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  1. BlackSoultan Ad Infinitum

    BlackSoultan Ad Infinitum aka Billy Shoreview

    Oct 17, 1999
    Now THAT'S bad for your heart; trust me. Be careful with caffeine during a work out. Be careful with it period. I'm kinda hooked on it, so I have to be careful to apportion it out: half a no doz a day just to keep me going. Maybe 2 halfs at 2 times during the day. A redbull tastes too fucking good. Fucked around and was up to 4 of those a day and dozing off, each having the same amount as a vivarin (yellow crack). Want your heart to explode? Keep drinking that shit in the gym. I use Cytomast and sip it in the gym. Tastes like a citrus beverage, but has this syrum consistency. Gives you the carbs you need. But I'm not trying to bulk up; I'm pushing 30 years old. My metab is slowing down. I put on weight now, I'll regret it very soon.

    So by all means, get a 3-600 cal gainer that has some protein in it, and also get some gnc whey to sip on as well, and cop a decent shaker (blenders require too much cumbursome cleaning) and drink that too. You just saved yourself lunch. Get some L Arganine, mega men's vitamin, some vitamin c, anabolic aminoes, and eat at least 2 decent meals. You'd be set. That's what I used to do, minus the weight gainer. I kinda like bein' a little dude. I was 5'8" 132 benching 215 and leg pressing upwards of 7-800 lbs. Good fighting shape, and I looked half way decent. *shrug* That's what I need to get back to, 'cept I wanna be 150 or so. That's it. You want to add that weight with your met? Yeah, EV: 1200 cal shakes will just give you the shits all to be damned. Keep it simple at 5-600 or so cal.
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    ya I am a hardgainer as well I used to weigh 134 at 5 feet 9 I am the same height but walk around at 165-170 around there.

    I did alot of circuit training mainly for jiu jitsu and strength excersices for leverage and functional stuff like grip to build my grip power. I dont love heavy ass weights at all I stick to old school stuff low cost like sand bags and sledgehammers to the tire for power. I stick to pull ups chins, push ups all variations and cardio.

    I take the basic vitamins: Multi vitamins for men without IRON. Fish oils, flax seed oils, garlic pills vitamin C and milk thistle.

    I take alot of natural oranic stuff.

    I like take a ounce of noni juice first thing in the morning and right before dinner.

    I dont believe in low carb high protien I do a equal split but I use healthy brown rice with my chicken.

    I only take my protien shakes after working out and before bed on non work out days.

    on workout days I take something quick like whey isolate the best is GF PRO or I-PRO from ergopharm its mad expensive but it taste great and easy to take helped me put on some great size and recovery was great.

    I used to eat like 6 or 8 times a day but all I got was bloated...I eat like 4 or 5 meals a day now I just believe its what you eat that gives you the gains. I guess I was just lucky that I put on size but it takes hard work.


    here is a pic of me I am about 167 in this pic I weighed in the day before at 154 most of the weight I lost for the fight was water and I put it back on the next day.

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