Sicko Cypher *I MEAN SICK*

Discussion in 'Cypher' started by Funasty, Dec 15, 2005.

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  1. Funasty

    Funasty New Member

    Jan 1, 2003
    Shut ya fuckin minds down.

    Morals urge me to fuck corpses gums/
    Oral sex performed on whores with guns/
    Rip necks, put my dick in and fuck../
    Yes it's disturbing, but fascinating/
    When I'm curbing and smashing babies/
    Gots the nerve, to ass bash old ladies/
    Grilled cheese spreads and all../
    Wanna tie a girls dreads to my balls/
    An drag the bitch, till she's road-rashed and bloody/
    I like to shit in blood-spill, it gives me a chubby/
    Cut my dogs hands and heals, and call her nubby/
    I wanna act slutty, get every STD received/
    Then force bloody pee, in the popes blood stream/
  2. Da New Kid

    Da New Kid New

    Apr 7, 2003
    On some sick shit, I seen a man take it all
    A bullet, a knife, a cock, I mean take it all
    Them Brooklyn Zoo niqqaz who be rapin' kids
    They fuck 'em in they ass and take they kicks
    Cut they throat and throw 'em over the bridge
    Ain't shit sweet when a bitch is up
    At night walkin' down the bridge in chucks
    she either brave or don't give a fuck
    Cause she could be a victim to rape or robbery
    Maybe even murder, Its a lottery
    How she feel the knife cuttin' thru her back
    Its my niqqa Brick fuckin' with her back
    He'll probably do her, rob her, shoot her
    Mad niqqaz is grimey on some Jack the ripper shit
    I seen the body of a boy my niqqa did....

    Ima stop now......
  3. M-theory

    M-theory Saint Esprit

    Jan 4, 2001
    Nostrils flarin', I'm itchy
    Got the mind to tear out your kidneys
    Viciously persuadin' bitches with these misprints
    Truth is I leave handprints and bruises from these fists-es
    So ridiculous when I fuck bitches, I leave 'em
    so ruined, they need cunt stitches... punks listen
    I pump ritalin through their veins with syringes twenty-one inches
    I'm pretentious, plus so relentless, when it's dark inside the fences
    I beat them night wenches so bad I even scar hard metal park benches
    Bar wisdom, when I smash a fucking bottle to your cranium
    Full throttle I ain't feigning none, I plant you like geraniums
    I'm a heinous one 'cause I electrocute your canine chums
    Leave their fur burning and throw gun powder on their anuses
  4. Bonnie Bathory

    Bonnie Bathory New Member

    Sep 20, 1999
    That sherm'll make ya eat veins like danishes... seek pain and kanine sex...
    Doggystyle in my anus filled with a great dane eight inch dick...
    When it nuts I'ma cut its neck and masturbate its insides on my pussy...
    'Til its red and gushy and get a married man to eat it while I'm bushy...
    I wouldn't call myself a dominatrix...
    So much as a common waitress who gets off on stabbing dogs when naked...
    I also like gang banging in the morge...
    Switch from live to dead and back again giving head to a mangled corpse...
  5. M-theory

    M-theory Saint Esprit

    Jan 4, 2001
    I'm a mangled corpse that's gettin' head from Emcee Buttafli
    She made me cum alive - twice - I'm Mr. Empty-Stomach Guy
    But I eat three meals a day - then wash it down with cyanide
    Can't say I'm cautious 'bout my diet
    I can't say I'm nauseous about dyin' - of course I'm violent
    Of course I'm lovin' my life, suicide was just something I might
    Have liked to try, and so I did it, then took a blade - nine inches
    Carved my stomach where it itches, then plummeted in my kitchen
    Pain was instant, I could feel it, chemicals are shrilling, blurred vision
    I went blank before I was lifted, level headed but the devil insisted
  6. Kapitalizm

    Kapitalizm New Member

    Jan 5, 2006
    yo when I shoot da pistol, its with better aim then a cruiser missle
    break ya arms and legs, then I'ma crusifix u, ya dudes is brickle
    listen little bitch, u'll get pistol whipped then my sickle splits ta leave ya spiritless
    or in a basement with no food, surviving on ya piss and shit
    i'm sick like a dead babies calling your name out
    ya dame shouts as I stab her mouth with my dick, and she kisses u with dat same mouth, more beef then da steak house so I gotta short temper
    barometric pressure controlled in the storm center makes me a photoelectric effector, I'll rape ya corpse, drain ya corpse of blood and cum
    I'll stay writing for the next ten years, aderols a wonder drug
  7. Kapitalizm

    Kapitalizm New Member

    Jan 5, 2006
    these rhymes kill emcees with lethal amounts of toxicity
    in rap u may be ill but not lyrickally, especially compared ta my lethality
    morbidity makes me like a demonic beast in ur vicinity
    like a manticore existing in eras dat is protohistory
    the mystery of mysery is what makes me enjoy killin children deliberlly
    don't mimick me, I'm not a gimmick b on solo mission no complisity
    I'm deranged for a crew, basically I'm saying no ones as sick as me
    prolifically I kill emcees and dump there body in acid since they tried ta get rid of me
  8. blackwell

    blackwell New Member

    Jan 4, 2006
    I slay blacks whites, indonese...i'll tear out the heart from ya chest n use ya intestines to swing from trees..
    Rappers used to hate kid...thats untill they learned rappers who step to blackwell get
  9. merkage

    merkage New Member

    Jan 27, 2006
    ignited corpses,horrid is the stench-of-the-fumes,i stay demonic as vomit gets drenched-in-ur-wounds//
    no the room gets packed-with-voltures ready to snack-on-shoulders//
    its a fact-im-colder with a bolder image-of-death as the morgue is gets overpacked thats wat the clinic-just-said//
    but i wont limit-my-self to a killing-spree as my killer-bees in ur mouth get filled-with-ease//
    now ur feeling ill-as-me, giving u pain that only few-could-take..ill snap ur fingers and bop ur head..just let the music-play//
  10. Cadet_Karma

    Cadet_Karma I used to give a fuck....

    Feb 6, 2006
    lights out last thing u seen was my burna and the red beam
    cold sweat piss in ya pants rubbin ya eyes u thought it was a dream
    homocide come they find throwup blood and shit all over the crime sceen
    im crazy sicker than a no rubbers allowed GB team
    my gang bang u gay bastards dick in ya ass but u been a faggot
    even if i was a virgin ill still be a nasty rapper
    fuck me all nite if not u a slacker
    seein the contents of ya skull just makes me horny
    fingah poppin myself at picture that are gorey
    kill a dude while ridin him get my nut off 1st that makes me whorey
  11. Hustler MC

    Hustler MC You Gotta Love It

    Mar 4, 2006
    emcee buttafli is one twisted chick yo

  12. M-theory

    M-theory Saint Esprit

    Jan 4, 2001
    You call yourself the Hustler MC
    I'm kickin' your pregnant wife in the stomach
    Crushing your seed
    Carve it open, take out a harlequin fetus
    Record its trip to space
    Call it Starring in Venus, produced by Hustler's penis
    I'm dirty with the birdies
    I make them flip burgers, never tip workers
    Ripping off their skirts, stick in my love/lust epidermis
    I'm a manwhore, giving sex for service, with substantial pay
    In ten years them bitches die by what I call Financial AIDS
  13. Extreme Venom

    Extreme Venom Well-Known Member

    Oct 7, 1999
    It's a wrap, Release the Venomous sac
    I'm talkin' Snake bites nigga..
    ...fuck a Clip, clappin' men in the back
    Kidnapp that ass & let him swing from the Rafters
    Him squiming seeing that rattler..
    .....just so happens to Bring me to laughter
    Smokin' weed wit a Giggle..
    ....When them Fangs start Chewin'em in
    I'll Suck the venom out his legg so I can do it again..

  14. Kapitalizm

    Kapitalizm New Member

    Jan 5, 2006
    yo, I slash ya throat with the quickness, or let a glock blow at u bitches
    then go to court with da bizkit, pay the judge a older written and give coke to da witness
    i wanna slice ya wrist and interupt ya veins, in a destructive way
    rip ya scalp with my fingers, and get my hands covered in torn hair, blood and brains
    rappers i'ma kill em with magic, and have em twiztid like dudes watchin the ring while trippin on acid, grab ya dick and make ya penis hole hump the biggest prick on a cactus
    then rehearse a line for the drunken ballad before i make u toss a skunks salad
    stabbin ya spine, then i pull it out of ya back and ya get stabbed with ya spine
    remove ya appendage and testicles den have u dressed as transexuals mackin to guys
    then i'll strangle ya until ya stair me down with the back of ya eyes, its bugged out
    like me drugged out, talkin greezy talk, i'll make you bite the huge s.t.d.'s off the most hideous sluts mouth, horrific gangsta shit, when i make you digest ya own pancreas
    blow my nose, then smother ya mouth with the same exact hankerchief
    we belong in orange jump suits like slip knot, u think not, then its all good but bitch stop
    cuz i'll penetrate u anally with a hyperdermic needle dat spits venin shots den get every single inmate upstate to rape ya in da shit box
    let see if ya pansy ass can swallow a box of jawbreakers, then i give yall make overs with large razors, wanna get carried away, i'll leave ya with two broken legs, smoken regs
    strangle my enemies with their intenstines, if ya claim to be a good rapper
    den i'll drag ya ass thru a bunch of thumb tacks and make ya have sex with a bush wacker
    silly me, i should be written this verse to a way sicker beat, hittin dis weed
    got me thinkin deep to go out and decapate simese twins with guillotines
    got ya girl on da pavement and twitchin, i get to head splitten
    i'll casterate mark walbergs cock and beat ya to death wit it
  15. M-theory

    M-theory Saint Esprit

    Jan 4, 2001
    leave ya with red pigment, from the lashings, the stab wounds, the mack tens
    break you down like saddam statues, and sad men... i'll be glad when
    the game is over, when your brains is clobbered, and you're hanging morbid
    by a noose, wrapped tight leaving your limbs loose- satanic symbols
    under your carpet, draining your soul from your body to Hell's venues
    I'm bulletproof 'cause I'm the eye witness and the perpetrator who shot the shells in you,
    staining your tennis shoes- a menace to society, a menace to proprietors
    practically prying your eyes out their sockets- sawed off shotguns popping holes
  16. R3DRUM

    R3DRUM Capo

    Jul 13, 2005
    Straight to the point, im sicker than a cancer patient-
    In the hospital bed doin a handstand and naked...
    Gettin a blood clot in the brain, froze like this whole matrix-
    Then blow my head off cuz im faded- Pretty fuckin slow aint it?!
    I stuck a wooden stake in some random bitches cunt-THEN
    Poored gas on her and sparked her, jes' to get this blunt lit..
  17. prophetional

    prophetional hokey muh-fuckin' pokey

    Jan 24, 2002
    so let me tell you how this cunt shit right on my dick!
    turned around and licked it up quick for dodgin' my fist
    but i never missed, soon as she pulled back i split her lip
    cold cocked her like a pedifile snatchin' up kids
    grabbed the bitch up by her wrists, kicked her dead in her ribs
    bit her tit, broke her jaw, all because i was pissed!
    beat my dick until i jitzed her swallow sound like she hissed
    that's when i told her, "it be worse if you tell mom lil sis!"
  18. pornstar

    pornstar New Member

    May 22, 2006
    I'm skitzo, who the fuck gave me this pencil?
    I did, so you'd fucking stop eating your mental
    Shut the fuck up and let's go ahead and rape this old bitch
    Eat her fucking baby, leave her carcass in the ditch

    But I'd much rather slit her throat and fuck the gaping hole
    What?! You're fucking sick! says Mr. I Masturbate in Poles
    You're a fucking pussy, no wonder your breath smells like fish
    Pump, pump goes the shotti, and now we're all in the ditch
  19. Bonnie Bathory

    Bonnie Bathory New Member

    Sep 20, 1999
    I walk in the spot and its crawlin with kids and I'm all in their shit
    like I dont give a fuck if you're six bitch rub your balls on my clit...
    stick your fist all in my ass fast, now lick your hand like its chocolate...
    Yeah all of it, then out with my knife and I make that little bitch swallow it...
    Before callin it quits I take a pic for my wallet of this kid naked and mauled...
    And use it to masterbate in the mall in front of babys and moms...
    I booze up orphans and cage em, beat em with pipes and enslave em...
    And if they behave then I take em to they parents graves and ass rape em...
    Make em dig up the bodies for me then we're all havin an orgy...
    "Jr suck your moms rotted hole your dads maggots are makin me horny"...
    Then my 40 takes over and I decapitate this kid with a shovel...
    Cover em all up, piss on the rubble and leave to go find another kid to cuddle...
  20. prophetional

    prophetional hokey muh-fuckin' pokey

    Jan 24, 2002
    nice to see emceebuttafli still up in this shit
    feel my fist elbow deep while i slob on that clit
    never pre writ, bitch thumb all up on that spot
    while my four funger ma-ssage, intestinal clots
    let the toddlers watch, face freak all over the crotch
    love my crab legs with butter bitch i never will stop
    on the rag too, ketchup drippin all down my chin
    and it's far from the nastiest, place that i've been
    love ta see ya grin, scabs from the scabies within,
    taste like croutons and tampons are used for nap-kins...
    mmmmmmmmmm what up buttafli, homegurl, how's it been?
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