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    Sep 7, 2005
    Yeah .. she left and inside I was empty
    And yeah, when a was a kid both my folks hit me
    I fell over just about anything that would trip me
    And in the end, Sittin there grinning, I realized I am still here and I am still me ....

    It takes a hell of tragedy to wipe this smile of my face
    I've never been on to mope over my pain
    I cried when I was born and I ain't leaving the same
    I'm cheerful in all weathers, even the rain
    I'm seeing a change in this days economy
    Remembering when everyday used to be like a shopping spree
    I grinding hard my entire life and Its still stopping me
    But what I want most dont have a price tag, it don't cost a fee
    Nawww, its free, repeating a lot like when Watts chops a beat
    I brought my cleets, I'm ready to dig in ...
    Planting my feet so I don't trip, kid
    Rich men need a big Benz to feel big
    Insecure men need a bitch to play wit his tip end
    Over time they loose their character like stick men
    The pimp wins, but only if you choose to play the game
    But yall look out cuz I'm here to pave the way ...

    Repeat Hook

    Yeah I'm still me, still free, ... still smiling
    Like everyone else I like violence but don't intice it
    I don't invite it, but won't put myself beside it
    Each fight is mine if I choose to fight it
    So I try to keep silent, I try to avoid trouble
    My style might.leave you boys puzzled,
    But look at it like I do, let the noise rumble
    I know it isn't fun in this jungle, but ya boy loves you
    Even if you wasn't nice and talked down on me in da past
    If we had beef, notice it didn't last
    Notice as I sit here and laugh, sit here sipping this 'Jaq
    Everything I need is within my grasp
    Don't need any cash, so let em cut my lights out
    Thinkin yeah .. let's see you smile now ....
    Open up this lock box and let's see who is suprized now
    When I take out this chain that's shiney enough to power the entire White House

    Repeat Hook

    Some people have heroes, some people want to be someone else
    Some people stay true, some people will see someone else
    Some people win, people fail
    Nevertheless, we gotta get out there and give them hell
    No kiss and tell, everyone has to keep it secret
    Because this world is mine, watch me reap it
    I've been defeated, but never conquered
    Right now I'm in control, so don't wake up the monster
    They just acting, they ain't Italian mobsters
    This ain't a game, it ain't Contra for all you imposters
    They just pretending, they ain't really the Carter
    They better prey I maintain my posture, cuz it might come back to haunt you
    And you bad guys can tell this to the devil
    I'm hot enough to melt you so stay off my schedule
    I got some tests too, after all, I am a dirty south rebel
    And I invite each and everyone of you to get on my level
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