Suicidal Bank Teller

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    May 3, 1999
    TOPIC: Youre a suicidal bank teller.. getting robbed at gunpoint….

    I wrote this rhyme to the beat of: “WATCH DEM NEGUHZ” by NAS

    Vibe it:

    Overwhelmed in thoughts, my state of mind has got me hopeless
    It seems my day to death has set itself into my focus
    Hard knockin me, life has clamped on top of me
    My pace to breathing oxygen appears to vent improperly
    I stand behind the desk at the bank chantin stanzas
    To think if all this nicotine has given me this asthma
    With life’s bigotry, misfortunes been so into me
    My focus into real life's blinded me from imagery
    A suicide depicting me, that’s how its been to me
    Its why I didn’t know of this thug screamin sinfully
    He stormed into the entrance with the ski masked face
    Made directly to security to be fast paced
    The whole crowd braced for cover, I was put in a daze
    Without the dare to see the guard and what became of his face
    This panoramic event to keep life a requirement
    Has made my suicide become this new environment
    A whole new situation with lives held so desperate
    I momentarily laughed at how life’s been so hectic
    The thug raised my boss to the safe at the back
    While his chrome-plated weapon was pointed in tact
    And his 2nd aimed directly at my face from his gat
    While my eyes traced a button where my left feet was at
    I shivered back to slowly pivot to that side of the floor
    To where the place of the button would trigger the door
    And when the sound of the gun cocked back to my attention
    I knew the pointed weapon was straight at my direction
    The thug stretched his arm walkin up towards my face
    And kept his other at my boss to keep his safety in case
    I took a look at the thug to see his own returned gaze
    To find he gave me his gun to keep this robbery in place
    And to all those who witnessed and were there at the bank
    Saw my actions as shock to see their money being ganked
    I grasped a purse from a bitch to see her keychain inside
    To scheme a way to flee the bank with her vehicle ride
    I took a look thru the keys and found a logo Mitsubishi
    To be the way to flee as the getaway speed
    While my thug raised the cases stocking up on the cream
    I kept the people shook while glaring with my infrared beam
    My left wrist had beeped to signal time on my watch
    And to conclude these theatrics I had po-po’s to dodge
    While I passed my desert eagle to my thug as I gripped
    Off to pass to get the cream before the afternoon shift
    A sudden turn of events just halted this plan
    To my astonishment to hear.. my neguh sent out commands
    To have me take away the cases of cream out the door
    So that he makes the speedy exit to pacific coast shores
    I froze gaspin these words and never thought for this to happen
    I stared at my thug and for a second cant imagine
    A man from behind took a grasp of my neguh
    While my chance came to punch out his finger from the trigga
    I dove to the floor… and got the gun and made heat
    Took that sneaky ass to Satan while I fled to the streets
    And to my sudden stop of fear… to find a scream and a screech
    6 police vehicles came preventin my reach
    They screamed orders of submission… I froze against the law
    And thru the beating of my arteries, a vision I saw
    To my everlasting God, the one who is beautiful
    I stood within the ledge of everything that all was true to you
    With this heat I point it at me… my last words were cried,

    “Suicide you came to see me…”

    And then I had…..

    (He falls by the turn of his own gun…)


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