Show ya gangsta... Cypher.

Discussion in 'Cypher' started by Da New Kid, Oct 1, 2005.

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  1. Da New Kid

    Da New Kid New

    Apr 7, 2003
    Da New Kid, back on the scene
    Got dope ways to rap changin' schemes
    Like crack on a beam
    Got a wolf pack for a team
    Movin' packs out from Queens
    Full of gats and some keys
    Man, I lay low on the payroll
    Fuck around, get ya brians blown
    If I'm not on the block
    I'm in the drop with a glock
    Lye-puffin', tinted windows, high pumpin'
    rented benz tho, to commit the crime
    Shoot a niqqa and make it out fine
    I'm not on that gangsta shit
    I'm on some run upon and shankin' shit
    Fuck that ''my man is...'' shit
    I ride dolo, heat packin'
    so my reaccion's... never generic
    My practice is barbaric, mason esoteric
    I can't shoot the fifth
    •••••, loose the script
    Why would I do it, bitch?
    When I keep a ruger and some bullets, bitch...
  2. Gsus

    Gsus aka Wordz bka G. Legit

    Jun 25, 2003
    Ima pretend to be


    You dont wanna guess wrong....cuz if u dont know player...
    I gotta gun big put another whole in the ozone layer/
    I'll make a dude scuba dive....wit no snorkel wearin cement shoes...
    See Im the Tim Allen of the hood....when it come to the tools...
    This aint a movie...but I'll make a ••••• die, like it was his cue...
    And my punches, put lights I was shortenin fuse/
    On some real shit...I could be a porno star for bein this hard...
    See my gun treat targets like celebrities...the way I be shootin stars/
    I was a bad kid that talked mad shit...and wouldnt let nobody beat me...
    even when I was young buck, I iced •••••s...and left em cold like sweet tea...
    pimpin is a piece of cake...cuz bein gangsta aint easy....
    Im still flashy cuz my ring...makes my finger, glow like ET/
  3. Providox

    Providox The Ripper

    Jul 30, 2005
    I'm a gansta, 50 bulllets in ya vest u just a wangsta/
    got killers on my payroll ready to bank ya/
    gun packs heat enable me to run pacs streets/
    family ties, leave ya son wrapped in sheets/
    blast these kids my partner wesson his last name smith/
    anyones a target for death, so scratch my list/
  4. xshellshockx

    xshellshockx New Member

    Jul 20, 2005
    im a fool with it,some body should have told yah
    ill have the k clappin like its from out the nolia
    you a bitch n!gga,see me,im a real soulja
    with a canteen full a coke and i aint talkin bout the cola
    and ima hit your sorry ass up right where you stand
    mother fuck a vest you gon need a teflon head band
    cause these shots commin straight for your head bitch
    have you dodgin bullits like neo in the matrix
    listen its basic,big curves,in big clips,thats how the k (e)quiped
    to take your head off your shoulders give your scary ass a face lift

    shea xxx
  5. KronikMage

    KronikMage Status - Blazed

    Oct 5, 2005
    Wanksta's, pranksta's, lame entertaina's
    I got a banga for a strange and I'm gangsta switchin lanez cuz
    I brang tha drama in armour on the street
    Don't spit off margins cuz I don't waste art onna freak
    My heart is for the G, and my brain is for the Dub (W)
    I keep heat and you beef I raise up offa slug
    Pray to god for love, Cuz I slay on the block for funds
    Keep bullshit playin, snitchin N talk to the halls in slums
    I see it or hear it, I'm fearin I'll empty all offa drum
  6. UMack5

    UMack5 New Member

    Sep 26, 2005
    50 bodyguards/ shield hit shottie saud-offs/ let da bullets jump in front of them/
    I crush real •••••s from da south/ A-T-L stomp em/
    La Belle Mafia/ stopin' ya/ put hits out 2 ya frame/
    Ignite da fire~after throwin' da lighter/ burn u in da flames/
    My dog on u I'll sick~let go of da Dillinger/
    Trigger attack/ neck snap~make u wiggle so fast/ killin' ya/
    Beat a robbery/ make him c stars like astronomy/ when I pistol whipped wit da 37 Mag/
    Brown sac full of green~think I'ma jack his weed~no I'm snatchin' his money bag/
    Like Cam'ron/ get shot twice in da Lam strong/ I pack heavy Juelz~my Santana
    Wet soldha rag/ from da dolda black/n mild/ Blood sport's da red bandana/
    Term-i-na-tor/ Lubriderm sprayer/ I kill u wit that white stuff/
    Ya dail 1-800-Numbers 4 help but my UMack called ya bluff/
    My artform/ got sharp horns~I stick where it hurts~ and it ain't a bunch of bull/
    Learn'd police brutality~like how 2 beat Rodney & show pics of da incident cruel/
  7. CutTyme

    CutTyme AllaBreve

    Sep 1, 2005
    i'm allways strapped like neo i got more guns on me then the gears on C-3PO
    some times im called shellz not cuz of howmany guns i fire but cuz befor my victim dies i put them throguh a slow tortuous hell using my friend barbed wire.
    at ya last dyin breath you swear you can hear heaven's bells as my boot smash ya face
    ya blood mixin with the soot on my lace i grimmace cuz i still aint done yet
    before ya pass im holdin a picture of ya girl showin her ass an claim how im gonna get brain when i get to ya place
    my profit comes from the loss of others i'll rob, kill, and deal to anyone and they mother
    these widows weepin cuz i let the hollow-tips of my Colt get to seepin...
    the dispatch panics over the radio screamin "Goddamnit there's another officer left Bleedin"
    Natural born killa, fuck killin for the scrilla, i do it for the thilla and blatently leave out the murder materia
    Witnesses wont dare identify me for fear of losing they wifey
    to the keen edge of my knifey
    my victims done so grusome it would make Freddy yell like the croc hunter "CRIKEY!"
  8. G_zus


    Aug 5, 2005
    Let the pump pump/
    slugs'll make ya chest slump/
    dump you in the trunk beside the fosgates/
    with no mistake/ i shake break ya bitch until her pussy quake/
    fu*ck a stomach ache
    i heard ya block just got the green light/
    let off the 50 cal.
    you should've organized ya team right/
    im out of sight
    load up the van
    7 n*ggas strapped with a ski mask/
    you f*cked around and let us catch you slippin like a sea bass
    full of ammunition
    im hood twistin with A K's/
    rippin up ya streets at night
    makin sinners fall and pray
    call me the FBI, cause i Fu*ck Broads Immaculate/
    but enough of showing gangsta lyrically
    i got mo' cash to get.
  9. nemesistrack

    nemesistrack i'ma burnt individual

    Nov 25, 2002
    a yo im gangsta in my own right and in my own way/i roll with my boys packed tight always ready to blaze
    i see these cats buckin and hissin all the time around me/you pussies make me laugh and get respect from none of my homies
    i hate it when a motherfucka acts tough and gangsta when its gametime/then when tha
    shit hits tha fan hes tha last in line (oh and he's catchin an ass wipin too when all is said and done)
    i dont talk cause like its been said that shit is cheap/i always throw the first punch while nuccas talkin bout me
    all up in my face bitch that was your first mistake/im that crazy fucker never scared to put your ass in its place
    you dont believe...good bitch you dont have to/cause really i dont give a fuck about you or you crew
  10. UMack5

    UMack5 New Member

    Sep 26, 2005
    Play cops n robbers in enhanced mode/ shoot dem red dots wit da hammer blow/
    Bullets make their pants swole/ they fill'd wit heavy artilley~their life chance's slow/
    Dillinger-fillin'ya-head-cylinder..hallows give u no space in ya brain/
    Killin'-ya-after-u-ling-2-da car gaspin' 4 life..u b'n born was in vein/
    Get chips like Frito Lays-I roll wit beef like burrito bait-my mission's DOA/
    Exterminate-worms who hate-they turn 2 waste-when they get burn'd wit eight/
    Drama I turn it up like volume/ seek snitches..disguise in a costume/
    Get em where they live & shoot it str8t 2 em like a harpoon/
    Kill em wit da 4 pound..they weigh'd they measures/
    Luv my gangsta movie's a guilty pleasure/
    Gat is paste-2 my hand that grasp trigga 8-caps have pace/
    They lacerate-make a ••••• chest overlap in place-this dude lean back wit haste/
    Bag em in body bags~ship em 2 a dumpster & throw away da trash/
    Whip park'd in da park n lot front line..give my ignition a head start~push gears & hit da dash/
    Life's guided by lead 2 me killin' obstacles/
    Conquer'd victims which is my success of b'n evil as much as possible/
  11. BlastOff

    BlastOff Ready, Aim, Fire!!!!!!!!

    Jun 4, 2005
    Broke nig'gas
    I was born for this/ quick to get ya hood into a twist
    cop the forty fifth then spray away/ im fu'ckin up ya day today
    the atom bombs on lay-away/ semi automatic im static free/
    see me smile'n runnin out the bank, l live for robbing sprees/
    somethin like a psycho/ i hang babies like Micheal/
    now i know how Mr. Norman feels/ cook you in a Foreman grill/
    black bandanna/ no Santana's or Camrons/
    cause soon as nig'gas sleep on this
    they turn around they man's gone/
    Fu'ck ya vest you idiot, i pack blue tips/
    mixed with hollow points
    death is what ya new click gets
    Im the bad guy/ hit the block left arm out/
    the gun smoke fills the air, now you missin a mouth
    high speed to the brag scene, cops is waitin/
    the way i shuffled pigs around
    you'd think im hangin with sATAN
    mobster like/ fu'ck the world bitch, cuz i love drama/
    if you's a family man, so be it, you can die with ya mama
  12. UMack5

    UMack5 New Member

    Sep 26, 2005
    Crazy killa lurkin' 'Danger!'/ treat dudes heads like band drummers, I'll hit em wit da bangers/
    Like Suge did 2 Vanilla Ice, I'll hang a/ whitey then shake his legs, I'ma slanger/
    My grenades destroy & rebuild/ ppl run in cracks of large debris..luv da joy of a kill/
    I'ma knight wit a shield/ stick & kill soldha slow til this enemy yield/
    Deviously settin' buildings on fire/ arsony is my desire/
    Won't put a match down til my hand retire/ I just watch as da flames get higher/
    A bunch of Woo Hahs like Busta/ u lack focus, UM will outdo ya then crush ya/
    Carry a Luger 2 block,buster(bust a)/ dome..aim'd a time thrower that just pop fucker/
    4get a gun wit few shots, I got a machine that bust limitless/
    Wake citizens-they bullet witnesses..they saw it go by & diminish tricks/
    Stab a ••••• like Young Buck usin' a knife/ violence I commit 2 this dude, he met his wife/
    Now I tooken his life/ rap gangsta chosen, c da miscellaneous Phife/
    Grand theft on a velocity track/ speed while pedestrian time when 2 da finish line I come back/
    Won a race so fast/ u think I ran wit skates under my shacks/ (shackles)
    I'm similiar 2 a Triad/ this asiatic slice u wit a sharp, bright drag/ (a dragon sword)
    Scarries c'n me..they lookin' at my ad/ give ya head 2 ur girl, decapitatin' I'm glad/
  13. BlastOff

    BlastOff Ready, Aim, Fire!!!!!!!!

    Jun 4, 2005
    Come and see me on the block where glocks are for kids/
    I'll infra-red a bitch then mail her body back where she lives/
    so fuck a knuckle up
    you can try to fight this hammer/
    or have you fightin for ya life in ICU on camera/
    the pants sag cuz the 44 mag is made of steel/
    you try to duck when i bust then im pop'n Achilles heel/
    I aint a millionaire but i got a million odd bullets/
    Umack is hypnotized by strength, like my dick when she pull it/
    no disrespect, but a bitch aint shit/
    we come with clips/
    set to murder ya click/
    im pistol pumpin with a pistol grip/
    A.k's and Mausbergs, M42's/
    a Smith and Wesson Thunder Blast, bet im makin the news/
    I throw grenades and Molitovs up in ya hood when i pass/
    i caught ya daddy on the porch so i just murdered his ass/
    ask my posse bout the Midas, everythang aint gold/
    the type to choke ya mama out, until her blood turn cold/
    dope dealin and p'ussy killin, explode and reload/
    then press my foot into ya chest until ya neck bone fold.

  14. lil hot sauce

    lil hot sauce Dallas Mavericks

    Jul 19, 2002
    Fuck artillary, theres no need for a gat
    Rip out your vertebrea, be like, homie i got your back
    Fuck Bitches, yes, sell drugs, yes, there is no contest
    Study a hoes body figure while i unzip her dress
    Fuck a virgin and a whore, pussy or ass
    Be with a girl thats run up more 'stans' than ron artest has
    Or with a bitch that's never seen a dick before
    didnt know what to do with it,
    but they still let me beat the pussy raw

    and so forth
  15. R3DRUM

    R3DRUM Capo

    Jul 13, 2005
    Got tha rubber grip,titanium calibur Twenty-two..
    Just to put the hollow tips so far into you..
    Ripped ya car in two, but you wont live like 50 cent'll do..
    I kno its mental to, be so easy when takin lives..
    Bystanders shuld run, if u dont wana stay n die..
    I make moms cry, when i cause more deaths then war..
    If this aint proof..then fuckin TEST ME BOI..!!
    Im set to roar, like the sound of duel glocks n ya chest gets torn..
  16. UMack5

    UMack5 New Member

    Sep 26, 2005
    I'll crush any dude in here wit my The Thing(Fantastic Four) hand/
    So if another wonna join my gangsta festivity well bring ya man/
    Be like a tiger clawin' a white dude..I'll rip ya 2 shreds/
    Chop off ya dick & replace it witchu head/
    Another -head dick- in charge of 'hurtin pussy' right/
    Til a hoe take ya gun & bust it when she hold ur Uzi tight/
    Watch how ur hallow tips ricachet & stop traffic/
    Blind by deception cuz I blur'd ur eyes wit magic/
    My long fitted got a storage cuz I keep guns stash'd in my coat/
    Pull out da gat & fire 2 shots..bullets move in ya elastic stomach til it bloat/
    Get crunk, stomp em wit Lil Jon feet/
    Left a •••••• face deep/ his man's left him, that's why he layin' bside pavement on street/
  17. Gsus

    Gsus aka Wordz bka G. Legit

    Jun 25, 2003
    My gansta like the rugrats....u talk a "Lil" and I'll "phil" ya wit lead wit my "tommy gun"...
    ya mildew, ya crew some hamper ••••• I gotta air em out like my laundry son/
    see my gun is snobby young...
    if u walk wit ya chin high, the snub will stick up its nose atcha...
    it'll french fry ya potato head...and drown ya in ketchup/
    I'll get ya fam snatched up...
    held hostage in a pitch black pit field wit roachs and rats...
    Im sick, Ill get em beat to hirin steroid addicted psychopaths wit bats/
    Then mail u their bodies wit out the skin attached...
    and use the skin from their privates as postage, cuz I said "fuck a stamp"...
    u tryin to box a gangsta in....but Im claustrophobic so my style gets cramped/
    So how Ima be fake and get this amped...
  18. BlastOff

    BlastOff Ready, Aim, Fire!!!!!!!!

    Jun 4, 2005
    Explode the rifles and cannons/
    run from the blast or keep on standin/
    duffle bag black bandana's/
    bank lick money demandin/
    gangstas is real/
    appeal to the streets, or you gets killed/
    kop the desert eagle, aim it at cops, fire at will/
    make hoes bleed from her grill/
    then squeeze her ass until she squeal/
    stupid asses, i promote the masses pop'n them pills/
    down for the gang/
    we maintain, drop bombs like rain/
    acid though, we livin for this pleasure & pain/
    bury ya morals/
    hoes keep them eyes open while givin oral/
    bring that money back tonite or you'll be sleepin with corals/
    chevy impala/
    no tit for tattin dollar for dollar/
    with my chrome, show you the real meanin of poppin a n'ggas collar/
  19. CaTchW0n

    CaTchW0n New Member

    Sep 18, 2001
    shits ugly when im shit-in...some things dont change
    I make websites feel like the hood
    you'll be duckin, ghostin ya name
    put toast to his frame, this aint a joke mane
    but im laughin at you
    cuz you bitch with a adam's •••••
    classic example, of a niqqa talking out his asshole
    Im quick to blast bro, left you leakin, helpin doc collect blood samples
    for the fam yo I go out in the blaze of glory
    end of story, some drama pop them hammers cock
    my niqqas do the same for me
  20. yuppi

    yuppi da raisin

    Sep 10, 2005
    i get beat up and peed on
    drinkn piss reluctantly then begone
    im so sad, no dad, abusive mom
    dam i just wanna cry its produces bombs
    of tears queers populate the cheers
    i need a beer, but i fear its potent dear.
    ears... ringing kids singing
    pain bringing.
    no meaning.
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