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    May 2, 2004
    NY rethinking its ban on medical marijuana
    Newsday | BY DIONNE SEARCEY - ALBANY BUREAU | May 5, 2004

    ALBANY - The Republican leader of the State Senate said yesterday he was warming to legalizing the use of medical marijuana, opening the door for movement on an issue that has been stalled here for years.

    The new sentiment from Senate Majority Leader Joseph Bruno (R-Brunswick) came on a day when Assembly Democrats offered a measure that earned support from key medical and health associations and after TV personality Montel Williams met with legislative leaders.

    Bruno said his change of heart may be in part due to his own bout with prostate cancer last year. "Your life experiences can add to how you legislate," Bruno said, adding that he would closely review the measure.

    [zombienote: *ahem*]

    The bill is more tightly defined than previous versions, and supporters said it would meet less resistance than in the past.

    Gov. George Pataki said he would base his decision on the issue on whether science proves marijuana treatments to be effective. His health department was skeptical, he said, "but we'll continue to listen to evidence on both sides."

    [zombienote: He wont listen until he is diagnoses with cancer.]

    Nine states allow medical marijuana, and in October the U.S. Supreme Court let stand a ruling that bars federal officials from punishing doctors who recommend marijuana.

    The new measure, which Assemb. Richard Gottfried (D-Manhattan) retooled after first introducing it in 1997, would limit eligibility to patients with serious, life-threatening illnesses. The marijuana would be allowed only after other drugs failed, and patients would be limited to possessing eight ounces. The law would expire in three years. "It's a medical issue that should be decided by doctors and patients," said Gottfried, chairman of the health committee.

    At a news conference yesterday, Williams described the pain in his legs and feet from multiple sclerosis that only marijuana seems to soothe. "I'm breaking the law every day, and I'll continue to break the law every day," Williams said. "It's the only way I can stand here now."
    Copyright © 2004, Newsday, Inc.

    [zombienote: Montel....don't lose sleep over breaking that law. It's a stupid law that most Americans want changed. Marijuana is good, the law and it's supporters are bad. Smoke away.

    Why is it that Republicans can't get with the medical marijuana scene until their lives are in jeopardy? Talk about irony....]
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