smilezand southstar suck donkey balls

Discussion in 'Cypher' started by JaMmY dAvIsJR, Jun 29, 2008.

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  1. JaMmY dAvIsJR

    JaMmY dAvIsJR New Member

    Jun 11, 2008
    yeah, please make them stop
  2. SmilezSouthstar

    SmilezSouthstar New Member

    Jun 26, 2008
    [Southstar] (Smilez)
    Celebri-ty pop star, hoodstar, what it' do! (What it do bitch!)
    Obama Killa, Bush's niqqaz yeah we'll slaughter you
    With ya mommas, baby mommas n ya daughters, too (SOUTHSTAR!!!)
    Yeah its raw boy, so uncut boy how ya love it?
    Joyful being on top, boy? 'Star uh shoot ya the fuck up OFF IT!
    (FUCK BOY!) we V.I.P, on some nose candy shit
    We so family with Lindsay Lohan on that T.I.P (*SNIFF*)
    Clubbin', Ibiza, Berlin, we livin' the life, rich n famous
    We at Studio 54, pourin' bricks on tables
    No straws, only hundred dollar bills, we on some A grade shit (*SNIFF*)
    Smilez & Southstar get the parties poppin'
    Chargin' 50 G's each just to show up on some hip hop shit
    Hit the airport, tourin' in every state, circlin' the globe
    Raw fuckin' groupies, we stay reimbursin' on our jobs (ZHOOOOO!)
    So keep hatin' on a couple a young niqqaz from the O
    Who did make it... fuck ya punk niqqaz who stay broke.... (HAHAHAH!)

    Word on the street is ya niqqaz stay missin'.... I mean where y'all at?
    Raisin' goats in Wisconsin, niqqa get the fuck out my face!

    I mean I don't wanna disrespect our fanbase out there but forreal y'all not touchin' us, we be at the 2 million dollar studio high off the purest....

    Y'all stay at ya momma's porch burnin' that cheap dirt grass they sold u for weed.... Keep savin' yo pennys niqqa maybe some day you'll afford a nice shirt or sumthin bitches,ZHOOOOOOOOOOOOO!
  3. B.U.Wulvz

    B.U.Wulvz Full moon swagga..

    Jun 20, 2008
    ayo you know i.. took my time read through most your shit,
    dawg this niggas straight trash, they be typing bullshit,
    now these dudes starting to wonder, bout the shit y'all speak,
    guess when it's said and done, y'all are tha weakest links,
    and got the nerve to flaunt your name, like your shit don't stink,
    you wage bets,post threads but y'all ain't made it there yet,
    shit's like the game of chess analize all moves,
    i move, you move you don't, check-mate you lose,
    so simple.. you won't get saved by instrumentals,
    "you wrong" they say, for tha shit i'm known to speak on,
    I hope y'all take these •••els in and carry it on,
    some niggas be on some straight up bullshit, to prove shit,
    to start shit, I start at the top the prime target,
    i'mma marksmen with a purple heart, for this art shit,
    the flow sorta like the game of chess, i'm on some king shit,
    see i'm tha last nigga you hit, but first to get with,
    niggas barely make it past tha pawns of tha game, you lame,
    a bunch of no name havin niggas, simple ass faggot niggas,
    steppin on toes of mine, i'm not niggas,
    this goes to all fuck niggas,bitches tha same,
    i'll put a end to your reign,you fuckas mention my name...!
    Words of Wisdom!
    ayo my dudes i do what i do for tha hood,
    log on it's all good here,
    one luv no-homo..
    Stop posting that Bullshit y'all pose to be better than that
    every post the same shit nawh that ain't how it work fellas
    words of wisdom... one
    yo smelly and sunShit y'all tighting the fuck up......... real talk
  4. SmilezSouthstar

    SmilezSouthstar New Member

    Jun 26, 2008

    Yeah daddy we runnin' y'all clowns out ya own threads
    we be gunnin' them down, muthafucka say a word n we shuttin' them down
    It's the S-M-I muthafuckin' to the L.... uh... E-Z
    Keep complainin' n we'll be floodin' y'all shit so EASY!
    You know you want it you need it, so much attention you lackin'
    We came in, n gave it to y'all in a second it happened
    So what, muthafucka? It's SoHH, AHH, all with the streets
    combined into one n we all came with the HEAT!
    Down South rowdy ass niqqaz, we so young n rich
    Y'all New York niqqaz stay broke, let me give ya a cameo but suck my DICK

    Damn.... this niqqa Smilez, dawg you nasty!
    Ya lyrical complex remind me of Nasier Jones back in the 90's
    Hit the block with the trenchcoat mafia, the O is a zoo
    The pressure start risin' as soon they start blowin' on you
    Its all in the plan, for its better when niqqaz know about you
    They knowledge limits itself, they don't know about •••els...

    [Smilez] (Southstar)
    Yeah we murda y'all, its the muthafuckin' truth, ya boy smilez n the boy wonder (SOUTHSTAR!!!)
    We hot.... Oh My God, we so so fuckin' hot.... we global now... (We the Best!)

    Holla at us boy if you wanna be on the winning side (muthafuckaz)
    Y'all bitch ass... y'all bitch ass (fuck you pussy niqqaz!)

    We out....
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