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  1. TeKneeK

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    May 3, 1999
    Ayo the keys press the slot, but my button gets it open
    Slide into my vehicle... ain nobody scopin'
    It's a new time roadin', I push for ignition...
    My pedal's to the metal the game's what im fishin'
    You can fly thru city lights, ride across buildins
    Meet up with a mami that rolls with 2 children...
    The culture of this life is a shorty divorced
    Who runs the city trail excercisin like sports
    I push keys like I'm textin, im sick of distractions
    turnin thru the corner... a friend time happens..
    Its nothin like the 90s... far from like the 80s
    So despite the dry spell, no shortys gonna phase me
    But she pack the right goods to impress, she got game
    U can read her twitter feeds, she get hot like flames
    struttin with the high heels, her fly meals
    got her tone in physique... she strides into the street
    Late night got her game... as her cell rings frequent
    a weeknight talker... see her for the weekend...
    the breeze got me chillin.... I check as she texts me...
    THis shorty runs my night.. thats why this game vex me
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