Shifty Nine - You Dont Wanna

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  1. Shifty Nine

    Shifty Nine New Member

    Jul 5, 2005

    Verse 1
    now witness a man who perfected his trade//
    verbally disectin a page, lyrics infectin air waves//
    declare war behind the mic an i take no slaves//
    be afraid, spit to break yo game, say no other name//
    shifty nine i take the blame, i aint rap the same//
    so when you hear this shit bangin, i know yall glad i came//
    haters mad full of shame, i shit on there rap name//
    standin next to me, even the ILLest lookin mad lame//
    like mad gab ya rappin but, no makin it out//
    the shit you put out, honestly my ears can do without//
    them tight lyrics you write, damn shoulda threw them out//
    cuzz no one wanna hear you scream cry then pout//
    about how you a thug, straight up killin in sections//
    grippin them macs, flippin them facts falser then US elections//
    just cuzz you west side dont mean you got connections//
    break you into tiny sections, so no one can reconnect them//

    Hook x2
    you dont really wanna fuck wit this shit cuzz//
    nobody really do it like shifty does//
    got this peg city buzz, Rappin is a must//
    bring hip hop back to what it what it was//

    Verse 2
    just cause you got a Mic dont mean you can flow//
    i mean, chikens got wings but can they fly Hell no//
    ive seen, your type before the type that dont know//
    that they all hype and so, they grow an huge ego//
    start walkin around like they the greatest hero//
    the fakest peer tho, just a fad the latest zero//
    its kinda sad, at the same time pathetic//
    you a discrace to this rap game, ya not poetic//
    you just thinkin up a bunch of big worded syllabols//
    jam them together and sort it till it sorta half ass flows//
    im past sick, clap out you Hos for talkin that shit//
    come walk wit my click, front and get droped that quick//
    im just a lyricist trying to take away your right to exist//
    throw a fist watch it miss, slit ya wrist now you fightless//
    the only time you close to my level is if you bite this//
    Shifty Nine spittin hotter then Syphilis laced piss//

    Hook x2

    Verse 3
    i scar vets, carpet bomb text from unmarked jets//
    key parked corvettes, consider these just threats//
    cause you aint even, seen shit fully spun out yet//
    i aint even got to bust a sweat, your too pathetic//
    i dont battle rap, i bash yea brittle knee caps//
    with the mic till i hear bones crack in two to three snaps//
    till ya leg structure collapse and you laying on yo back//
    dazed and cunfused lookin up like "wtf was that?"//
    shifty nine never loosin, refusin defeat//
    and leavin the oppissiton breathless, brusin and beat//
    so come on and test this, i leave you depresed kid//
    young and restless past out cardiak arerrested//
    your whole crew bested fucking lyricaly malested//
    get knocked out not knowing who you just messed wit//
    Decibel runnin the game, yall just playin it homie//
    The fact is we own this shit, yall just sayin it phony//​

    Post Links and ill check out your shit
  2. KamikazeLyricist

    KamikazeLyricist The Kamikaze Lyricist

    Oct 20, 2004
  3. terminill

    terminill Flatline Productions

    Sep 11, 2004
    thanks for giving me the lyrics I don't even have to listen now.
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