SoulCapture vs Breathlesss

Discussion in 'Emcee Battle Area' started by breathlesss, Aug 23, 2011.

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  1. breathlesss

    breathlesss Registered Sex Offender

    Jul 28, 2011
    8 bars...only...

    yea, the old "you go first" bit, alright, i'll flip it like hugo ruiz did, you're just standin' way back
    i know, it's a long reach, but we'll see the truth show who is endin' up the bantam weight champ
    it's easy to do a rebuttle once you already know the stature of the other man you're up against
    unless, it ends up screwin' you, and you're proven to be none other than a fuckin' bitch
    somehow, yer flow is even monotone textually, on the mic i bet this internet emcee sounds like snuffluffagus
    so go back to sesame street, you're weak, but at least you attempt to compete, just not intellectually enough i guess
    man, soul capture, you're somethin' else, got me lengthening my lines when I can't even tolerate your complete lack of substance
    wait, that's so backwards in every aspect, you're ethereal and still can't manage to ghost write, so, oh well, it seems that that does it justice then
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