StateWars: Florida Vs Texas - Verses In

Discussion in 'the Onslaught' started by shockgod, Aug 14, 2003.

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  1. shockgod

    shockgod 1x Rstl Champ

    Jul 23, 2003

    Vizz Blade

    blades the florida rep...and u still want some..?
    i dont gota be a vet, to know where bitches come from!
    i kick it nasty cuz...the ice just had to broken...
    scum? ur not even fuzz, on the rag in my soap dish...
    if u had a last hope it, still wouldnt serve u right...
    my flow'll turn the tide, till every fuckin urchin dies...
    u dont deserve a rhyme that i put effort in...
    son'n u isnt sayin much...yall kno how texans is...

    Citizen X

    fuck u winning, we're here to even the odds
    cause everythings bigger in Texas, even the loss
    u guys lost, ya'll should just vex
    u gave u state a bad name, none of u are good in Tex
    whos next, ur all questionable, ill solve them
    & kick Texas' ass so hard Houston'll have another problem
    a crew of no bodies, whyd you even wanna battle
    u all say fuck beef, cause u litterally slept with cattle


    Fuck keyboards, Rev'll do more damage with a pencil
    ain't from Texas, but straight stab you in your TEMPLE
    althetes quick to leave ya state ain't no chance of coming back
    shit...think EMMIT SMITH planning on "running back"
    4 lines deep ya fucks, think I was diggin for oil
    this ain't MAYBERRY, but I may bury ya boys
    case you didn't know we from the F L A
    after this loss Texans ya'll can go and HELP L A
    Rev's the TEX PELE' kick ya balls with such precision
    you wouldn't have the CAMEL TOE to even think of dissin....

    Get the fuck outta here...

    Team muthafuckin FLORIDA


    Lil Hot Sauce

    yall are just a bunch of wack kiddies gettin torn
    millitia? plz, florida is really only known for storms
    fuck u wack kiddies, yall all suck for real
    cuz we are the only people with tex apeal
    everything yall spit is a mystery
    florida has no past, but im about to make yall history
    texas is the shit, yalls is just boring, bruh
    but yall got some real gansta rappers, considering will smith's from florida
    DS with those huge ears and mouth
    now yall dont have to go to disney world to get a pic with mickey mouse


    Fuck Florida, ur populous is composed of illegals and olds
    I can wipe out ur state with this heat, or introduce a cold
    Let it be told, yall cats are only feeling each other
    Because you’re all washed up just like Elian’s mother
    Oh brother, these three stooges can’t even right their shit
    Forgot to drop Curly before they’d added on Schemp
    George can’t run a country, and Jeb is less of a man
    Yall don’t count, but other 49 states can
    Plain and simple, Florida people are stupid
    I rocked a free yayo shirt and got mobbed by cubans


    Check a Tex Style – Rough - Cut from a Rugged Cloth…
    Florida’s just a dick on the map with it nuts chopped off…
    Admit it – ya’ll soft – like a crop of oranges overripe…
    Insight to a bitch’s life – u three’ll make pretty wifes…
    Like itty mice – ya’ll get trampled with a Two-Step…
    Tangoing with us - is like Bob Doles bad arm – useless…
    When it comes to beef - Gun play uses – Texas brings the noise…
    The only time ya’ll Pop Off is with N-Sync n the Backstreet Boys…
    You should be used to this – Texas on top when the votes conclude…
    FLA is easily confused - G.W. ain’t smart – he still pulled a fast one on you…

  2. phili MC

    phili MC phili's most wanted

    Aug 13, 2003
    they came way better than florida, and Vizz blade verse was just straight garbage. Big ups to Texas cause even lil hot sauce ripped florida
  3. lmao@philli mc voting for texas...

    anybody even notice one buddy said will smith is from florida..then phili buddy comes on and doesnt even notice??

    that kid aint from philli

    and if he is, he should be quarantined
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