" SPEED SMOKE" Orginally

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    Aug 2, 2013
    My bars average over 22 or so syllable count, that is because I spit them at fast rate.

    " Speed Smoke" Originally written on October 1st, 2012

    'Spun' on that 'speed smoke'/ fuck u voices, stop laughing, its not 'fun' when u 'need coke'/ r u ready to be the first 'one' that saw this 'fiend croak'/ N this isn't part of a 'mean joke'/ You'll never accomplish what i've 'done', now what you've 'seen folks'/ is a genius with 'ray' of 'ingenuity'/ N I stayed that way cuz i dont give a fuck what they 'say' or try to 'do to me'/ 'Fluidity' would even be the definition
    of my 'Juve-in-nill-le-a' / cuz when i get a mic n get in my 'groove', soon you'll be so amaze, how 'smooth im at killin ya'/ in a 'competition', of 'ill rhythmics'/ u will get 'stomp so listen', cuz i 'still spit this 'sick/ - ness', 'whore', slut, 'cunt', leave my 'prick kiss'/ with lip marks, from lip stick, while I 'score a 'blunt', n your 'chick miss'/ me n her precious moments, but fuck that, its time to get this club hyped up like i was 'Waka Flocka'/ Yep all fucking rev'd up like i down a liter of 'Taaka Vodka'/ n let em bitches strap me to a chair n put me in 'solitary'/ n i dont know if u r 'aware' that its not 'fair' to 'compare' my style cuz its so' foul n scary'/ if u think thats fucked up, check me out on my 'off day', when i 'prowl a cherry'/' blonde', but all i got to say is that u guys r 'soft gay' 'homos'/ n from this herb I've been blazin 'on', u would know what my 'cough say'/ 'promos'/, damn I am blitz, I mean 'premo'/ i feel so focus n energetic, while your raps 'seem slow'/

    " Scribbles On A Loose Leaf " Originally June 15th, 2013

    Girl you can be my beautiful wife, or the detrimental succubus that I stab tonight/ Dope settle down, get a notebook and look for a pen to grab and write/ Your current conscious, nah fuck that shit, she gave me happiness, then just left me with piss, like I push out a drug metabolite/ So I in that metaphorical sense, I guess that I'm sober/ And spiritual essence is the only being that's seen me get knocked over/ Just give me a few years Joe and Wayne, and I'll make it rain, yeah I will be displaying falling greenery like its October/ Well, I guess, in a parallel universe, but I'm still fucking up there game with a psychological trick/ I am more then a misogynist prick, I'm a genuine schizo, your just a mirage of sick-ness/ This lube gave me a creative thought on how to tear seven of your eight orifices when I stick this/ But I have always ponder why ghost's/ Start creeping into my brain steam and start twisting my self- awareness durn amp psychosis/ I am hallucinating auditorily, so I am now hearing more then these tramps voices/ I walk up to a voluptuous female while I'm spun, and I am like girl can I taste your sweat/ We clash wet skins, our minds drifting higher then the Jensen's, that's what I call a space cadet/... to be continue

    Sneak Peek at some Recent Pun's

    You haven't even seen me start 'ripping' it at ' full wit'/
    You clumsy fuck, that "stumbled" over a "cow pie ", yeah you were " tripping" on some " bull shit"/

    It's hard to deal with a 'troubling task' when your brains 'fed doom'/ but I continue to 'drop ill flows on this note book", so in my "pad I am cooking up some dope shit ", like there is a " steaming and 'bubbling flask' in my 'bed room' "/ - this 4 bars broken into 2 segments though.

    " " This is how I emphasize my puns or wordplays

    ' ' This is how I emphasize my multisyllabic rhymes



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    comon son u talk about my flows but this shit is complete garbage looks like u need to tune up ya shit a lil bit..keep tryin tho one day u will be a complete chase murda clone when im dead an gone haha

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