Summer Slame: East Rd. 3 (1. Imperial vs 4. Liquid Ice)

Discussion in 'the Onslaught' started by FórmÅl LôGíc, Jun 8, 2004.

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  1. PrOvOcAtiVeThOuGhT

    PrOvOcAtiVeThOuGhT New Member

    Mar 8, 2002
    pick up a mic and we can talk besides drop the ego man you were way cooler without it
  2. aGiLity Starr*

    aGiLity Starr* Live Broadcast.

    Aug 10, 2001

  3. FórmÅl LôGíc

    FórmÅl LôGíc Black Listed

    Apr 3, 2001
    Ya lyrics are wack as fuck, and do nothin' but bicker..
    & show 'everybody ya gayness', like rainbow bumper stickers..

    Nice, not spectacular, but good enough

    Punchin you quicker, makes it easier to deny you..
    Cause' you 'only speak into mics' going through a McDonald's drive-thru..

    Haha, good concept, executed pretty well.

    So why you, talk's an unsolvable question ay?...
    I was here when you were NOTHING .. like the day before yesterday..

    Thats a nice ass line. Its hard and witty.

    Ya chest is sprayed, I don't have to prepare for ya wack verse..
    Only 'preparation' I need, is the kind I use when my ass burns..

    Ehh, not really feeling this, wasnt really directed toward him.

    Smashed herb, Im spittin these lyrics to douse you kid ..
    Ya 'lines only stick out', when ya shirt's turned outside in (seams) ..

    Not liking this line.

    Not an ounce of LiQ! .. and now ya here with ya ribs torn ..
    And 'erased almost as easy' as drawings in coaches' clipboards..

    A good concept, but you didnt execute it right.

    Ya ripped whore, and I dont have to give you a reason..
    You faggot, youll get stomped just as much as Christopher Reeves did..

    Reeves lines are played, but this was a good flip.

    Ya beat-en .. ill kill your ass in various ways..
    This site 'doesnt really need you', like pimps who carry a cane ..

    Not bad, not good though.

    Damnit yer gay! .. now ill leave you in misery ..
    & why your ranked number 1 should be featured on Unsolved Mysteries..

    Good line, nice and hard. Good concept for a punch, liking this one.

    Listen to me .. youre obviously a devoured loser..
    You beat Tony Elbow in text ... I couldve done that without a computer.

    Not sure what you meant "without a computer". A good line, but not sure where you were going with it.

    Overall: A few nice hard hitting lines, some downs as well. Good flow, everything went smoothly together. An above average verse.



    Liquid Ice aint even comin fresh
    Named yaself after Ice Breakers mints..
    ..when you jus need em for ya breath

    No, not a bad concept, but poorly executed.

    Used to be pretty nice.. but now ya styles too old
    Like P diddy.. you lost ya shyne a while ago

    Shyne lines = very played. Not feeling this line either.

    You never had sex man, no shit
    Ya girl tried joinin you in bed.. and got covered in hand lotion

    Ehh, not bad. Alright line, good concept, but executed right.

    This aint the fuckin hospital.. its different now
    Cuz im not gonna save ya blood after I spill it out

    Nice hard hitting line.

    So give up.. I wont get caught when I snipe you up, see
    Cuz ill leave ya 'corps' in the ocean.. like the Marines

    Another good line, liked this one.

    You got 1 vote in 2 bouts.. thas sad clown
    Only wanted to black out.. since you knew this is ya last round

    Nice personal, hard hitting line here.

    Theres no way ya ass will stay
    My shit's hot.. and ya not in the Olympics.. you wont pass the flames

    Not a clue where your going with ths line, wasnt really directed towards him at all.

    You cant afford a new jersey, thas jus where ya house is
    You pick up mad dimes... and I aint talkin bout chicks

    Nice line, good concept, sorta played, but good flip.

    Comparin you to me? fuck that, neva
    My punches aint jus Beta... theyre the Alpha and Omega

    Ehhh, couldve been a good line, but just written all wrong.

    The point is.. you suck, im better
    So you could never B me, C me.. or any other letter

    Really nice closer, probably the best line you had.

    Overall: Ive seen come better than this. Not sure if you werent trying or your a little rusty. Some good lines, but you also had your handful of not so good lines. Decent flow, but you did have the better closer.



    Both came pretty average, having their good lines and bad lines. Both had a good flow to their verse but in the end Liquid was a bit more consistent. Imperial's verse was like a hit or miss for good line.

    Vote - Liquid Ice.
  4. FórmÅl LôGíc

    FórmÅl LôGíc Black Listed

    Apr 3, 2001
    2-2. Tie.

    Both move on to a 3 way battle.
  5. Imperial

    Imperial Lex

    Oct 7, 1999
    Word.. I cant say i agree wit this, but whatever. Jus wait til next week.
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