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    Police release reggae star Sizzla
    Sizzla is credited with returning dancehall to its reggae origins
    Reggae star Sizzla has been released by police in Jamaica following his arrest in connection with alleged involvement in gun-running and violence.

    The singer was among 33 people arrested on Thursday during a police raid on Kingston's August Town community.

    Authorities seized nine AK-47 rifles, a submachine gun and three sniper rifles. Three men were charged with illegal possession of weapons and ammunition.

    Sizzla denied knowledge of the finds and was released on Monday.

    "They questioned him about violence in August Town and the guns and he denied knowledge of both," said the dancehall star's lawyer, Glen Cruickshank.

    "They could not carry that to court."

    Second arrest

    Sizzla - whose real name is Miguel Collins - has been accused of inciting gang violence between gunmen from Judgement Yard, the area of August Town where he lives, and neighbouring section Jungle 12.

    Last year his home was fire-bombed.

    His arrest is his second in three months. The 28-year-old was sentenced to 15 days in prison in December for swearing on stage, though he was allowed to remain free pending appeal.

    The singer's five-date UK tour was cancelled last November following complaints about his homophobic lyrics.

    One of his most controversial songs, Pump Up, contains the Jamaican patois lyrics "Fire fi di man dem weh go ride man behind", translated by gay rights group OutRage! as "Burn the men who have sex with men".

    (Source - BBC
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