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Discussion in 'Cypher' started by SpeedyCalhoun, Jan 10, 2007.

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  1. R-One-Oh-Seven

    R-One-Oh-Seven estd. 2001

    Jun 19, 2007
    Haha good topic. nice verse hiphop

    Ima Black out The x-jet hanger soon corner them x-vets in the danger room//
    Check my status: No Damage taken Gambit’s waiting with a pair of twos//
    I straight flush em out, then leave jubilee more purple than gold she can be a laker too//
    A Storm starts to mount, Oh shit a tornado hits the place but I recover nice & quck//
    “Guess u want a new one torn” nade to ya face and a butterfly kick//
    floor is hit wit ballistic shells, I twist ya cells and split ya valves with swords that I drop//
    DeadPool trained special ops I take Cyclops & disarm em wit ion locked eye drops//
    Its ice cold now. Iceman’s hailing fury, recovery is slow so I take the pain//
    Then charge em like a snow plow, Rearrange his molecular structure and make it rain//
    The teams staggering now deformed limbs & contorted torsos are the uniform its the gift of gat//
    Oh no! Out comes logan like a bat out of hell then gets beaten half way to hell with a bat//
  2. M-O-A Thug

    M-O-A Thug New Member

    Apr 5, 2003
    ^beat half way to hell with a bat/
    I'm lookin' at certain cat's thinkin' perhaps they can be "Thundercat's"//
    My thunder rap's cause thunder claps/
    And it's certain, black that I'll take you off of that//
    certain pose, you and your fellow "Superheroes"/
    with super power, made of mutant growth like flowers//
    that made my skin a little green,/
    like the Incredible Hulk try and convienge//
    I mean keep going, with enemies opposin'/
    I'm thinkin' about the current pathway to avoid being frozen//
    Or any of our world leaders stolen/
    Cuz then we'd have to rescue and search out the spot's they're hold-in//
    whatever glitter's is'nt golden/
    and some power's are given they're not chosen//
    I wish I could cease credit card debt/
    Cuz these interests rates are a trap right at the pearly gates//
    don't pay attention, to the letter's/
    sayin', "You've been selected", cuz they're tryin' to get ya//
    If I had the power I would'nt let ya/
    Cuz some of these trap's are hard to see out of the retina//
  3. N. Cognito

    N. Cognito As Himself

    Jun 1, 2007
    "Cuz some of these trap's are hard to see out of the retina// "

    i guess that ya can say we're tha pray hunted by da Preditor /
    gotta stay ahead of tha cut throats lookin to be beheadin ya /
    alphabetica-lly, im on my p's n q's cant sleep or snooze /
    keep these two eyes open like theatre rooms when tha screen is used /
    drinkin brews, Icehouse boosts my ego to that of a Superhero /
    Cog to tha Nito stick it to em like arms when shootin needles /
    Southern Comfort sippin got me calm n chillin /
    these dudes is bitches, Wonder Women, Robin Givens /
    i get so ugly u'd think i starred in Gremlins /
    then these fags'll panic, sayin cheesy shit like Captain Planet /
    they aint even side kick material like Robin, i'm Batman damnit /
    i'll make em my butler, Alfred damnit, go grab a sandwich! /
    shell shocked like Donatello, I'm Splinter- tha master damnit /
  4. YoMamazMan

    YoMamazMan Over 1.000 served...

    Jul 19, 2007
    Play ya cards like Gambit.Clean up ya act like Captain Planet.
    Cuz I'm comin like Punisher I'ma grab the cannon.I not greedy I'm only takin ova Half the planet.The Spiderman spinning webs of deception.I'm off the wall.I got you bouncin like a ball.I swing thru ya hood 2 ya house I crawl.U can hide but my spidey sense can sense a bitch.Then I strangle u wit the same web I swung in wit
  5. P.Features

    P.Features Vice Pres. Features

    Jun 25, 2007
    leave you up-ended when I come soaring past
    so fast all you see is my silvery luster I'm Norrin Radd
    B.K.A. the Silver Surfer I hang ten ridin airwaves
    swoop by an take off your head with a cosmic wave
    of my hand that'll take out you and ten square miles of land
    shine radiant as well as the power cosmic I use at my command
    what good is ruling half the planet
    if galactus herald gets sent its way and he demands it
    be prepared for supper then its off to another
    he took my emotion away not a tear i can muster
    so when you see me you in for the fight of your life muh'fucker

    PROPHESOR-X New Member

    Sep 17, 2007
    They Call Me The Leader Of The X Men,im The Cat That Yall Forgot To Mention,i Plan The Group Out Bc I'm A Genius, And Penetrate Minds With My Telekenesis,fuck All The Villains Who Step Up And Think They Can Hang,i Jus Made U Think Ya Tight By Fuckin With Yer Membrane,youve Never Heard Anything This Phat Unless Your Obese,or If You A Victim Of The Hip Hop Worldwide Disease,im Here To Lead You Out Of Mainstream Deceptions,cuz When Im Rippin Up The Mic It Gets Lacerated Infections,im The Preacher That Reaches From Here To All The Schoos, Representin For The Westcoast And The Ics Krew,it Dont Matter If U Sling Webs Or Hack N Slash,my Powers Still Better And Yer Shit Belongs In The Trash,whoevers Readin This Yer Already Stuck Under Mind Control Manipulation,so Imma Release You For Now And Tell Me What U Think Of Hip Hop X Men Formation
  7. Janitor

    Janitor Guest

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