smittyrhythm VS Mr.JDM998 (rematch)

Discussion in 'Emcee Battle Area' started by smittyrhythm, Aug 25, 2011.

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  1. smittyrhythm

    smittyrhythm you love 2 hate me

    Jan 12, 2011
    for you, 24...

    due Thursday? That's 1 week.
  2. Mrjdm998

    Mrjdm998 New Member

    Jan 23, 2011
    Smit refered to his verse as a work of art, so when I abuse smack'n handle Rhythm
    He'll let out The Scream as his ear comes off like Van Gough and I tear his painting like an act of vandalism
    You explain weak and boring punchlines that's something I must acknowledge
    Smitty you need to lose your Expos, like the city of Montreal did
    You're boring as fuck Smit so I've got to work with the bare bones like an orthopedist
    But this battles still gonna be without debate North Korea is
    I'm sick as Hannibal Rhythm you get eaten like a corpse when I unleash a higher force
    'Cus I won't be defeated by a dork with bars stretched like Dhalsims limbs in Street Fighter 4
    This verse leaves you outlined in white chalk I have no idea what you raised the lines for
    Because you can't see I'm above you like an F-117 Nighthawk
    And your wordplay against John showed your short temper
    Since however many ways you called him a king you're still just the court jester
    As a writer you're boring as fuck and I reall ain't lying
    Your bars are what happens if you copy down the closed captions from a vid of paint drying
    Asking for plenty more than the normal amount of bars but nobody likes your style anymore
    So I don't need Jack Bauer fight techniques to kill you in twenty-four
    Unless you get a ghostwriter or mentor it'll be nothing to traverse your bars and send yah home with a purple heart
    I'll only lose if you've got aid in the back like you're driving a nurses car
    You act like we all owe you somthing and should be thankfull just to have a verbal spar
    Now does it feel to know your ego's more memorable than your verses are?
    This is left over Uno bars you aren't worth the time
    Observe the rhymes you're average and boring like a shirt and tie
    Fuck writing for hours this is a quick keystyle
    Now just to post you'll be done in 1 press like speed dial
  3. smittyrhythm

    smittyrhythm you love 2 hate me

    Jan 12, 2011
    When you first battled me face2face I bet Harley-Quinn wasn’t smilin
    Cuz I put this ‘Mr.J’ in a box like the bars of Arkham Asylum
    He couldn’t afford to buy a vowel, the words were horribly planned
    So it always ends with a ‘9-9-8’ cuz his lyrics ‘too-short’ to be ‘Grand’
    You will never get played on radio-waves plus you’re rated less than a second stage
    And your clip against Deth is the closest way you would ever get hits on the ‘F.M., J’

    Step up to the plate and clean up the dishes of all your puns and your disses
    Cuz how can you call yourself a Mr. when most of your punches are Mrs.?
    It’s nun ya business, you were on your knees against the Priest more than chapel pews
    You aint half as true and without an opponent I can still defeat you in battle views (800+) (900+, no-show)
    This buster dug-less graves in the EBA while I turned the grounds in to holey-fields
    I-earn-mic-ties-son, all the stripes behind your name are the kind that made Toby squeal
    Slowly shield the pain you feel from always bein whipped til your shoulders peel
    You’re like Fred Kruger cuz you can only win when people sleep on you, phony steel/steal

    You use to stalk me like a child, every post you’d follow and file
    So I’m use to seein you in my ‘threads’ and its no surprise that you borrow styles
    You mighta stolen the title eng but that don’t make you a King of the Ring
    You wish you was ME, which is why ‘We Love Smitty’ was the title-theme of your team
    That’s awkward shit ^ some marti-gras tits would make you flinch and probably fall sick
    Because you’re so gay you refer to TopGun often as “that volley ball flick”
    This march is won, it was hardly fun, shut down the party, ya bar’s done
    Notice: I didn’t need 1 british joke, and partly because..

    You already are 1.
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