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    Aug 18, 2013
    Yo, first piece up here.

    Unwitting to begin a sad discrimination,
    like I ain't no big scene to over examinate,
    it's all a temptation so here's my test of fate.
    Growing up I had it all, whenever I got mad I'd just throw shit at the wall,
    expected to see the future with my single hand me down chore,
    to take the garbage out but I always left it at the fucken door.
    The old man never once stuck around, I was gone before I hit fourteen foreshore,
    got confused in the world, and saw how lonely the poor was.
    Decided to give it all for that simple cause,
    prepared my galaxy for all the unworthy glory,
    those who tried to help didn't stand a chance before me.
    See I start to have criminal beliefs,
    that shit don't come free,
    it's the shit that comes up when we lose our self-esteem.
    Slowly it started to lose control,
    of how big the world can be in a collateral flow.
    With a bogus cologne of a fortress,
    the great king and queen had a bitter divorcement,
    ended in torment, with each hand clutching reality for unlawful closure.
    Now he sits in an empty castle like the gods foretold ya,
    to be the owner of army of soldiers leaves you in a sad position of obligatory paranoia,
    objectifying the nature with a mouth full of hatred.

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