Battle Video SMACK/ URL PRESENTS Aye Verb vs X Factor

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Who Won?

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  1. Eskilstuna

    Eskilstuna New Member

    May 3, 2012
    Aye Verb, Round 1

    Round of applause for X-Factor
    For having the balls to get wrecked after knowing I maul and dissect rappers
    And he just another basic bitch
    The cause and effect after I maul and dissect rappers
    Is a corpse with a chest fracture
    Chicago...brace yourself for this

    I love our Midwest movement, but every time that East Coast Smack call
    And offer to pay them chips, I don't even ask who
    It's just "Okay", "What date it is" and "Go slay the shit"
    He ain't saved by the bell from Verb... I mean he cool, but...
    No Zach and AC Slater shit
    Pause, 'cuz after you, tonight I done rolled on the D
    More times than every bitch I got a baby with
    First it was Marv Won - classic, me vs Miles, oh that was crazy shit
    But I got to kill him, I can't give X a chance
    Like he a bitch and I don't wanna fix my old relationship


    He'll put in the "cap" in captain? AHA! Jadakiss
    I get worked, that 8'll kick
    I seen the ring everywhere, light this whole block up like the Vegas Strip
    Last time I was in Highland Park I was standing, hoppin out that Camry
    Banging two cannons, the sparks from 'em look like I'm waving two Roman candles
    That's that 80's shit, this time it's Top Gun
    Loaded potato on that shotgun, cock it, pop one
    Have that whole Highland Park smelling like bacon bits
    Nigga I was made for this, body shot, make him shit, lean his ass, break his hip
    Face shot, black everything, like a nigga on that racist shit
    He need the presence of a pitbull that'll lock ??????? on lazy shit
    Your swag's off, fag sauce - NO - your swag's off, fag sauce
    Nigga you look raperish
    Type of nigga I need to see a background check if I ever let babysit
    This big-nose basic bitch who got a Niagra Falls post-nasal drip
    Can't keep up with me when I'm jogging, so imagine when my patience switch

    Verb noodles, and I smell dumb duck roasting
    Two hot-point 40s, when you rip that
    That kick-back look like you in a swinging nunchuck motion
    Blood back-pumping, back-dumping, straps that clap hundreds
    Fuck how good you rap, it's a wrap, you getting box-wrapped, mummy
    Bounty hunter Verb, soon as they send Chazz money
    I turn street-Elmer Fudd with two dope slugs and get to hunting Bad Bunny
    He a jokester, they laugh 'cuz they supposed to, but be glad, honey
    But try to play Kevin Hart and stand up - BRRRAAAAT
    Back, stomach, you backflip, won't come back from it
    They seeing, they think that funny
    You fucking peon, you're not on what we on
    I get dead presidents, you don't get dead presidents
    So when y'all bitch get bored and need a bitch vocal cords to lean on
    I call yours, 'cuz that head in a bag, nigga I'm Cleon
    Fuck is he on?
  2. shmokedat420

    shmokedat420 Member

    Oct 12, 2011
    Good battle IMO verb got that 3-0 even with the choke it wasn't even that bad the crowd just made it worse than it really was which is usually the case anyway but x definately did his thing definately not a body bag either
  3. ecpresto

    ecpresto Active Member

    Nov 17, 2010
  4. Eskilstuna

    Eskilstuna New Member

    May 3, 2012
    do y'all want x-factor's rounds too
  5. seattlebattle12

    seattlebattle12 aka lil ill & dagawd100

    Jun 11, 2010
    Post the whole battle if you can breh.
  6. Liquids

    Liquids New Member

    Jun 20, 2012
    Audio was decent could be better but oh well, bravo to x factor for that nice angle however I still think verb edged it 2-1. Smack needs to give nigga's a 101 on how to stfu during battles
  7. Eskilstuna

    Eskilstuna New Member

    May 3, 2012
    x-factor's 1st coming right up

    i'm done for the night, will do the other rounds tomorrow
  8. Eskilstuna

    Eskilstuna New Member

    May 3, 2012
    X-Factor, Round 1

    Your swag's off, fag sauce
    You're not sick Verb, you look ??? off
    I'll aim at that big hat with that Big Mac 'til it drip Mac sauce
    And this nigga damn-near cried when a nigga yanked his doo-rag

    Verb, what the fuck are we doing
    'Cuz I clearly stated I would never battle a Midwest nigga
    If there were still East Coast niggas that was deserving of ruin
    That I can aim and put two in
    So I'll ask you again, Verb, what the fuck is we doing
    Verb is my nigga, so I'm just as baffled as y'all
    I remember that like yesterday when I got that baffling call
    ?????? and said "X, I think it's time, that card in Chicago I need you on it"
    I instantly thought...K-Shine, I said "Fuck it, let's get it in"
    We been going back and forth for a little while, was supposed to do it in St. Louis
    Never happened
    I said "But that night, I'll be the bigger man"
    I said "Get him on the line, what's hood"
    He said "Naw, I'm thinking bigger than K-Shine"
    I said "I'm not battling Goodz"
    'Cuz that nigga is trash, and I wouldn't wanna be him
    He so ass all I can think of is crack when I see him
    He said "Dawg, I ain't talking 'bout Goodz, I'm thinking 'bout a bigger match"
    I said "Bigger match? Y'all must be tryna pay me some bigger ???"
    I said "Who you had in mind?"
    He said "I told you, he with it, Aye Verb"
    I said "Aye Verb?" He said "Aye Verb."
    I said "No-not my nigga Aye Verb from St. Louis with the straight perm, say word"

    Instantly I got pissed, like this disloyal motherfucker
    For the last few years, we've been riding with each other
    Now he got that big head again, and he tryna go against his niggas
    Y'all remember, Chicago, St. Louis, Detroit
    That Midwest movement we've been moving as a unit
    Now this nigga Verb is moving but he's moving kinda stupid
    But those moves are not elusive so the proof, I'm more conducive
    Crack his neck if he gruesome and he'll be nuts if he just grew some
    I got wordplay too, nigga, you ain't never ???
    And let's get the fuck back to our battle, nigga
    Verb told Twitter, X-Factor is top in the world doing his thing right now
    So that probably explains why the fuck we in this ring right now
    He said Miles got on that mask, I say do he?
    Then off his herald, and watch this motherfucker scream right now
    Somebody please get this big pussy a NuvaRing right now
    They say "X with Verb, you must ??? even walking with that fake"
    I said "I know, I felt like Eve, I became comfortable talking to that snake"

    I shouldn't be battling you anyway, besides the fact I thought we was cool, hell
    You came to Detroit, and got your license to drive and carry, 'cuz the D gave you two L's
    Miles beat you 2-1, Marv destroyed you nigga, I still will
    Marv beat you so bad, y'all had to jump on a nigga
    For him to feel better about that ass-kicking
    Speaking of which, y'all jumped on a soft man - it couldn't have been me, though
    I mean that shit looked good on paper, Verb, but that really wasn't G, Souldier
    I'll run up on you, and all nine of the pussies you with like I want it all
    'Fore I throw shots like I bartend
    See I'm from Michigan State, so Cal'll take your green and white
    But I still wouldn't Spartan
    I'm hood here, and this jealous nigga probably hate on your tires
    if they was having a Goodyear
  9. StringerBell818

    StringerBell818 New Member

    Jun 11, 2012
    Good fucking battle, anybody that think either of them dudes lost 3-0 don't know shit. #RealTalk...

    DANIEL SONNN New Member

    May 4, 2012
    ur trying ti kill ny ni**as but ur making songs with math and wearing LOM shirts
  11. Jamaro85

    Jamaro85 Space Cowboy

    May 20, 2009
    Decent battle but damn that audio. I hope they really focus on getting it right for SM2.
  12. J-Professional

    J-Professional Well-Known Member

    Jan 25, 2004
    Round 1: Aye Verb
    Round 2: X Factor
    Round 3: X Factor
  13. Sesamill

    Sesamill IBattleworldwide-Sesamill

    May 8, 2012
    Even with the slip up Verb was solid BUT.......X-Factor was one step better every round. 3-0 but it wasn't a body bag. It just was a clean victory. Enjoyed this battle
  14. jrich730

    jrich730 Member

    Aug 25, 2009
    Am I the only one who think x factor don't rhyme at all I don't know it just hit me his last minute of the battle

    for all who say they rap well in URL some do but it's being overshadowed by all the pausing
  15. Gunner Boy

    Gunner Boy New Member

    Mar 25, 2012
    1st time ive seen verb choke' but the battle was still good' i give X the win' audio sounds kinda churchy
  16. Thick Frog

    Thick Frog New Member

    May 18, 2011
    fuck a choke, i still prefer verb...

    that cold cut trio shit was the big line? i thought verb took the first and second clearly...

    i liked x's third and the choke defaulted the round to him, but overall, how can you tout a scheme saying verb is against the midwest when he literally built it from the ground up? that shit played to the crowd but we know better. x is glad to get verb after his showing vs clips and verbs vs hitman... think about it, verb was riding high and then he gave x shine!

    transmission >
    saw >

    damn, i sound like willy...
  17. PriceAintRight

    PriceAintRight Never been to TRL

    Apr 10, 2011

    My opinion verbatim.
  18. RileyFreeman

    RileyFreeman The General

    Apr 16, 2010
    i cant make out what xfactor says when he is talking about the battle with hitman holla.

    he says he was one "ayo big gerald" from something...
  19. RileyFreeman

    RileyFreeman The General

    Apr 16, 2010

    lol wtf millisecond? really? come on son. verb choked, then repeat the light (trying to give himself time) thats additional choke time thennnnnn the crowd made noise and added to the choke. i dont think the choke lost him the battle though. i think xfactor was just better. but to use the word millisecond is a BLATANT exaggeration
  20. Jaybeezy

    Jaybeezy Member

    Dec 17, 2011
    I totally agree. I think that Verb prolly won every round against Holla.
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