Slang Dictionary (Big L inspired)

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    Mar 10, 2006
    A chimney means she blows, c note hundred dollar
    Rapping is called your flow, stackin means ur moneys pilin
    Actin crazy is whilin, and stupid is oc
    Nice clothes is called stylin, and too much is an od
    Old school is pro-vs., Them boys means the cops
    24s are kobes, and time piece is your watch
    your father is your pops, and a nick means weed
    And your ave. means your block, and headshots are kennedys
    Good is bien aki, manipulation is game
    Nice price is 10 a key, and chill means that your tame
    Thrown money is makin rain, getting brain is oral sex
    Fuck means a mistake, and damn is a compliment
    Duh means common sense, and crib means your house
    Money is dead presidents, drugless is called a drought
    Yapping you run your mouth, light skinned is called Carmelo
    Cleared you got knocked out, a blunt is called a rello
    Whats good means hello, and aight means okay
    Canary diamonds mean yellow, getting off is an OJ
    Getting killed is toe tagged, and Nugs is hydro
    Changing sides is false flagged, n a fires a pyro
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