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    Jody Lo - MC Hammer [prod. KomplexxBeatz]

    Last month, Jody Lo dropped the new single MC Hammer.

    Overall, MC Hammer was great lyrical content but how was it received?

    Well the song went on to become one of the top streamed tracks by Jody Lo in just one month on Spotify and YouTube and that's enough to tell us what we need to know.

    The concept of the song is a a MC Hammer comparison- Jody Lo being a MC with a hammer (with hammer being a slang term for gun) while also making more than 30 MC hammer references through the song. 2nd verse being most memorable, where more than 20 MC Hammer song titles get flipped into bars. check out MC Hammer

    a landing page on Jody Lo official website. Stream MC Hammer on your preferred streaming service

    Be on the lookout for Rap Trapper coming 11/11/2018 on Spotify, Apple music, Google play, Bandcamp, Tidal & more.

    Keep up with Jody Lo on Instagram and Twitter

    the producer:

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