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    So What The Fuss First Descriptive Music Video

    Stevie Wonder once again is making music history by implementing a landmark music video innovation for his new song So What The Fuss. For the first time in music history, the new clip will contain a second descriptive audio track recorded by hip hop star Busta Rhymes to be made accessible to people who are blind or have low vision. Two versions of the video will be released; The first will be a traditional music video, serviced to music channels; the second version will be accompanied with the groundbreaking video description technique, which airs on all SAP-accessible Television channels.

    Linda Idoni, West Coast Director of Operations for the Media Access Group of WGBH, the Boston Public Television Station that pioneered the video description technology and wrote the narration for the video, says that Wonder's interest in video description enhances awareness about the technical capabilities now available to the visually impaired. "Until now, a visually impaired music fan would be missing out on key elements of music videos. For Stevie Wonder to embrace the description process enables a lot of passionate music fans to enjoy the song in a whole other medium."

    Wonder, a longtime fan of the charismatic Busta Rhymes, enlisted the effusive hip hop star to perform the video narration in Wonder's L.A. recording studio. According to sources who attended the historic session, Rhymes infused the audio description of the music clip with characteristic flair, more than adequately describing the raucous scenario that erupts in the clip for "So What The Fuss," set in an apartment and surrounding neighborhood where Wonder and company's infectious performance of the song takes place.

    "Stevie Wonder is an American icon," says Rhymes. "Without him, most of us never would have picked up a microphone. Only Stevie could come up with a way to let fans that have never seen a video take part in the whole vibe. It was a great project to work on from start to finish."

    Stevie is currently working on cutting-edge technology that will make music descriptive videos more accessible throughout the country and alternately throughout the world.

    So What The Fuss is the first single from Stevie Wonder's soon to be released album A Time To Love.

    So What The Fuss audio
    Real | WindowsMedia

    So What The Fuss video
    Real | WindowsMedia

    So What The Fuss (Visually Impaired version featuring narration by Busta Rhymes)
    Real | WindowsMedia


    Stevie Wonder landed the #1 most added single at both Adult Contemporary radio and Urban Adult Contemporary (Urban AC) this week with his new single From The Bottom Of My Heart from his upcoming album A Time To Love.

    From The Bottom Of My Heart snagged 40 major adds in the ultra-competitive Urban AC format, including stations WBLS in New York City, KJLH in Los Angeles, and WSRB in Chicago.

    Wonder's previous single So What The Fuss scored a record breaking debut on the Billboard Monitor Adult R&B chart in March, registering the highest number of debut spins in the chart's decade-long history.

    Radio's unprecedented embrace of Wonder's return to the limelight comes amidst a flurry of activity from the legendary artist including a headlining pre-game performance at Game 3 of the 2005 NBA Finals on Tuesday June 14 broadcast live on ABC at 9:00 PM. Wonder will perform both the U.S. national anthem and his single So What The Fuss from his highly anticipated album A Time To Love. Other performers participating in the pre-game shows include superstars Will Smith, Alanis Morrisette and Kelly Clarkson.

    Wonder also recently unveiled a groundbreaking version of his So What The Fuss video. The clip is the first music video in history to be enhanced with a descriptive track to be made accessible to people who are blind or have low vision.

    Wonder will also be a featured artist at the historic Live 8 concert on July 2nd in Philadelphia.
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    thats cool...

    seems slightly pointless to describe a film clip...but im not blind so i wouldnt know what they want...

    i thought just getting lost in the song would be enough but cool..
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