Surviver`s guide in Helsinki

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    Apr 23, 2011
    2,677 I lost that Finland thread.
    1. Buy a helium balloon. Them are sold @ Working class day at Hakaniemen tori.
    ( Also, students get 1000 euros a night sellin em so if u need money, contact the next balloon factory.)There u can also buy weed.
    2. Take a deep breath.
    3. Say "I`m a production of this country manufactured by --- (whatever
    rules u)".
    4. Now u can laugh about it and go 2 bar.
    5. Sex: Amarillo. Weed: Playground. Cheap beer: Kallio. Free bed and breakfast:
    6. If anyone asks, tell this is a great country and u love everything in it.
    7. Prepare yourself to work your ass of if u plan to stay.

    -that wasn`t so negative-
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