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    Apr 18, 2001
    Tale of my tape.

    Ive been weight lifting for a number of years, wether it be to benefit various martial arts, boxing, and the military. Just untill recently, I took up more or so the bodybuilding side of training.. to put on some solid muscle and cut up as well. **NOTE: the arms measurements and leg measurements including calves are averaged between the left and right.**

    Height: 5'10

    weight: 208 lbs

    reach: 74 centimetres

    chest: 46.5 inches

    arms: 16.75 inches

    neck: 17.5 inches

    shoulders: 53.5 inches

    thighs: 25.5 inches

    calves: 16.5 inches

    I currently work out roughly 90 minutes daily, 6 days a week, and consume 350-400 grams of protein, 800-2000 calories a day, depending on my workout schedual.

    some of my numbers for maxes and reps are as indicated below.

    max bench : 315 lbs for 3 reps.

    hack squats : 720 lbs

    leg press: 900 lbs

    bicep curls: barbell: 135 lbs , dumbell: 75 lbs (hammer curls)

    thank god for canned chunk tuna, sardines, protein powders of various brands, and skinless boneless chicken breasts. lol
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