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    Feb 14, 2014
    we turn from identities to entities/
    cuz life is meant to tease/
    not lecturing/
    life says fuck you, middle finger gesturing/
    like a little beater you got from ya mom sayin she gets u things/
    so appreciate, it alleviates the pain/
    believe me mayne, it's strange/
    cuz what we see off the brain/
    is only one link off the chain/
    that we both lost and found/
    I'm the result if a whale crossed a hound/
    fucked it in the tail and got tossed around/
    why's it so quiet? have I lost the sound?/
    nope I'm just so dope, they can't cope, I awwe'd the crowd/
    you can speak now, y'all allowed/

    my words are equivalent to what rembrance is/
    but I don't mean physically, or imagery/
    cuz picturely, we're not the same descript you see/
    instead I am the one who descripts what's seen/
    cuz I spit, dependin' on the picture seen/
    no fuckin' glitz or gleem/
    cut threads, I'll split the seam/
    cuz it seems interesting that a human beying/
    is what u are seeing/
    and what ur sayin' isn't really what ur meanin'/
    cuz ur biased and you could never see it/
    capture or seize it, the rapture will need it/
    so fear, go hear for those who believe it/
    and if it don't happen, we'll say fuck it and leave it/

    these bars aren't for imprisonment/
    self expressed, to die is deliberate/
    tell satan to fuck off maybe ups will deliver it/
    i'll leave her pussy in a swell, like in a river is/
    leave her cold & shiverin'/
    i'm drunk home deliverin'/
    pizzas, i'll meet-ya/
    if you got a wife beat her/
    like the shirt? no, like the bitch a cheater/
    it mighta been me sir, i might meet her/
    cracked out cuz i'm the fight leader/
    i'm a dog rapist and i bite preachers/
    say that it's raining and ignite bleachers/
    i'm in training for the bright feature/
    i mean a bright future/
    for u sir/

    idk just some shit i've had.

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