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Discussion in 'Cypher' started by Evil Dr.Giggles, Nov 22, 2005.

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  1. Evil Dr.Giggles

    Evil Dr.Giggles Ama-Gi killer

    Jan 28, 2005
    wow, i've been gone for a while. now i'm back. gotta do somthin' new here.

    no bar limit, rap about whatever makes you disfunctional and sick.

    I'm a son of a bitch, bred to be an ass,
    Goin' through school skippin', never passin' class,
    If I ever hear you backtalk or sass,
    I'm prone to bash your face in with knuckles of brass,
    Too much grass, now I'm stuck seein' green,
    Saw my mom too much, now I'm stuck bein' mean,
    Shootin' the principle, slappin' the dean,
    Provin' to the world I'm a pissed off teen,
    Covert, unseen as I bomb your home,
    You duck down, hopin' that I don't invert your dome,
    You're freakin' out, paranoid as I tap your phone,
    And stalk you until you hate bein' alone,
    I think I inherited these traits from my mom,
    That's why there's violence in every one of my songs,
    And right now, I'm ridin' a cloud, smokin' a bong,
    Envisioning your sister suckin' dick in a thong.

    how's that?
  2. Sir Bustalot

    Sir Bustalot I am Jesus

    Feb 3, 2002
    i shine so bright peeps be passin the aloe
    but ya cant see me cuz i dont be castin a shadow
    im fast with the metal-
    playin these pinnochio's like a magic Jepeto
    ive got them hooked on my tragic lines
    an use a mic as a paintbrush to pass the time
    a lyrical mastermind, and i take charge like a battery
    my enemies?-
    couldnt take credit if i paid them ta battle me
    i call my personality my disguised insanity
    fuck, im so dope that ill probably die of vanity
    they call me the saint whisperer,
    so ILL i get regular visits from St. Christopher
    an im so sick my frame of mind is all dark
    even jesus sends me get-well cards from hallmark
  3. Grim_Reaper

    Grim_Reaper a.k.a Soul snatcher

    Nov 27, 2005
    I've been watching ya'll since junior high, thats when you started hate'n/
    elementary school too early for ya'll to get involved with sATAN/
    fu'ck the devil though, he's part of life and life is full of shit/
    unless you multi-million dollar spendin, ride'n like a pimp/
    not the pimp that snatches dough from hoes, but conquers his intentions/
    prophecies was written by the prophets- CHILDREN PAY ATTENTION/
    this is murder in design so intertwine and follow lessons/
    cop the fear from cops and switch it up, then use um as a blessing/
    so whats the question?
    is the Reaper real? is Ceasar still alive?/
    Nig'ga slap yo-self, apologize then look me in the eyes!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Mutha Fu'cka....
  4. UMack5

    UMack5 New Member

    Sep 26, 2005
    I'ma transporter wit stealth, I reappear & disappear/
    This Devil(dude) won't stop b'n evil..he better be afraid of God(me) but of man never show fear/
    Wonderin' why Mack's always in da background, cuz she stay behind da scenes/
    Out in da open snitches r dirty so I carry Mr. Clean/
    Wipe this 'Germ'an host away/ it's refreshing 2 c da light/ (glow)
    Make me blinded by reality..when I can't see rats I spray em in da night/
    I bring heat 2 much..MC's find it hard 2 cool me down/
    Kill'd so many •••••s, cops had 2 take me uptown/
    A fast spitter, I'll outdo a slow key rhymer/
    Wins..u couldn't predict numers even if u had a timer/
    Perfected my skills, they pay me 2 do this/
    So good, I twist an MC words from his own two lips/
    Out of this world, I'm on another level/
    Dam cocky, I tell em he can't dig me if his ass had a shovel/
    Bullet around da corner creepin, sneakin' up on ur chest/
    Fear pierced ya heart, now ur body & soul lay 2 rest/
  5. CaTchW0n

    CaTchW0n New Member

    Sep 18, 2001
    I rolled the L then drank a brew, got the head change
    called a shot, then drank a few
    Feel like Im getting brains..
    These is the last days of getting wetted, you heard me?
    retire from the bar like magic's lakers jersey
    so thirsty, got that grey goose with a shot of lemon
    ice spinnin, its the ghost writer
    so I sleep with all my favorite women
    be swimming, my kids all over the linen
    got they back muscles feelin like they was lifting
    the refrigerator outta the kitchen
  6. Da New Kid

    Da New Kid New

    Apr 7, 2003
    Coke be makin me sick
    I sniff till I pass out drunk off voka and chris
    I pop off at the first bitch niqqa
    Culture-wise Im rich niqqa
    I piss niggaz the fuck off with my swagger
    Im gangsta I will clap ya
    N Im just freestylin off the top with dro in my lungs
    Beef cookin' up I keep a fo' for ya cumps
    Its VS niqqa you all about BS niqqa
    Fuck you and yo fam you reckless
    Hittin' ya bitch up, I was hittin' ya bitch up
    While ya was grindin' I was gettin my dick sucked
    Ya lil girl sayin thats not daddy
    I smacked her across her face badly
    Now she on the floor cryin
    N ya bitch gettin' tired, turn around you bout to get fucked
    In ya butt, ya fuckin slut
    Im grimey how I don't give a fuck
    call it ignorance I call it bein a thug
    Cause whats knowledge? I ain't go to college
    But I could make a G a night
    Ya bitch called me up sayin she wants dick tonite
    I said, baby Im cool
    I will tear ya shit up......
  7. M-O-A Thug

    M-O-A Thug New Member

    Apr 5, 2003
    I'm sicker than vomiting blood instead of food/
    Sicker than having diarrhea, but nowhere to use the restroom//
  8. Sicker than having diarrhea, but nowhere to use the restroom

    I'm sicker then hustling every day while the world tests you
    while the poor of our own country have to live in sess pools
    I bring tallent to the cypher I ballance when I check fools
    caught on the island rainstorming past your blood pool
    in the dark rhyming I spark the cypher ill still shining
    I will be grinding for the rest of my life it's the perfect timing
    for me to get ready choping heads off like Freddy deadly
    rock your dreads g I'm heavy go for a swim in the red sea
    then we cruise past your corpses on a jet black jet ski
    like seven leave your face in a plate of italian spagetti
    sauce then sell you oregano in a zip lock this is hip-hop
  9. M-O-A Thug

    M-O-A Thug New Member

    Apr 5, 2003
    In a zip lock with the freshness intact, for maybe three weeks if refrigerated/
    But if left out maybe a day or two or nor less than 6 hours before bacteria sets in//
    A veteran, for testing, infestin', and blessing, with smif-n-wessun/
    Not a life lesson, I've aged past teen years, but still feel pressured by near peers//
    Who drink beer, and smoke here, and provoke fear inside me for not feeling
    worthy of cyphering or holding a conversation of casual demeanor and relation//
    Should'nt have quit my job, just should have seeked vacation of two days
    where I just layed, and bill paid then came back healthy the next day//
  10. M-O-A Thug

    M-O-A Thug New Member

    Apr 5, 2003
    I'm sicker than having down syndrome with toes that in-grown/
    My pen's known to write ink my paper does'nt condone//
    Or tolerate so instead I'm rhyme and think at an higher rate/
    Which enables me to freestyle words I have'nt thought of in one take//
    As easy as a piece of cake, so when I re-evaluate I have an accurate list/
    Of only a few errors, basically the embodiment of a lyricist//
    With thousands of gadgets and tricks, ways to diss, take a risk,/
    slash ya risk, take your bitch, and get rich//
    Or die tryin, I'll die rhymin' like Harry Houdini underwater trying to define likely odds/
    Take your cpu chip and make an Ipod with soldered tie-ons//
    My pythons are type strong, that take bites wrong/
    So if your a victim its likely that your times gone//
  11. Glock Nine

    Glock Nine New Member

    Mar 11, 2006
    talking about times gone, times wrong
    time stops when in the booth writing my songs
    writing my life, my career
    so raw, my homies wonder how im still here
    instill fear, rappin an still here
    keep the nine at the waistline to bust at queers
    even growing up i was sickly
    wearing my pops shoes that hardly fit me
    doin crimes at nine
    i done shit that i aint even rap in lines
    those were rapid times
    making quick cash that back my nine
    that make me able to rest my mind
  12. ShellDroppaIB

    ShellDroppaIB New Member

    Mar 7, 2006
    Look, I can blast-you-wit-the-steel//
    Or split ya and mak e ya head spin like I attached-you-to-a-drill//
    Nigga when I'm rappin-it-be-real//
    I call you you metal mouth cuz wit this pistol I'm gone smack-you-in-the-grill//
    I aint gonna pretend-cuz-you-all-fake//
    cuz any kinda beef you be in be as tender-as-raw-steak//
    What I do wit the killer-I-call-bake//
    and I take hits big enough to make the seal-on-a-bong-break//
    I keep tellin-ya-dude, I'll put a shell-in-ya-dude//
    I move weight like an elephant-do//
    and you know I gotta hell-of-a-crew//
    wit the guns to rip ya flesh and then eat your skeleton-thru//
    You'll be eatin bullets, I hope you like some lead-in-ya-food//
    Its thirteen in my clip like eleven-and-two//
    No competition when I'm spittin cuz I'm better-than-you//
    Fuck wit me and you gone need more than a medical-crew//
    And you know i get high like a pelican-do//
    I got more guns than a deputy-do//
    I aint messin-wit-you//
    Its no way you can get wit me, I got more protestion than the president-do//

    ILL BILL just killin that shit. You know I'm reppin for the hardest rap group currently doin it COALITION yall should check out some of our freestyles on the website.
  13. M-O-A Thug

    M-O-A Thug New Member

    Apr 5, 2003
    ^I liked your sylables, and presentation of lyrical
    God nature, that mean's Imperial
    Cat's gotta be hysterical if they think they physical
    enough to put on pads go toe to toe and see who's tuff
    I'm Homer Simpson when he's drinking duff
    I'm Barry Bonds using Balco to get buff
    Don't touch me you might get snuffed
    My intention to call your bluff was'nt even presumably disscussed
    I'm ruff like I'm getting crunk with Swizz Beatz
    Ruff like gangsters when they take on confrontations in these streets
    Over these dear beats I spit extreme heat
    Win this back to back and almost three-peat
  14. Glock Nine

    Glock Nine New Member

    Mar 11, 2006
    bitches take my track and put on repeat
    gun jam, have these bitches screamin easy
    never met no real cat that ever beat me
    claimin they hustlers, got snowmans like jeezy
    yet they repeat me, yet they see me
    im in the hood and seein cats try an be me
    try an beat me, you cant beat the truth
    i aint need to be jamaican to be rude
    to be rude, big dogs eat others dogs food
    its dog eat dog world, i need eat too
    caugh up jewelery, rings an necklaces
    you know me and my crew
    clap them glocks, you know how we do
  15. M-O-A Thug

    M-O-A Thug New Member

    Apr 5, 2003
    ^You and your crew does things like thugs busting
    knuckling, possibly over drugs and other means of hustling
    I've seen gangbangers go toe to toe with their own kind/
    Meaning if your in a gang stripes have to be earned in time//
    You little rookie bg's are nothing but pee wee's in this league/
    Me I'm like George Teague the leading tackler in the NFC//
  16. L-dopa

    L-dopa New Member

    Feb 6, 2006
    thats not sick:yr tone lightens the thread, ive done shit that'd frighten the dead
    its like my brains blessed with only a left lobe coz damn i aint right in the head.
    i keep a guy in my cella,in a gimps mask and pimp his ass to the highest bidder
    shit on his face just for fun.when im done il cut him up and fry his liver
    i like to see a fella cry his river.force him to watch as a torture his pops
    and of course when it stops il turn around,smile and start blow torchin' his cock
    im debauched and it rocks! eating tongues on some ill ass canabalism
    man im wilder than Van Wilder my party snacks all come laced with animal jizm.
    'hannibal' is my handle in prison.i saw off mandibles and wear em round my kneck.
    had to stop storing heads in my freezer tho coz yo the FBI are bound to check.
  17. Mudo

    Mudo New Member

    Jan 19, 2006
    Dirty Track Entertainment

    Fuck what u claimin is Dirty Track Entertainment
    money's my wife when is time to fuck,
    i tape ten hundreds around my penis and cum on the big faces
    u want beef i'll teleport to ya house and leave holes all ova ya anus
    im sorry ya anus, i dint wanna have to do ya but u was misbehavin
    run around ya block wit Ak when is time to come rainin
    Luccini pourin from the sky naw thas blood comin from my ak's effect rainin
    on the real im not playin, i'll snatch ya peace of chain then i'll have u rose chainin

    fuck being famous i still flow nicely
    hoes wanna lick my car kuz the paint be candy
    clothes Makaveli Branded and i keep a glock handy
    wait i dont think u understand me ,im not a gangsta i jus kill niggas
    come down ya block on 34's im Godzilla
    u bite my rhymes i sue, if that dont work i pull triggas
    i smash on u hoes, call me the Gravedigga
    i burn u now, keep ya ashes as a souvaneera
    im a throwed young nigga ,mind of a killa
    im like sadaam i'll drop a bomb on alla u niggas
  18. 6ftground


    Jun 22, 2003
    I’m sick like vomit with rhymes you cant stomach hit “n” you like a golden boy Hook, Golden boy look,
    I hit you with serious hooks,
    while the whole look,
    the half stare
    and the rest just there,
    I'm hit "n" with phone books and a bear trap for ya lips,
    A grapple"N" hook to to the side of ya hips
    I’m appallin, I’m sick like mucus spit,
    swollen with bruises--Say-"N"
    look ma I'm oozen,
    Its’s ok I’m still ballin,
    I got oozy style flows with toxic blows leavin adversaries still,
    I'm out until I throw up
    I'm in the clubs until they close up,
    and hoes come up
    off drunk tactic derived from a sick attic
    get her azz up then I'm slap"N"
    I be that Jason figure attacking, without out act "n"
    Chopping and spiking thugs iz how be act "n"
    Until life vomits out of em...
    I’ll stay sick with it like VD and open effected gashes.......​
    I need a napkin and some toothpicks
  19. R3DRUM

    R3DRUM Capo

    Jul 13, 2005
    i enter ya windpipe, lookin at my hands while i grip knives/
    Ima make it exscruciating whenever this bitch dies/
    Already hear ya frantic screams, ill make the noise stop/
    I aint jealous of ya flow but, im takin ya voice box/
    Similar to watchin Roy box, when watchin me killin/
    Hearin me laughin while blood from ya arteries spillin/
    Im possibly villain, trapped in a dimension of death/
    Or im justa creator, all along my incentive is less/
    Which is actually nothin, but i dont pity any victim/
    Bloodbath havoc, thats what i want my city to be drenched in................
  20. barnizzle

    barnizzle HIP HOP

    Sep 25, 2004
    wondershowzen tongues get spoken
    some from omen....sun behold him........

    lungs implodin, from blunts we smokin
    some be left, some be floatin
    some be knifed from...gums to neck
    guns and vests dreams on the reg....
    none can test atilla the hun at best
    i got ya hun on stress....the rope around her neck
    bout to get her strung off death
    yeah....lungs infect from the slums...infested
    fiends some decrepted and some u wouldn't expect
    waitin for they government check
    i hunt wit respect on ya young if i hear threats
    sons derranged....son of sam i am
    got questions bout life i let my dogs explain
    u can't read my thoughts mental fog on my plane
    a mind simple hardly explains....only god knows my name...mayne
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