Storm Bringa VS. RockyaBlok (Repost)

Discussion in 'Emcee Battle Area' started by Storm Bringa, Jun 4, 2003.

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  1. Storm Bringa

    Storm Bringa Mad as Hell

    Aug 5, 2000
    ROC -

    Surprise you accpeted this battle .. you gonna get chewed - You were getting raped in the ass while i was getting daps from ya crew//With your simplistic wack rhymes I won't have to put up a fight - all you do is search for wack verses take one look and you bite//Half ya shit don't make sense and you're talking to a master of words - blasting this chump so eager for action you tried to masturbate V E R B (s)//No need to rush you I can battle ya from a light year away - 24 hours of battling you would be considered wasting a day//
    As I commence this all out verbal warfare -
    ya bitch ass cowering in the ring like "hold up this fight isnt fair!"//
    You be repping Sick Verses or Rapmusic dot com while I'm repping records of stone throw - This punk is rocking some throwbacks while Im rocking a live show//Storm atleast you was hard enough to battle .. unlike a herb - lemme take one of them chumps places in ya crew .. umm how bout Verb?

    S. Bringa -

    you tried to join Sick Verses, what was it, three times?
    not to mention PA and NI, you think we'd let you in with those weak rhymes?
    I couldnt even address you, my open micers told you to bounce, kid
    you aint rockin blocks, just trowin stones at lego houses
    you honestly think you have a chance to get with this
    I saw you tryna get in, but you werent worth mentionin
    but as soon as you were turned down you chose to jump on the cock
    yo, you could encase feces wit Masters and still wont have shit on lock
    ya rhyme is like junk in old folks' attics: forgotten garbage
    youve been rosted so any times there's no way you'd be spittin rawness
    smashin ya bars together cause ya style's lackin weight
    turn you to optimal sound level so u can be proud of bein 0(dB) for 8(channels)

    Score is 1-0 Storm
  2. RockyaBlok

    RockyaBlok Knicks!!

    May 20, 2003
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