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Discussion in 'Cypher' started by Evil Dr.Giggles, Nov 22, 2005.

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  1. prophetional

    prophetional hokey muh-fuckin' pokey

    Jan 24, 2002
    chains i've been wearin since the days i've been birthed
    seen the devil at the age of 5 and since i've been cursed
    takin' money out my mom's purse, and since doin' worse
    killed a cat up in my neighborhood and laughed at the hearse!
    burnt that cat who robbed me's house down while his family sleeped
    him his wife and kid and whoops, his neighbors caught in the heat
    fire spreads in row homes, like std's on the creep
    the truth i speak, fuck it dog, their smoke alarm shoulda beeped!
    7 dead, and i'm sure it's said the families weeped
    i just went about my business, called my girl and skeet skeet!
  2. Mudo

    Mudo New Member

    Jan 19, 2006
    Correction Made

    my homeboy Oscar Viata posted a verse but i was logged in.
    so the verse he posted was from him but i dint like that so i just edited the post deleted it then i posted my verse.

    just needed to do that because i dont feel right ,with him posting a verse but im logged in u feel. Thats why my post is edited. I needed to clerafy that.
  3. Affiliate

    Nov 29, 2005
    Breakin free from entanglement, 90% o the time strait forward where my angle is
    son im dangerous
    dont stand in front o me, ya market red in the bulls eye
    turned down my scholarship, now im wit my niggaz fa the full ride
    who'm I? dont worry, ask ya stacks
    cuz when you lookin fa ya money u find out where the fuck im at
    what was that? you stays on the guard for ya money?
    mine works for itself, how the fuck u take that from me?
    its mind numbing, ya find the corner where ya no where to run
    styles explosive, expecially lookin down the barrel of the gun
    Its too clutch to stop me... gears slick but my screws loose
    drop case like gotti behind the scenes wit a full noose
    watch me bull through, double meaning in the taurus
    i let half off, that means the other halfs remaining martyrs
    its front paper slaughter.... come after ya motha and ya daughter
    then i off her, whipe the weapon clean my record clean cuz the murders was proper
  4. barnizzle

    barnizzle HIP HOP

    Sep 25, 2004
    fa shizzle u supplied an issue
    u think it's a game
    til that iron sizzle on ya fryin tissue
    brian nichols made it a jihad court
    mind warped thinkin of knee high dwarf
    women in linen levi shorts
    this a G.I. sport....snakes dressed up
    believe i thought this situation was messed up
    cuz ol girl looked like a woman of age, from the neck up
    she was demonic took a hit of the chronic and cut her breast up
    un ruley kid....the toolie spit...
    in the crib smokin a doobie gettin blown by a floozy watchin the movie it
    who the sickest yours truly is...

    and that was a freetype
  5. Affiliate

    Nov 29, 2005
    ya i could tell, n i can tell a dog from a bitch by the way it smell
    wondershowzen floozy- what it do G? making words for paper sales?
    well i know about an Oozie... leave a nigga red n gooey
    catch a quick clip like a movie when i ride by smoothely
    -too hot ya cant cool me
    im a militaristic typa soldier prepared for trouble
    im the one in the A make'n the murda rate double
    yea i hustle... gotta get my dividends
    double what i spend im bringin in
    you can go n ask ya friends
    in the end, the top dog gonna rule em all
    n im a stand up guy thas make'n otha niggaz fall
    we can do it in the mall
    we can do it in the streets
    im down to ride n die.... survival is obsolete
    they cant complain or compete, my reflection as a monopoly workin activly
    110 the cops are clockin me, but they cant capture me
    n after me, only the seeds and a history
    how will they remember me?
    a nigga on the hustle physical n mentally
    thuglife tippin hennessy
  6. CaTchW0n

    CaTchW0n New Member

    Sep 18, 2001
    a nigga on the hustle physical n mentally
    thuglife tippin hennessy

    catchw0n Stay sippin that bubbly, paper bubbling, gripping that snub be
    So dont slip or rub me the wrong way,
    I keep throwing bricks like christopher dudley
    niggahs get crippled in the club, thats how they got the homie
    Damn if im slippin in a club, dawg i hold the four
    fuck bouncers holding the door, im rippin out vocal cords
    just show support, try to revenge they death
    I pull strings like guitarist warming up for they set
    Hand full of cream so i know they notice
    I make loads disappear like magic hoaxes
    catchw0n walk around battle focus,
    so if you funny I might take ya joke outta content,
    I dont know how to handle jokes and shit
    any niqqa or bitch outta line throat can get slit
    paint a picture w/ they blood so u see how my thoughts be sick
  7. CaTchW0n

    CaTchW0n New Member

    Sep 18, 2001
    My talk be slick like I grease it
    my offense is potent regardless of defense
    Its called practice..... causing this illness
    flow beautiful like views thats scenic
    If youre anemic..
    you'll probably die when i walk by you I mean it
    I throw inferno of flames from my hand like ryu
    cuz im agile, chasing the belt and title
    laying the ground work like cement and tile
    the sounds hurts till it flirts wit death, dies and life flies by you
    Discipline enough to teach rap hykieu
    This wiz is young and punish a fags I.Q
    condition enough to run 100,000 miles
    if this isnt sick you got infinite antibodies
    My hits dont miss I get where I gotta get on auto pilot
    I'll host a riot pay per view customers will buy it
    As I pile up shit loads of mcs for their excitement
  8. M.E.C n TX

    M.E.C n TX M.E.C N TX

    Sep 25, 2006
    yo i gotta get betta than this minimum wage/these niggaz ballin all round me found me stuck in a daze/rememberin dayz i used ta push it till my baby mama pushed it/shot the bun outta the oven go ta jail na i cant do it/got a str8 up gig/ pushed out 5 mo kids/still keep tha hopes of coke alive/fuck..all the work i slid/wasnt all fo nothin/aint with this petty hustlin/gotta scrape to be legit/should i sell these boys somethin/these tha thoughts that i have/computer written or pad/i gave u fucks a bunch of shit now that im down yall boys laugh/its ok ima make it/raised in Rhode Island an takin/all that i learnin up in tha chi down to texas they hatin/i brush my shouldas off an do it for tha kids/ im off tha top of my skull tellin yall how it is/yeah this that nigga m.e.c/freestylin fo yall folks/m.e.c an acronymn:Mr. East. Coast thought id let yall know. im done wit all this writin finished wit all this typin kids is sleepin blunt is rolled proceedin with tha lightin
  9. M-O-A Thug

    M-O-A Thug New Member

    Apr 5, 2003
    I got the voice, and I got a choice, to fufill dreams and visions
    inside incisions, not glam divisions but not too hard to be touched
    some say we suck, and drink from beer cups, but here's what
    we too much, work hard, give me crew-cuts just to see what's what
    see who's hard and who's tuff, in different terms,
    you don't know so you have to learn, either that or earn
    a good paying wage, flavor like kayan and sage
    street's of rage, this is the genesis,
    so real niggas remember this, hidden in sentences
    are small gems and jewels, not with tims or tools
    chucks or air force 1's, more like jordan 21's
    enter the next level, call me a daredevil
    over bass and treble, hitten harder than construction workers with shovels
  10. M-O-A Thug

    M-O-A Thug New Member

    Apr 5, 2003
    gang green, my main team, rip wannabe rap fiends into smitherines
    you could'nt last in one of giftshop's nightmarish dreams
    beat niggas till they scream, "bloody mary",
    verses they vary, in different types, like a visionarie
    but don't call me rhettmatic, or any beat junkie
    just a hip hop fiend, freestylin' goin' "dummy"
    not from the bay, rep, that hardcore l.a.
    metro pass got me hittin' bball spots everyday..

  11. M-theory

    M-theory Saint Esprit

    Jan 4, 2001
    another machete wasted on this motherfucker's voice box
    i bet he doesn't know how good his tendons taste with soy sauce
    ask my pet dog bruno buckingheimer, i feed it to him... nothing i'mma
    do out here will ever be confused with another fucking rhymer's blueprints
    that's just how i do shit... you keep it clean and friendly kid
    i whip out my rod and fuck your wife on that penis envy shit, i'm too big
    and i bust huge jizz shots in her mouth, between the spots she need a toothpick
    before you die you see the ring
    before you see the ring your see you wife in the hospital with both her arms in a sling
    black eyed coma... and her legs wide open for parking it in
    listen to the lark when it sings, songs of death, you lost ya breath and ya heartless chest
    just remember yo, you started with less...
  12. K.I.T.

    K.I.T. Member

    Apr 30, 2003
    try and love to cypher, my nine known to spike-ya
    prolly spite-ya, the type to freestyle fight-ya, Jordan 21-Nike-ya
    despite the problems I see in the world
    leave drugs alone, I'm ready to unhurl,
    as I get respect either that or earn it,
    niggas could'nt make me squirmish
    or ease back, I ease gat's, the size of weed sacks
    dealt in Iraq, with illegal contacts, don't make me respond back
    with something that's titanic, make niggas panic, fall on the granite
    flows is like sign-language only those that's meant for can understand-it
    leave you wrapped and bandaged,
    felt a tremor-like earthquake that caused semi-damage
    make niggas semi-vanish, taken advantaged
    controllin the planet
    till I blow it up, like "got damn it"
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