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    Apr 21, 2000
    YouTube - Busta Rhymes - New York Shit Instrumental

    Sulking in the back
    Like a Vulcan on the track
    Death grip, lets get
    Like dog shit on your ass
    See i'm funky
    Next week they see me wealthy
    Too talented
    Bash with the raps and smash your rips
    Evading spring cleaning
    Beast is a bitch, taking their freedom
    Thinking that their living
    Twist em with intuition
    How he know that
    Looking through your pockets I see no cash
    Bouyant clairvoyance
    See i'm exalted and sweemingly annointed
    On the road to riches, let's follow me
    So even when i'm off track - success follows me
    How could this be that way
    Back in the day he couldnt be more lame
    Now's he's ordained
    Interceeding spirit illuminated hidden shame
    Thank you for the freedom
    Let loose friends I'm not needing
    Treating me as subordinate
    Off to the morgue and shit, with your demonic co-ordinates
    Not going to see me in hell
    Back then they were seeing me fail
    Lost weight got hard from seeing me frail
    Off to the races, no need for details
    Marginalize me
    Soft by yourself but hard with an army
    Taking all the credit
    Making all your debts itch
    Like come tuck me away
    Nunchuck your bleeding face, after I put the heat away
    Not going to see a case
    Like thought going to real estate
    Open up the front door and give me a vison
    Walk through closets and marble floor kitchens
    Lamping like a king on Art Deco
    Shackling your thing in armless hoe
    Can't push me nor can she budge
    Only intercedes with horrors I won't speak of
    Try to make me jump out of my seet
    But never get me out of the streets
    Walking like a thug cause somebody stamp on your feet

    You ain't real out here, just an actor with a bus pass
    Got steel but you never ever bust that
    Showing it to friends
    So they know where to look when they knowing its your end
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