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    Dec 27, 2013
    Usually, silence is the loudest thing in a quiet room.
    But I guess, under this moon, even the silence didn't want to intervene. Even the grass wouldn't whisper the grounds secrets. The wind wouldn't whistle loud enough to mean it. No, tonight, even sound couldn't come between us. Or is it day? All I know, is passion finally found its new language in the things we never had to say. I speak with my eyes, too afraid to let words escape my lips. Too unwilling to discontent our bliss. Too much of a risk, so we let the tips of our fingers do the talking. No clichés about love just creating its essence in the energy of locked eyes and the way you make me blush. No need to explain. The rain is enlightening enough. Telling us how the sun still don't trust the stars and its been hard but, the moon never cared too much for art, and thats why the tides turn, to keep them apart. It's the saddest song I ever heard. The soft pitter patter, a fairytale telling of the reality that caused an eternal rift in the universe. Rumors, spread through the clouds of how, it could have been us, too beautiful to ever cling to each other, so we create this silent song to sing to each other by creating love at dawn. We were never meant to be, but here we are. The sun was never meant to touch the moon. The sun never needed it. But even during an eclipse the moon shelters the sun, if only just a moment.The moon gets its shine. And it's too beautiful to really look at.
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    I liked this piece but i think you should avoid writing these in paragraph form

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