State Wars: Maryland Vs Virginia - Trap Vs Residual

Discussion in 'the Onslaught' started by shockgod, Aug 15, 2003.

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  1. shockgod

    shockgod 1x Rstl Champ

    Jul 23, 2003

    "they from virginia, where ain't shit to do but cook"
    & user just ate the state out off the mapbook ...
    they just changed the state motto for y'all, now its another ...
    for ya rainbow posse ... virginia's now for gay lovers,
    you can't beat MD, ya fuckin' with the best ...
    while your just as white-trash as ya folks from the west, (wv)
    just dropping a quick one just for all that you've wrote ...
    while the 3 of y'all just sound like one bad racist joke,
    just hopin that y'all get the message ...
    MD's known for crabs ... and your bitches are aids infested.


    Trap should hop on my meat, 'specially when I bring all of the heat
    While ya'll are just faggot some gay doctor degrees
    It's obvious Trap's a fag, c'mon, who's this prick's tutor?
    Yeah, User's big...but Trap's crack ass is a big User
    ^^^Speaking of which, who thought of this in Maryland...
    It's fucking obvious a drug addict came up with 'Terapin'
    So ya'll are worthless chumps ya see, nerds with nothin' deep
    'Cause VA's 'Allstate Champs', like a 1st place insurance company
    Yes Trap's a fag, that's why Res is gonna beat an' break him
    ya'll even tried usin' a bare Trap but he was afraid of bein' naked

    jeah, 10 minutes should do it.
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