Sitting in silence.

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    Aug 18, 2013
    At times we wonder who we are,
    we lose ourself in all the clan battles of anguish,
    I feel like throwing a brandish spear at all those men wearing spandex.
    Now I sit in a cashless train depot with an empty canteen,
    it all happened so fast I couldn't even be defeated,
    a monster I created from my inner demons,
    but we all know she was never losing belief in me,
    now I sit with myself in all predetermined reasons to be searching for my last pair of keys,
    if only the world could see the terror I misinterpreted like it was my last image lost in a dream,
    I whanna be free not locked in mistreated peek,
    to believe but not be seen as split screen scene,
    it's all a simple nightmare but it's gone in all the schematically different mystique,
    contrary belief is like a simple plea, at times we want to scream, but if we do everyone will see us as another lost man following a never ending stream.

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