Simplifying to craft more songlike structures

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    Mar 16, 2011
    Certain days I pretend that I love her/
    I just pray she won't end up becoming her mother/
    Since her disease, all I see is her suffer/
    Now with the baby, maybe every day'll be tougher/
    I thought she lost it when she tried to drive us off the road/
    She's afraid her siblings might wind up in foster homes/
    The imposter she calls a father is a monster/
    I had to sneak her out to catch the Lil Wayne Concert/
    And her smile lit up the auditorium, you shoulda seen it/
    I'm her planet Mars, she's my goddess Venus/
    Hard to believe its over, just as quick as it began/
    Another page in history I wish we could rescan/
    Cuz the images I'm sitting with are too dark to see em/
    Like the polaroids we blew up from the art museum.../
    -Do you remember the time? MJ's your favorite/
    You left me like they left him... with no one to pray with...

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