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    Apr 5, 2002
    We're still in the process of getting the various writers together and figured out. Given the circumstances, I think this turned out pretty damn decent. Hopefully yall do to. I don't have time to make it all pretty and shit so here it goes. Raw dog lol​
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    Apr 5, 2002
    The Week in Review
    by Annihilation(aka Claushouse)

    Another week around the bend, another new Champion crowned. For the second time in as many (league) weeks, the Championship Belt exchanged hands without a single blow being landed, as Runna DaMille (17-3), also known as Rikoshay (18-1), took his (combined) 5th Championship from Atheist (36-11). He joins the ranks of such greats as Peril Eyez, Jowelz & Tha Talent to have reached this achievement, in just over a year no less. He'll be met by the formidable Anaphora (7-1), who is no stranger to the Championship spotlight, having been turned away by 9-time Champion Vern Acular (93-18) and 3-time Champion Richard Corey (41-9) in 2004. The Contendership will see RSTL Championship Runner-up Vigil, who lost a close bout with Tali (32-5) for the belt late last year during his record-shattering 11 defenses, versus 2002 Tourny Champ Annihilation (5-1), aka Claushouse (9-1), after a 3 year hiatus since losing the Championship to InsaneVillain (38-6) in early 2003. Vigil earned his spot narrowly defeating Young Gawd (5-2) in a hotly contested battle that could have easily gone either way.

    In other news, by possible Divine Intervention, 2005 No-Show of the Year nominees InsaneVillain, 2-time RSTL Champ, and Jersey Emcee (22-10), actually showed. One onlooker, former Champion Atheist, reportedly changed his name. IV took the victory with a solid comeback verse. Elsewhere in the league, past Champions Richard Corey and Cereal Killer (35-14) locked horns and gave voters a real treat with a hardfought battle as RC pulled away in the end for the nod. Pain (9-5), formerly known as NinjaKid, and Got Life? (7-5), continue to move up the ranks in hopes of glory, while Ashen Horse (5-2) turned away Insense (23-7) in his former Champ's return to action.

    Of noteworthy return for next week are Retulen Reactus (16-5), who will face veteran Malosovich (37-17), while Tommy Hillnigga (12-2), better known as Quriosity, comes back to face undefeated Strike2 (4-0).

    And that's the week in review.
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    Apr 5, 2002
    Dissecting the Verse Pt. 1
    by Annihilation (aka ClausHouse)

    Welcome to the first edition of Dissecting the Verse. We're going to be testing out this section, and if cats like it, we'll keep it, if not, we'll scrap it. Today we'll be looking at the mechanics of InsaneVillain (38-6), multiple times RSTL Champion and 2005 No-Show King of the Year! His lyrics are impressive, although not as impressive as him actually showing up! Haha, just kidding IV - but not really. To those who may not know him, IV is best known for his flow and rhyme scheme, so we'll be paying extra attention to this in his comeback verse, which was enough to beat the formidable veteran, Jersee Emcee.

    IV has used his patented rhyme scheme for years, consisting of a constant pattern of intra-rhyme or allegory within a line, then finishing it with a multi and usually a hard/masculine rhyme. The preceding line often has a sort of...rhyme enjambement if you will, i.e., the line will begin with a word (at or near the beginning) that rhymes with either the past couplets' last word, multi or intra-rhyme.

    Example of a typical InsaneVillain couplet:

    I turned on the TV looking to see some dependent vixen,
    Mix in sadness with glee when I noticed all channels showed defendant Nixon.

    Compound this formula throughout an entire verse and you have a very rhyme-centric scheme. Buyer-beware, however, as without the proper placement of words and a keen ability to make them come off naturally, one can quickly find themselves drowning in a pool of verbose, forced lines and meaningless jargon that apt voters rip you apart for.

    The breakdown basically color-codes 3 types of rhymes or alliteration; the two of importance are multis and the enjambement-type rhyme. You could argue that those are simply inter-rhymes or intra-rhymes or whatever, but I think the strategical placement of these rhymes as a type of transition from line to line are worth noting. If should be noted that this piece doesn't have as many enjambement-type rhymes used as the first word in a new sentence, whereas in several of his other verses it is more prominent. Anything that isn't a multi, enjambement-rhyme or end rhyme has been classified as assonance or intra-rhymes - they aren't used as often as in some of IV's other pieces, either, so don't bother paying much attention to them. Only multis (in red) match up perfectly, enjambement-type rhymes and allegory or intra-rhymes can match-up to any of the three - it should be self-evident once you read the verse.



    When IV was Gone...

    Chapter I

    Bullet with Butterfly Wings...

    Blessed with stress and depression i lived a lonely life...
    It may sound phony right? but rapmusic blinded my only strife...
    A bony knife ridged into my body, livid n snotty...
    Which made me give into a naughty pleasure, living off nothing...
    It slid and it caught me, first in my gut then my soul...
    When i rolled the dice i lost, i beagan to die slow...
    All i had was my flow, and a couch here and there...
    Fear, a pair of dirty socks, n being without beer was rare...
    I'd steer the glares from people looking down on me from paradise...
    Paradise being a home, job, car, n a pair of nikes...
    But i had a pair of vise grips strapped to my nuts...
    Wrapped in a rut, i fought n stole so they slapped on the cuffs...
    slapped up n cut, no jobs would hire me and my fuse lit...
    Went to rapmusic so much, day and night, i abused it...
    I used it to escape reality, to drown in my fantasies...
    It was sad to see i bet, I couldn't run from my tradgedies...
    Cuz my vanity, my pride held me back, i swallowed it...
    when the next carnival came, head down, i followed it...

    Chapter II

    Starting Over...

    Me, a hater of corporations and war thirsty nations...
    Hated the carnies, like kevorkian i was losing my patience...
    Eating small rations, i did it to find a way out...
    A grind for pay out, to end this bind, this gay drought...
    In my mind id say out loud that this wasn't forever...
    whether a sever of a doubt crossed my mind... NEVER...
    I weathered the storm, i kept the gun on the rack...
    Made 1 friend on the crew, the other 1 who was black...
    We had fun and we macked on bitches, ripping out extentions...
    Fuckin' two bitches at once, pussy killin with bad intentions...
    Suddenly came the hate and tension, it must be fate i mentioned...
    That we got blamed for hitting security, the fair made a decision...
    To kick us out, I knew our skin played a big deal in it...
    As Kanye said,"Racism's still alive, ya'll just be concealin' it"...
    I wasn't feelin it but i refused to go back to the streets...
    I'd rather be alive wrapped in some sheets, then dead, wrapped in some sheets...
    We laughed at defeat, finding a hotel in a place called Redmond...
    Oregon, just to get ahead man, even though we thought we'd be dead man...
    We thought fuck what THEY said and took jobs cramping our lifestyles...
    fast food, and to get there everyday we trampled for five miles...
    One day ill tekll my child what i had to do to see the light...
    To take less than i wanted, for a chance to reach new heights....​
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    Apr 5, 2002
    Dissecting the Verse Pt. 2
    by Annihilation (aka ClausHouse)

    Chapter III

    My Pleasure... Another's Despair....

    Right now im living on my own in this neck of the woods...
    Even though im surrounded by hicks, yeah them p.eckerwoods...
    At one time i thought i never could step into the open...
    Im through with hopin', DOIN is the only way you'll be copin...
    with life, but my dog decided to push the dope in...
    The last clue sloping on white ice, pride smushed n broken...
    I told him to stick to tokin' green but he flew to coke and....
    Meth, Cryrstal had her pistols blazin', dude wasn't jokin'...
    Sometimes one guys miracle drives another hysterical...
    Two cant always survive the same way, but he was curable...
    Only 19 he missed his family and he went home...
    While I continued like always, once again alone...


    Last Words...

    Now i've got a good job.... my shit in order...
    I survived through more things than hobbits in morder...
    I cant afford fur, but now im doin rap shows...
    U cant ruin the goals i set, im A SHOE IN THAT GOES...
    To the tip top from my flip flops for hip hop...
    Where it stops i dont know, but im back HERE to claim my spot...
    Topical cats always thinkin since im gone, my sun has set....

    Overall the flow was pretty solid throughout the rhyme scheme, and critics seemed to agree, with Pain saying "this shit had a dope rhyme scheme and the flow was on point throughout the whole piece". Mad dope, indeed. While certainly not his best, as RM user 'I Dunno' would attest, it's sufficient in demonstrating the tried-and-true mechanics of a proven RSTL veteran, highlighting an aspect of his writing that has helped him win several championships.

    The story itself was a nice, introspective piece about real life struggles, with one aspect dealing with a dependency on to escape his problems, a message that some might do well to learn from. RM user 'I Dunno' felt that IV "personalized" his verse and that it "gave more of a heartfelt testimony" to his piece. The piece developed nicely, and the journey left Anaphora wanting "to see what was going to happen next, which is kinda rare for RSTL these days". Although IV confessed to several issues and problems within himself, much of the piece, especially in the latter half, took a very assertive tone, which was met with mixed reactions. Vigil said "I like the ego shit in your verse", while recent former champion Richard Corey relunctantly concluded that "it was a little corney with the self-congradulatory slant he was taking, but it still worked." In the end, despite its imperfections, we're left with an emotional and entertaining piece, elevated by IV's finely-tuned writing skills. I think league founder and former magazine editor-in-chief Tekneek's feelings on IV's verse said it best: ""mechanics was totally good." Totally.
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    Apr 5, 2002
    Claushouse is a damn madman LOL
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    Apr 5, 2002
    Top 20 Breakdown
    by Strike 2

    20. Ryder Vs 19. Got Life
    Well Got Life showed Ryder didn't.. I wont say too much more then that.. everybody knows GL got skills I didn't have the time to read it.. but I trust it was nice
    Winner: GL

    18. Creatical vs 17.Malosevic
    This coulda been a very very nice match.. but Cre didn't show.. some might've expected it but hey what ya gon do huh.. smoothe lil post by Malo
    Winner Malo

    16. Jersey vs 15. IV
    This had two names in it that coulda made it a classic and if you look at the score it was.. it came down to the wire.. I felt both fumbled a bit too much to deem it a classic but most people enjoyed both verses wich made it at least a good read and some nice shit… IV came with a story about himself and rm wich was kinda strange but it worked very well… Consensus in the thread was that jersey would still have won tho if he didn't F up by tryin to incorporate an alphabet rhyme.. that jus mess it up for em.. too bad but against IV you cant fumble
    Winner: IV

    14. I dunno vs 13. Pain
    Hmm Im sorryI didn't read this battle now that Im revieuwin it.. one of my first matches was against Pain and no offense intended… I wasn't exactly impressed by his technical writing skills.. content was already nice tho a very poetic style… Anyways tho for the revieuw I read the verse and I have revise my opinion shit connected well it wasn't all natural all the time but mos defiantly a good verse and written pretty well an enjoyable read…
    I dunno had a good verse as well tho… I feel sorry I cant read the replies now cause I wasn't sure who Id vote for and I woulda loved to see how others revieuwed this either way…
    Pain pulled this and reading both verses I guess I can see how that went congratz homey
    Winner: Pain

    12. Insense vs 11. Ashen Horse
    A nice match two very different styles.. two smoothly written verses but contentwise it was a world of difference Insense had a verse you could define as a rap verse.. where ashen practicly jus wrote a fucking poem…I read this match twice but couldn't decide on who to vote on because I felt like comparing •••••s to bananas… I can still only say props two nice verses… and lookin at the winner I figger people liked the deep poetic style of ashen a bit more, wich I could get into not much else to say
    Winner Ashen

    10. CK vs 9. RC
    A difficult match to vote on very different styles and the guy who would normally overtake it fumbled just enough to make this a close knit match… we had CK with a well paced storyline and some solid writing…and RC with that smoothe and imagery heavy style… the voting kept goin both ways as both verses were great in their own respects… I could write a long story but RC (doesn't he always) pulled it great match
    Winner: RC

    8. Vigil vs 7. Young Gawd
    Another intresting match I could say a lot about this but there were two ill flows with two pretty tight matched contenders.. I think this was decided purely on the taste of the voters and the vote count said it all… Vigil edged it but I personally think that 'level' was perfectly equal this coulda gon either way and in the end it was Vigil nice ish
    Winner: Vigil

    6. Annihilation vs 5. Tekneek
    To me this was the battle of the week it got decided on some pretty small details…both had a great technical style with a smoothe flow ill rhymescheme and more importantly it wasn't forced at any point and time it came very natural… Either way I could say so much about this one but besides announcing the result Id jus like to give up to tek.. people rag on him all the time but I think his verse woulda shitted on almost every other verse dropped this week give or take 2. with that said tho
    Winner: Ann

    3. Strike vs 4. Anaphora
    Well this is an awkward revieuw.. not only because I was in it.. but because of the way that it went…Ana assumed I would be dq'd for no show so he posted a half assed verse… I posted 3 hrs late but I did try and put forth a pretty decent verse.. fact is tho it didn't matter votes came in but they didn't mean much because ana didn't try anyway plus I was dq'd otherwise.
    So basicly all that's left for me to say is Ana good luck in champmatch homey
    Winner: Ana

    2. Runna da mill vs 1. Atheist
    all Im gonna say is blar @ atheist for no showing.. one of my favorite writers period so him having to no show was a lil disappointing although I shouldn't be one to talk…
    Run posted a decent verse and jus took the no show win as is his right congratz to the new champ
    Winner: Run
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    Apr 5, 2002
    TaLi's Top 5 Verses of the Week

    5. Insane Villain

    I thought this was a pretty solid comeback for one of the legends of the league. Forget the fact that dood got the no show award. That isn’t happening this year. No more easy wins at the expense of IV lol. I sensed a little tiny bit of rust in this piece. That said, I still thought it was one of the more interesting ones to read. I always like a good explanation of life and what leads one to where they are.

    4. Pain

    I don’t know what it was about this. I think it was just one of the better all-around verses this week. The flow was nice and the rhymes were of the type that gave Pain a real shot at winning most improved this past year. The other thing that I liked was how well the writing meshed with the picture. I see a lot of people using pictures or photos but they aren’t really utilized in the story much.

    3. Ashen Horse

    The thing that grabbed my attention about this verse was the same thing I always harp about loving but not being able to do, and that is imagery. There is nothing better to me than reading a verse and actually losing track of the fact that I’m reading a verse. In other words, I’m caught up in the happenings of the story to the point where I’m not really reading it to critique, but rather to enjoy. That’s pretty cool to me.

    2. Anaphora

    It won’t be long before this cat gives me no choice but to put his ass number one. This piece was funny without trying to be. It was entertaining without forcing anything. It wasn’t the deepest thing in the world but it wasn’t meant to be. Nothing really seemed forced about this at all. It was just a good ass verse that probably didn’t get read as much as it should have.

    1. Anihilation

    This verse seemed to go way over the head of quite a few people. I’m not saying anything about the plot or what it was about etc. I think he summed it up pretty good in the thread itself, so if you read this verse, and thought it wasn’t very good, try reading his explanation. It might help. The one thing, over everything else that I really liked in this piece was the dialogue. It was natural as hell. It really reads like a conversation would sound even though he’s constrained to some extent by the need to rhyme. That is not an easy thing to pull off.
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    Apr 5, 2002
    Voter of the Week

    Well, we started doing this award a few months ago. At first, it really wasn’t difficult at all to pick out who would win. But for whatever reason, all-around voting has become much better. There are about 4 people who could make a claim at this award this week. However, I can’t give it to four people. I can, however, give it to two lol. This past week, I don’t think anybody put in quite as much work as Anihilation & Insane Villain. Both of these folks voted on everything that was there and they broke shit down thoroughly every time. One of the other people who could have won this week was the first ever winner.
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    Apr 5, 2002
    2005 RSTL Award Results


    (Most valuable player: The best overall RSTL member for 2005)

    RIKOSHAY & TaLi RodrigueZ

    Peoples Champ
    (The person who never wont the title but could have)

    Pent Up

    Best Storyteller
    (Pretty Self-Explanatory)

    Richard Corey

    Best Topical Writer
    (Pretty Self-Explanatory)


    Most Incoherent Writer
    (Whose verses just don’t make shit for sense sometimes?)

    L Dogg

    Most Creative of the Year
    (Who blows your mind with the stuff they come up with?)

    Richard Corey

    Consistent Writer of the Year
    (Who is the most consistent week in and week out?)

    TaLi RodrigueZ

    Best Flow
    (Whose writing is silky smooth from beginning to end?)


    Rookie of the Year
    (Who came out of nowhere to do some damage in 05’?)


    Comeback Award
    (Who came back after a hiatus to make a big impact)

    TaLi RodrigueZ

    Underrated Writer of the Year
    (Who gets totally slept on?)

    Pent Up

    Over-Rated Writer of the Year
    (Who gets perhaps a bit more credit than they deserve?)

    L Dogg

    Most Improved
    (Whose writing has progressed the most in the past year?)

    Pent Up

    Most Comedic
    (Who writes the funniest pieces?)


    No-Show King of the Year
    (Who never shows up for anything with their name on it?)

    Insane Villain

    Biggest Fall Off
    (Whose skills have seemingly eroded over the past year?)


    Missing in Action
    (Who fell off the face of the Earth in 05’?)

    Jowelz & Talent

    Best Voter
    (Who consistently gives the best feedback and fairest votes?)

    Richard Corey

    Dick-Riding Voter
    (Who do you suspect might be shady with their voting?)

    L Dogg

    Lamest Voter
    (Whose voting just flat out sucks?)

    L Dogg

    MOD of the Year
    (What moderator has held it down the most in 05’?)

    TaLi RodrigueZ

    Worst Mod of the year
    (What moderator has done the least or is the most hated in the past year?)


    Most Hated
    (Who has been the most hated member in the past year?)

    Jersey Emcee

    Biggest Whiner
    (Who can’t keep their mouth shut about anything?)


    Biggest EGO of the Year
    (Who, whether they are good or not, insists he or she is?)



    Biggest Surprise
    (What event or happening shocked you the most?)

    TaLi defending title 11 weeks straight.

    Biggest Letdown
    (What event or happening felt like a kick to the mid-section?)

    It's pretty unanimous. The whole biter thing and those involved wins.

    Beef of the Year

    Dic vs. L Dogg

    Most impressive achievement of the Year
    (What individual achievement impressed you the most in 05’?)

    RIKOSHAY winning 18 straight matches.
  10. TaLi RodrigueZ

    TaLi RodrigueZ Washed Up Rapper...

    Apr 5, 2002
    Interview w/ Insane Villain

    TaLi: Aight man...Let's do this then...After last year, there seem to be a lot of doubters around the league regarding whether you'll show or not. Care to put any of that in context?

    IV: Ya see ive been busy man, trying to get my life stright n shit... this will be/was all explained on my comeback verse against liquidLiFe... u havent seen it yet but by to morrow u will understand what im shizzlin...

    TaLi: Aight, so, what do you make of the league nowadays, good and bad?

    IV: The main thing i noticed when i first came back was the lack of people in it... Competition wise the same people are here, just less of them, no really new faces have caught my eye, except i never really peeped rikoshay and people around here are talkin bout him like he's god and shit... I just hope with my involvement i can bring more comp back to the league IF i can hold up to my end of the bargain by wiping these kids out on my way to the title...

    TaLi: Yeah I pretty much agree with that. It's not that the competition level tself was any less, there was just a whole lot less of it lol. But yeah, the best way to get people back involved is to involve yourself. When people see folks they recognize, it makes them want to get back in themselves. Do you have any predictions? I noticed you mention that you'd wipe folks out on the way to the title. Is that a guarantee or what?

    IV: Its not a guarantee... its a promise, to myself and to anyone who follows me... This week i tried somethin' different as ive said before with a true life piece but next week i shall bring back the stories that people love from me... Now i know what your gonna ask, who is my comp?...
    RIKOSHAY has to be up there, along with u (Tali), annihilation and i cant leave out Corey... TeK i wanna serve just to shut him up... force him into a late retirement, cuz all he can do is hate against me cuz i did for this league what he couldn't back in the day...
    I have nothin against Tek, but the kid needs to either sit back and enjoy whats around him, or just leave.... The guy drops good emotional pieces here and there, i even made a thread saying i respected him... but he needs to grow up into his 36 years and realize hes not in elementary school anymore and his time is running out...

    TaLi: For the sake of objectivity, I will just say, LOL...Well, I'm glad you're back personally. I've never really seen shit of yours but from the research I was doing for the archives, I saw that you were pretty much dominating 2003 and a bit of 2004. Good stories are definitely needed as well. As far as competition, you don't have to worry about me, I won't be back in there anytime soon. I'm on extended leave lol. What do you think of having a tournament sometime in the relatively near future, say a month or two?

    IV: A tournament in about two months sounds cool... Maybe three... U want to give time for the league to breathe a little bit though... Let the controversies the shit talking... let it all get to another level before u start a tourney... When i ran this league i took it over as mod when it had 35 people and i jumped it up to 80 people while i was mod... How u do this is by hype... Plus people like to read about themselves... I did a top 2o countdown breaking down the top 20 upcoming matches... Plus i had a top 40 review...
    I suggest by bringing those velements back people will come, because not only are they getting votes, people get to hear how they are doin in the mag, and recognition means alot to a writer... good or bad...
  11. TaLi RodrigueZ

    TaLi RodrigueZ Washed Up Rapper...

    Apr 5, 2002
    TaLi: Yeah, we're working on it little by little. I agree though, I always try to mention as many people as possible in the magazines and shit. I have a question more about the stylistics of the league. Back when we were first around, 2002 and 2003, this league was almost exclusively stories. Now, I'd say there are just as many topicals as there are stories. Some people see this as a good thing, others aren't so pleased. Where do you stand on it?

    IV: I tend to go both ways... Im exclusively a storytelling emcee but topicals are just as important because that is what stirs controversy in music... topicals is the reason people rap, to get a point across to another human being... its always nice to hear what goes on in the head of sokmebody with something to say but i tend to sticking to stories for one and one reason only...
    Topicals tend to get voted on based on the opinion of the voter and if someone is completely against what u are saying, they tend to vote against no matter how well it is written...
    for example if i wrote that satan is the ruler of the universe im sure some god fearing people would go against it immediately...
    for example a couple of years back i wrote an anti war verse, and people that had military in their family or liked bush went against it and i lost a few votes...
    I still won, but sometimes controversy doesnt win u battles...
    however if i write a good story with an ill twist they are all for it...
    so it depends on how u look at it...

    TaLi: That's a pretty good answer lol. I try to mix it up a little bit but I'm a little partial to writing stories myself. That said, I'd rather read a bad topical than a bad story any day. Since a lot of newer folks here aren't very familiar with you, what sort of stuff do you look for when you're deciding how to vote on a particular match?

    IV: The first thing i look for, is comprehension... DO I KNOW THE WORDS THAT ARE COMING OUT OF YOUR PEN... if i cant understand what u are trying to say, then it becomes a pointless read...
    I like originality and creativity but one thing i have given losses or vote against when i vote is flow... alot of people can write a good story, but adding in the elements of hip hop is very instrumental to me...
    I'm not here to go AGAINST POETRY!!! If your strictly a poet go to the poetry tree where u can garnish respect, if u can do both thats ok too...
    Plus if i can predict everything that u are gonna say in your story than it becomes very boring... I dont tend to vote for the topicals too much, sometmes i wont vote on the battle between two topicals because its usally my BIAS that picks the winner and not what really is goin on...

    TaLi: I love that word 'bias.' Seems like a lot of people are afraid to admit that they are biased towards certain things. They think that means they are doing something wrong. I am biased toward good stories. I personally believe a good story will beat a good topical any day of the week but that is my BIAS. I won't vote against someone who had a better piece just because it wasn't a story. That would be ridiculous. But shit, that is just what I like. Just like some people like big old rhyme schemes and others like flow etc. So anyways, that's refreshing to hear someone say.

    IV: WORD..But now let me flip the script... Why are u on retiree status, and what cou8ld bring u back onto the scene in 2006?...

    TaLi: I mean, I'll probably be back at some point. I just need a break because first and foremost, I'm working on my master's thesis and I need to get that done. Secondly, I'm teaching a sociology class for the first time so I've gotta concentrate on doing a good idea with that. And lastly, I just need a little time to chill. I was in the league for 22 weeks straight, and there weren't really any easy matches. So, time will bring me back.

    TaLi: Anyways, any last words for the people by the way?

    IV: I dont have last words... Just let these muthafuckas know im back and ready to reclaim my throne..
  12. TaLi RodrigueZ

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    Apr 5, 2002
    That's it for now. Thank Claus and Strike2 for doing what they did, cause otherwise, there might not have been anything.
  13. Retulen Reactus

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    Sep 19, 2003


    I Read It All.
  14. Cereal_Killer

    Cereal_Killer no ESCAPE

    Oct 25, 2002
    dope mag alot of effort put forth by all. well done guys
  15. Tha_DQ

    Tha_DQ Expected The Unexpected

    May 29, 2005
    I hope I'll be in there someday haha
  16. Got Life?

    Got Life? Resident Megalomaniac

    Aug 3, 2005
    Good shit on the better come prepared...
  17. Strike2

    Strike2 Man Meets Creator

    Mar 11, 2001
    jus make it to top 20 if people like it Ill keep revieuwing the top 20
  18. Vigil

    Vigil Im infinite consciousness

    Aug 16, 2005
    enjoyed it. good read.
  19. Anaphora

    Anaphora was here

    Jan 17, 2004
    Hahaha, yay. Tali thought my verse was funny at least. Might go the way of annihilation this week and go over heads.
  20. Pent uP

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    Feb 17, 2001
    I might not ever sign back...

    having accomplished the only thing i've wanted to accomplish.......

    unless i decide to get a belt

    this is no lie

    do mag dudes
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