Smackdown preview for tomorrow night (july 10)

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    Nov 2, 2001

    SmackDown! heads north of the border this Thursday night, coming to you from the Air Canada Centre in beautiful Toronto.
    Not surprisingly, Mr. McMahon is said to be absolutely irate that Zach Gowen & Stephanie McMahon defeated the Big Show last week, thus earning Zach his long-sought-after WWE contract. How will Mr. McMahon's emotions manifest themselves this Thursday night on SmackDown!?

    Gowen, meanwhile, is scheduled to officially sign his contract this week on the show. If you think back to past contract signings in WWE history, you know that anything and everything is possible this Thursday night on SmackDown!, airing at 8/7 CT on UPN.

    The U.S. Championship Tournament continues this week, as Eddie Guerrero battles Ultimo Dragon. Will Guerrero say anything about his heinous attack last week on his former tag team partner and friend, Tajiri?

    Tajiri is not expected to be at SmackDown! this week as he recuperates from injuries sustained last week. Meanwhile, Billy Kidman, who has been out for several weeks due to injuries, makes his return to the ring this week, teaming with Rey Mysterio in a huge fourway tag team match. It'll be Kidman & Mysterio vs. the APA vs. the FBI (Johnny Stamboli & Chuck Palumbo vs. the Basham Brothers, accompanied by Shaniqua.

    Billy Gunn and Torrie Wilson have quite a relationship going, and they'll be teaming up in a mixed tag against the newly rich Jamie Noble & Nidia. And in more tag team action, Chris Benoit & Rhyno battle Matt Hardy & Shannon Moore.

    Plus, Kurt Angle, Brock Lesnar and much more this Thursday night (8/7 CT on UPN) on SmackDown!
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