings out in its own choir of heat and fire. As your lips slowly start to separate you wonder if there'll be anything that you will miss. Then you think about the sweet rhapsody of your long gone kiss.

    And thats how a kiss should be...
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