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Discussion in 'Cypher' started by Bobbypen, Dec 3, 2005.

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  1. Vitamin C+

    Vitamin C+ pay homage

    Jun 12, 2000
    MIRAGE you're a naughty girl come over and misbehave
    have you on ya knees licking on my dick for days
    I got wicked ways and will hit a bitch in the face
    so just shut the fuck up and be my sex slave
    I'll give it to you anal on the bathroom floor
    have you eatin' my ass as I ask for more
    I'll put on some god lotion bang you 48 hours non-stop
    have you screamin' so loud neighbors call the cops
    if a female officer shows up she gettin' the same treatment
    have both of ya'll tied up tasting my semen day dreamin'
    when a male officer shows up let him in on the action
    ain't nuttin' going on butt a lot of ass-smackin

    C+ the sex maniac
  2. mirage1

    mirage1 The One and Only

    Aug 7, 2005
    Aight let me misbehave papi come spank me
    Then we can have sex high on the trees
    Then I'ma get my girl an we can have a threesome
    An we put it on you til u gettin to that precum
    Lick it off the tip while you lickin her clit
    Knock my ass out til I can't even sit
    Go ahead and bring over that ky lotion
    So you can have both our pussy's rage'n like the ocean
    I'll be a sex slave for you just feed me what I like
    Good head in the mornin and great d at night
    I'm a scream an moan and climb ya back
    Til u flip me over an it's all crack
    No Fat Joe up in this sexy bitch
    Just a brotha's #1 on they fantasy list
  3. Grim_Reaper

    Grim_Reaper a.k.a Soul snatcher

    Nov 27, 2005
    I'll Stick My Dick Into Mirage
    While Bobby Slurp On The Twins
    Shoot The Nutt Across They Face
    Then Let Um Chew The Foreskin
    I Give Um Back Bends
    Bring A Friend
    They Fuckin Tonite
    Just Make Sure You Bring Some Dough
    Cuz They My Hoes Alright?
    Now Keep It Tight
    This The Part Where Titties Flop On My Lap
    Fuckin Like Some Dobermans And Give That Booty A Slap
    Condom On Condom Off
    Fuck It Choke Til You Earl
    She Got Her Gums Moist
    Cryin Cuz I Swoll Up Her Pearl
    They Aint Just Girls
    Naw, These Some Hookers
    Trained For The Pain
    I Hope They Swallowin
    Cuz If Not, They Got Kids On The Brain
  4. KronikMage

    KronikMage Status - Blazed

    Oct 5, 2005
    slow down with the stutterin^ aren't doin shit
    I'm already busy with her on that fuckin rug @ her crib
    but I might have to dip, her man supposed to be comin home
    doesn't matter when I'm sellin tickets @ the prices of rolling stones
    I hold sum chrome, it fulfills that tendency for needin a heathen
    Then I'm beatin that shit in the trees^ while I'm swingin
    All the while breathin my cess, from the palma I've necked
    The menauge had left both of them wet.....
  5. mirage1

    mirage1 The One and Only

    Aug 7, 2005

    I already stated I'm not a ho clearly
    But as Kronik said he beaten it severly
    Til it's raw then he's goin down town wit the tongue
    Makin me shiver an cum
    Cuz I gots the cuizine that'll leave a n igga dumb
    We be on the stairs or fukin in some a chair
    Don't matter where we are long as ya hands in my hair
    I got the P like an A bomb
    And sexy mami's tell me I got skills wit a strap on
    They leave they vibrator at home
    After they had a sample of my dome
  6. Gsus

    Gsus aka Wordz bka G. Legit

    Jun 25, 2003
    (just felt like playin around wit this)

    Mami my sex'll have ya thoughts twisted, like ya mind was caught in a typhoon...
    see my dick candy to the clit, cuz I got "fruit by the foot", in my fruit of the looms/
    I'll have u strugglin for air, cuz along wit her words, my dick got stuck in her throat...
    most niggas is jokes...but a shorty be callin me boo, like she was fuckin a ghost/

    She used to be calm before she had it...but now she cant get enough...its like she a damn sex addict/

    Can u a imagine...she was a virgin before I hit she turnin out faggots/

    I think I need to issues out permits to ride my dick it got so much power...
    i be goin like 90 strokes per min, so u can basically say, fuck miles per hour/
  7. i Luv Da Cock

    i Luv Da Cock TRU "GINGER" KID

    Jul 11, 2005
    yo yo

    i got a big dick some huge looks like a snake

    i spit lyrical acid

    smack you up like plastic faccid bastid get blasted by my havoc

  8. mirage1

    mirage1 The One and Only

    Aug 7, 2005
    Call me Hershey cuz I'll melt in ya mouth
    Got the best goodies around in the South
  9. BlastOff

    BlastOff Ready, Aim, Fire!!!!!!!!

    Jun 4, 2005
    When i aint smokin on weed im smokin Mc's/
    i keep Bobbypen walkin on thin lines like a trapeze/
    I make mirage ass squeeze when i hit the G spot/
    then she turns around and use her lips like Bebox/
    Lyrical detox, sober up then fuck again/
    send my bitch to Mexico one way, so i can fuck her friends
  10. mirage1

    mirage1 The One and Only

    Aug 7, 2005
    That's cute but u must be from outta town
    Cuz I leave brotha's cryin like lil kids an clowns
    I amaze the non believers
    An all the lil boys I turn them out like wide recievers
  11. canabi

    canabi Blow Me

    Sep 8, 2003
    skin slappin screams emerse over the moanin
    i bust in her eye, so she watches my children
    kick the bitch out in the mournin this aint a shelter
    look at her wit a devious eye rememberin how i felt her
    and how i stuck my dick between her thighs
    did all this without loving gazes into her eyes
    fuck all that romantic glances i was out for a nut
    it just so happens i found the perfect type of slut
    2 dolla drinks all night drank til the mood felt just right
    made the move attempted penetration, killed the light(s)
    thrusting hard as my finger flow through her pleasure juices
    slowly sank my situation starter in her, she began to loosen
    turned this library type bitch to a sexual beast
    sent her to the sex buffet and my dick was a feast

    ahh fuckin around
  12. Cadet_Karma

    Cadet_Karma I used to give a fuck....

    Feb 6, 2006
    feelin horny went out and tried my luck
    no strings attached just lookin to fuck
    if i aint feeling the dick im not gonna fake it
    soon ass we get in the house clothes drop im but ass naked
    throb'n dick rock hard damn it i love it
    we can skip the 4play just put ya dick in my stomach
    so far in me pushing organs around
    ass up face down my favorite position is found
    smacking my ass pulling me hair
    "daddy im cumin dont stop take me there"
    im on top now doing my little dance
    im so glad i didnt pass up this chance
    fuckin the shit outta you like i honestly hate chu
    i can tell your about to cum now i wanna taste you
    we stand up and you stick ya tongue in my mouth
    im kissing all over slowly movin down south
    workin my tongue over ya dick like ima pro
    deep throat it fast then slob on it slow
    the look on ya face is driving me crazy
    take ya time and cum so i can swallow all ya babies
  13. Gsus

    Gsus aka Wordz bka G. Legit

    Jun 25, 2003

    Ma I got enough to dick give u a full stomach, and I aint talkin bout gettin head...
    Like I said, I got that fruit by the foot, so Im fill u up from the clit instead/
    Dont get me wrong, I aint turnin down the brains, oh no ma, not me, never that...
    see my dick like a uzie, I'll give u the type of spray, that'll knock off fitted caps/
    So if u deep throat, make sure u got enough breath, so u can pull it out...
    cuz I got that stretch armstrong dick, and the lack of air might make ya pass out/
    But if u survive that, I'll make ya back snap crackle and pop like Rice Krispies...
    and send the kids on vacation to ya it was Disney/
  14. Lex_Diamond

    Lex_Diamond Assassin

    Sep 10, 2005
    * I was Feeling Sexy... See If You Feel me...*

    " I hope i dunt get too many private messages after this one LMAOooOOo.. ok yes i do ..... :p

    cum swallowed....
    Beat the Pussy til the pussy's hollows...
    FUck until fatigue.. and a femur fractor follows
    I like it Old school... cut the cunt on a cutless...'79
    I rather have my dick by the foot.. 7 inches is fine...
    I like it twisted... grab my hair.. Make me tell him i missed it...
    Titties attentive... I find its good when he's hood with bizness
    Fingers in my pussy.. he put his tongue where my clit is
    Then I glazed his face like Church's Chicken honey butta buscuits...
    Yall prolly say im nasty.. but believe me there's more
    Classy to the masses but i'll gladly be his whore...
    A meek man when needed.. in the bed he's a heathen
    His dick's conceited.. and he reminded me the reason
    Cant Conceive it... tho its taking place.. His cock is cunning
    My cum came tumbling down like bridges of London...
    WoOooO he's Something...
    Something like a savior in the sac..
    I find simple satisfaction in just savorin his sac
    Imagin that... intimate stimulation beyond fact..
    Ok.. I orgasim... Then he Fucks me BEYOND THAT...
    He Likes Soap Operas... You see the punchline buildin..
    He said *My Passion... is for you to watch..ALL my children...*
    He said *Baby... we only got One Life to Live...
    Im young and restless.. Drink this nutt like i got 1 Nutt to give...*
    Too late tho.. He came inside...then he said it....
    i think u

  15. AE & Flip Flops

    AE & Flip Flops New Member

    Mar 1, 2006
    glad that aint me, this girl crazy catchin dudes triflin/
    it's crazy the things women do so a guy will wife em/
    "that nigga ain't shit" soon as i say i ain't like em/
    but when im with 'em they aint talkin all that bullshit/
    focus only on walkin cause they cats all bruisin/
    fifty cent right something really wrong with these hoes/
    they let you beat it and eat it, til you wanna leave it/
    then they talk behind your back but who gonna really believe it?/
  16. mirage1

    mirage1 The One and Only

    Aug 7, 2005
    I don't want nothin debateable
    You better be sure
    I want somethin unatainable
    Someone mature
    Cuz if you someone edible
    I know you'll be givin me more
    an I ain't talkin bout Joe, boo we be on the floor
    Legs wide til you reach my peak
    Til then boo don't even speak
    All you can say is my name
    anything else will jus be in vain
    Cuz I'm screamin while you knock the walls
    I'm cummin down ya dick like damn waterfalls
    Aftermath boo you be breathin so hard
    I think you hit it so strong you left me internally scarred.
    Raw now but you can eat it
    In an out all about
    Actin like u ain't done....shiiiit
    lickin that clit fuckin me with ya mouth.
    That's right man start killin me slowly
    Give it to me right like you an OG.
  17. medevil

    medevil i dont "rap"

    Aug 7, 2001
    oooooooooooooooooooo" />
  18. Sid Ransom

    Sid Ransom Mr. Ransom aka sdigi

    Feb 28, 2006


    they say that i skeet high/
    cause i can lay flat on my back and bust in a girafes eye/
    my sex drive is like a m-5 or a bentley/
    i`m a prostitute my dick got a sign saying rent me/
    if the price is right like bob barker/
    i look at the pussy like who is your farther/(ha ha in a darth vader voice)
    pull out my dick saber like don`t make me destroy you/
    girl i`m a pimp don`t make me employe/
    your ass is the size of a hump back whale/
    and you know how to throw it you hump back well/
    its not crack its not grass but ass still sales/
    fuk a pimp cup i`m sipping out of holy grails/
    i stay on my grizzly like paul gosal/
    slumped back in a bentley sippin on paul mason/
    no prob taking you shopping to the mall/
    cause when it comes to the cash cornea retna eye ball/
    if you got nuts on your wall then those are wall nuts/
    if you got nuts on your chest then those are chest nuts/
    if you have nuts on your eye then those are eyeballs/
    but if you got nuts in your mouth then those are my balls beotch ha ha
  19. R3DRUM

    R3DRUM Capo

    Jul 13, 2005
    I put my dick in, pull it out-cum on ya titties..
    Then after sex, im green like hundreds n fifties..
    I dont mean the color, i mean coldblooded..
    Cause she done what she good for, took my whole nut in..
    Her stomach swole up then, i knock shit outta proportion..
    Like the baby in her tummy, a swift punch's my style of abortion..

    i aint like the forreal lol
  20. ShellDroppaIB

    ShellDroppaIB New Member

    Mar 7, 2006
    When im hittin I'm on top-of-her//
    Call my dick dick a pencil and call her mouth a pencil sharpener//
    Hit it hard enough to have her seein double like binoculars//
    I'm an expert when I'm movin, been known I'm more than popular//
    And i be knockin bitches up, I aint humpin-for-fun//
    my dick is prolly long enough to puncture-a-lung//
    Bitches suck me like vacuums, I put cum-on-her-tongue//
    And i get it heated up like makin love-on-the-sun//
    It's like a felony, when this man-drillin-hoes//
    They be tellin-me, that they can't-feel-they-toes//
    You can catch me on the a camera-scene//
    Hittin a bitch thats prolly looks better than Pamlea-Lee//



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