Solid Bars...FOR EVER...but idk...

Discussion in 'Cypher' started by Kron, Jul 18, 2014.

  1. Kron

    Kron Godly...

    Mar 19, 2003
    Solid bars, meaning they don't fall.
    Hold both balls n' go to Stone Wall, pull off my whole draws...
    Right down to the Hanes wife beater.
    Whether Red pill or Blue, man, I don't like either.
    I write ether on paper, I might see the...
    only reason of leaving you, is reading through
    your transparency to see it ain't even true...
    I've been sick, wtf will a needle do?
    Body is bleeding blue. I can get a lost man to see me to...
    The promise land. PERIOD. Fuck with the commas, man!
    All of you people talking is not a fan?
    You gonna lie? Gonna tell yourself you haven't seen a damn thing you like?
    Oh what. You kidding, right? The shit's tight!
    Acidic, antisemitic type. Yeah, I called you Mel Gibson, Mad Max.
    Grab that, ego of yours n' suffer a bad back.
    Quite the load. I'm abstract. So many approaches
    That the pen is a potion... for any motherfucking medicine spokesman!
    So yeah, there! I said it, you can put it on tape.
    Wait, rewind EATS THE TAPE! (Bruce Willis mode)...
    FOH! A stroke victim can feel this flow...
    High above, but I'm sitting low. This is what happens
    when the Cookie Monster has little dough...
    he starts attacking.
    This parts for keying. This parts for rapping.
    RapGenius, now see if you get smart reaction.
    From this fucking pencil. See what's UP in my brain, yeah, it's something mental.
    Don't let me come and get you. Pull you out of your...
    Cousin's rental. Then drive right into you with your mother's pinto!
    BOOM! Didn't expect that! The kid will crack...
    Your fucking neck untill it snaps back, without the fitted cap.
    Get a cat, eating up like it's Korean here
    If see a cheer, better stfu and leave it, clear!
    My drive don't even steer, automatic pilot mode...
    You set the detonation, and I'm explode!
    My lines can load a fucking 700 TERABYTE driver, bro!
    Look inside it so the suicidal guys will know!
    Champion, been rocking the crown since Big Pop was around...
    Look at the talk of the town, with his jewels, walking around...
    A pompous, the sound of coming in is like 1 to 10.... that quick
    The classic, rap shit all these kids wanna snap up...
    But that's what... we stop. I beat fucking sheet rock
    out of you... how you styling dude? Oh, I'm styling on you?
    Old shit. Don't know, before 06' or maybe before it...
    Crazy enormous with the alien like brain that's storming...
  2. K.I.T.

    K.I.T. Member

    Apr 30, 2003
    I, hope, u, guys, like it, lolssss, its, from a song I wrote, lolsssss

    I remember goin to school when I was just a little boy/
    went to 24th where I played with a lot of toys//
    and get into fights with my big cousin Damien/
    after it was over we were hustling tryin to play again//
    Just like a Canadien but it wasn't Hockey/
    we played everything from tag to walkie talkies//
    running around trying to, get you out/
    baseball, too, that's what I'm talkin about//
    we use to play with the tennis ball/
    write our names on the wall//
    basket carts for basketball/
    football yea, Im passin yall//
    like Montana to Rice, except this is beats and mics/
    pens and paper to write, thatll go on all night//
    Im outta sight like J Lo and George Clooney/
    whats, running through my veins is just too hard for you to sue me//
    i hope you are approving of my rhymes from day to night/
    while your nothing but hype/
    prolly worth a couple of mics//
    in the Source magazine/
    while Ill be averaging//
    20points a game,/
    kinda destined for fame//
    burn like propane, when it runs into fire/
    sound soo good, Ill make you want to retire//
    I cier, pledge alligence to America/
    got ya movin out of character like a predator//
    my rhymes is like a editor/
    goin through excetara
  3. mr.redeyez

    mr.redeyez Active Member

    Mar 11, 2007
    Hop in the whip - on that jimi hendrix shit
    no purple haze i'm feelin' psychedelic
    1 step away, from the grave and i can smell it
    got the hammer cocked back i'm bout to nail it

    It's cold in the trenches. keep ya chin tucked
    ridin' on the side of me a pin up
    she a die for me she a lie for me
    excercising my strength like i do chin ups.
    drunk in love i feel like i drunk ten cups.
    making power moves. stomp you in designer shoes.
    bitch what? cut his throat, you hear the whistle? he got hiccups.

    My Smith & wesson make sure i don't lose investments.
    it takes to long to torture for confessions.
    i don't got time, fuck a g shock
    a knee shot and a neck shot "he dead" won't need a next shot
    lets make sure give em' a chest shot, i got the juice i think i'm 2-pac

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