Battle Shitty Bang Bang vs Fraze

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Who won?

  1. Shitty Bang Bang

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  2. Fraze

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  1. Newportz

    Newportz Bang Bang

    Feb 27, 1999
    Shitty Bang Bang:


    Grab your scuba gear and listen its about to get deep son,
    This guy ate his Apple computer then ask mac for a Refund
    Im barely in my prime time, you? It's shitty line time,
    Your mouth so big you can prolly deep throat your cities skyline
    This is probably your chance ta get a shot at fame,
    This will be the only shitty verse I ever drop, and only because of your name
    Once we war its over, Im a missile,
    Even Ed Snowden in a black and white referee suit is blowing a whistle
    So stop talking all tough,
    before you get drilled with the power tools on the Lowe, until your boys be like " I saw dust"
    Babble sponsored your blindly, whats worse now
    Is someone has to explain why the fuck you didn't make it past the first round
    I roll deep with a gang, often I have a short fuse,
    So if we fight, I'm throwing 'U' in the air like we tossing horseshoes
    See I know how quick lead moves,
    Me and Mark O'mara both will take attorney ( a tourney ), but George Zimmermann is dead soon
    Shitty Bang Bang verses Picholas
    You gave me a song an a Pic, bitch I gave you a portfolio to start digging in
    Fuck punchlines or subliminals
    I mean it when I say Your the only guy who takes net pay literal
    You stay online looking for newbies ta battle,
    The sad part about it bitch is your post count doesn't matter
    God damn, you signed up for rap music 10 years ago,
    10 years ago, I was 17, getting my dick wet with my flow
    So a decade plus, you should be beyond veteran status,
    Your flow and skills should be developed, clearly I'm betta at rap pin
    I need a better opponent, some competition
    But there aint no competition in the brackets like the AFC division
    Torture methods used against you causing Joint pains,
    My shotties full, clip you in the knee, like rest in piece point game
  2. SHITTY Bang Bang

    SHITTY Bang Bang freestyle fanatic

    Jun 28, 2004
  3. g.t.

    g.t. RM Radio Host

    Jul 29, 2008
    I love you tho bro

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