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Discussion in 'Cypher' started by CaTchW0n, Aug 25, 2008.

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  1. CaTchW0n

    CaTchW0n New Member

    Sep 18, 2001
  2. CaTchW0n

    CaTchW0n New Member

    Sep 18, 2001
    Had affair with this nurse in my past
    Never came fast never Climaxing
    she wore Designer blouse gucci purse
    knew I persue chicks wit fine fashion high passion
    woke up next morning her back split
    said she wish she could've knew me first
    Before she was knew she was threw in reverse
    And she got a dude, truth its hurts
    told her "tell her dude keep cool or both be hurt"
    he came through for feud like a jerk
    He Steps in wit his hands bobbing
    Im reaching for my waist he thinkin we boxin
    let off a few in her place without caution
    He took cover by the sink trying to call his dogs in
    Shits turning hi impact this just a jog man
    went upside his noggin like Steve Austin
    Dont fuck nobody bitch but she awesome
    my shorty already wearing the ring like team Boston
    Homies telling slow down son stay low key
    I keep baggin em like grocery
    Dogs came around I let off a round they in the pound
    its a touchy subject now feel me?
  3. inFLOWenced

    inFLOWenced New Member

    Aug 12, 2008
    sittin wit this mic feelin high like what im gone do tonight
    shit is right, hit the club scene and hit up Mike
    get it poppin, bitches droppin, while we smokin dimes
    killa flow in these lines, killa lion - savage rhymes
    sittin blind, smoke myself retarded - i aint lien
    after party we unwind, swingin more than vines
    bottles crackin, bitches freakin, its the muthafuckin weekend
    geeked and singin, reaks is leavin, and people gangsta leanin
    this evenins main attraction is the fact that FLOW is in attendance
    snow white whip like christmas dreams of past and its present tense

    liked the beat
  4. tbone

    tbone Well-Known Member

    Feb 17, 2000

    pressure pain to gain, aim than flame, spit grenades
    ya not on on my plane, play these bitches like arcades
    I can't battle?... Bitch Nygga, my flow make ya rattle
    wreck cats in cyphers, cracking necks like Snapples
    you actors become by standers, in this live attraction
    that i'm maxing, even if i don't move Bet i'm stacking
    got a ill swag, should see hoes facial re-actions
    so i keep it steady, like spining rims finding traction
    off the record, u cats aint nothing to stick
    I'm quick wit it, stop picking ya styles a gimmick
    spit water like hot sauce, and1'n the game
    push nicks like Starks, we are not the same
    retire for what, I burn memory lanes
    cats weak to depend, relying on lames
    let em talk, i'll be the core of they flames
    dropping more bombs than, Saddam Hussein
    ya late, thinking the choppa wont spray
    like hood rats, who try to stretch me after a lay
    got Stamina! to have hits and flow as cane
    think ya better, til i'll hang ya as a youtube frame
    i'm boOkOo man, gat'll make ya feel like noodles ma'in
    fuck the gun fire, lets keep it simple and plain
    i'll snatch ya chain, be the cause of the switch in ya dame
    this rap shyt i claim, street shyt I bang, all Tru Life fuck the fame
  5. CaTchW0n

    CaTchW0n New Member

    Sep 18, 2001
    Dont make threats only cause I promise
    I shake sets bomb sets like terror islamics
    address any nonsense without hesistance
    Show up at ya front steps where ya parents live
    Dudes is see thru with transparencies
    bear arms like torn sleeves
    hit ya main artery,
    blood clot
    flow stops put em the ICU
    catch buck shots at ya bus stop if I see you
    im keep spinnin a icy coupe
    deep dishes like restaurants too
    you keep wishin u can rep like i do
    im authentic to these replica dudes
    im neva coming out when im going in
    semi auto flow take pens down like a bowlin pins
    off a dro and gin so beligerent
    hit the club park the front like senior citizens
    this that shit again spit like dentures in
    gentlemen check ya chin
    trying to G check my sentences
    infantry unfold enclose on ya team like parenthesis
  6. mr.redeyez

    mr.redeyez Active Member

    Mar 11, 2007
    Check Me Out.....

    Yeah,i Feel Like I Hit Tha Lotto
    Prolly Becuz I Hit Tha Henny Bottle
    I Go So Hard,so Rude
    I Eat Tha Beat Up,like Soul Food
    An Wen I Zoom
    It Go...clack Clack Boom Boom
    Give This Goon Room
    Tha Mary Jane Potent
    I Spit Posion..an U Lookin Like A Rodent

    '' I Go Hard,check Ma Verses Check Ma Swagg..pay Attention''

    Im Selfish
    I Learned Ya Eitha Creep Wit Tha Shells Bytch
    Or Sleep Wit Tha Shell Fish
    I Aint Tryna Die Hopeless
    Im Tryna Stay Focus
    Did Ya Notice,im So Sick,an Ya No This
    Im Good Like A Punt
    I Would Like A Blunt
    I Hit It From Tha Back,then Beat It From Tha Front
    Im Like T-pain,owwww I Cant Bealeave It
    She Smile Wen She Receave It
    An I Lay Back,way Back
    In A Cuttlass,actin Like Im In Maybach
    They Hate That,but They Wack
    Wen They C-d Player,they Act Like A, A-track
    Im On Sum Brand New Shyt Like, Oh Well
    Im So Hard Body,u So Frail
    Oh Hell
    He Said He Flow Well...... R.o.f.l

    '' I Go Hard,check Ma Verses Check Ma Swagg..pay Attention''

    If Ya On Tha Edge,i Bet I Yell Quick Leap
    Hit Em In Tha Pussi,make They Clit Leak
    I Hope Ya Feel Ma Speech
    From Jersey Ta Georgia,each Word Is A Peach
    So Sweet
    Ma Eyez So Red,like I Get No Sleep
    I Dive In That Water,an I Go Deep
    Dont Drown Tho
    Hop Out That Bytch Like Where Tha Fucc Ma Crown Ho
    Im Strait,yall Brothas On Tha Down Lo
    This Aint A Diss Ta Yall
    Im Jus Sayin Im Tha Shyt,this Is Piss Ta Yall
    Im Jus State-in Im Tha King Im Tha Prince An All
    Im Jus Sayin,im Jus Sayin,here's Ya Gift,merry Christmas Yall

    '' I Go Hard,check Ma Verses Check Ma Swagg..pay Attention''
  7. Blitz_krieg

    Blitz_krieg SAY WHA.........

    Jun 17, 2008
    he says here "spit to this instrumental"
    ok.. ok.. well let me keep it simple..
    with a gun to my head and a bullet thru my temple
    maybe then i wouldnt i wouldnt be so mental
    this bodys a rental.. my soul possesed by the darker side
    someone should have told me this before i embarked on this ride
    i was born high as fuck off angel dust (yeeeeeesssssss!!!!)
    came out of the womb looking for foes to crush
    now its safe to assume your not even safe in your room
    im wild'N out like "the Who" or juse Keith moon
    lookin for my tomb.. i was born with a deathwish
    well you wait in the line to hell i get in on the guest list
    yes mrs... doctor duaghter fucker is back
    a.k.a the white sean carter of this rap
    i came to slaughter these tracks..
    never hit the song with watered down facts..
    just hit the bong.. not tryin to be bothered..
    by these bastereds ive father and now they want to pretend
    "like it wasnt him" who helped see you thru
    like it wasnt me that defends you when had no crew
    So fuck it..you can suck it..till your face turn blue
    its my turn fool to let you know the truth
    weather i do it with a written or cypher in the booth

    ok thats enough..
  8. M-theory

    M-theory Saint Esprit

    Jan 4, 2001
    i got the beat to flow with pens and keyboards
    i'm a runnin' ego, watch me speed slow
    as i... hit the highway, drivin' my way i need hoes
    to smooth out my shit, keep doin' it
    the same way i got this shit, hoppin' bricks
    it's business, and i'm throwin insults out the window
    i'm rippin' this shit, so keep it simple, holdin'
    i'm rollin' my blunts and this is the omen
    i'm hopin i can get my mind right, and take the lime light
    i shine brighter than any cat, who wants to battle
    i'm saddlin' up my horsie, play it like posies
    the one and only, tippin' this one to my homies
  9. Richter

    Richter Slayer

    Dec 13, 2008
    see it's -

    hard for me to explain, i'm partially to be blamed
    a sorry heathen who strayed, a martyr leaving his name...
    ................. see i ain't needing the fame
    i'm coming to bring, one of things that started easing the pain
    but, it's like the pictures larger seeing it's frame
    god's vision and i'm just a target seen in his maze
    ..........but i beg his pardon each of the days
    that go by, no lie, bargain reaching his pay
    and i ain't worried about the afterlife at all
    i'm just letting all my chapters write this song
    ...... and it's not like i don't write for yall
    if it ain't coming from the heart then it's not right at all
    and i ain't worried about the shit that people'll say
    these other rappers ? we'll there scripts'll eat em away
    cause the shit they say is not real, not them
    cock steal, pop one, dog chill, stop son
  10. FLAIR

    FLAIR New Member

    Dec 23, 2008
    yo blast ya ass goin 100 miles afast random shyt goin past cuz its what ever this or that crush your ass like i smacked a brass right on a fly goin splat cuz its that that leaves em fat filled with courage wit the 10 gallon hat finish it on my first draft got only one chance to let that money stack hope the haters dont get too mad cuz god dam cut your life span before you get a chance to say hi man cuz if you dont stop now you gona get your ass canned leave your back tanned from the licks i gave while you ran when i come near make sure you dont stand you gota hop and run pack up the gun and get your ass spun cuz this shits done and ima let the beats drum get them shits stuned cuz music is the only thing i loved

    lol typed as fast as i could
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