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Discussion in 'Cypher' started by Bobbypen, Dec 3, 2005.

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  1. Bobbypen

    Bobbypen warm & fuzzy

    Jun 2, 2005
    Limp dudes stay away
    I dont ride on flaccid bastards/
    5 min. fuck, I'd rather squat in corners smokin acid/
    Im the queen Bitch, fuck lil Kim, I keep um cummin/
    til his shit bleed, squirt on my nipples, testicle rubbin/
    I had my t-shirt and my panties on, now im butt naked/
    I want it from the back, & side to side you better come take it/
    deep throat, sperm taste like goat milk on silk pajamas/
    I let you eat the puss'y right after we fuck in the Bahamas/
    squeeze the booty, beat it up, and throw up ya hood/
    but make sure i get my nut off too, or I'll blow up ya hood/
    left stroke, right stroke, froggy doggy and panda/
    where i get this coochie? mommie said she got it from Santa..
  2. Sir Bustalot

    Sir Bustalot I am Jesus

    Feb 3, 2002
    wow, that verse makes you sound like a slut
    never would i have guessed you were that down for a nut
    id clown on that butt, maybe even paint faces
    its more than just a woman that this saint graces
    i conqour women like continents im not lookin for lovin'
    cuz my nut is worth some compliments, i want nookie not rubbin'
    i work longer than 5, ladies, i put in a full 9
    you think you can handle this? youre talkin bull-shtein
    they ride on this stallion like an escaped spanish maiden
    "here just bite down on this stick while i ram this bacon"
    Im know for leaving em bleedin and unconcious
    not cuz im violent my dick is just monstrous

    AFFICHUAL WUN New Member

    Aug 19, 2005
    Im not one for relationships...ya dig///Tryna beat that pussy dem ying yang twins///Send her back home to her husband and kids/// Take her straight to the Hotel...Never let a hoe know where u live///That will cause all kinda problems at tha crib//Bitches endure drama like soap operas...Stay armed with the hammer incase I gotta chop ya///Cut more bitches than an unisex barber///My head game guaranteed to make shorty orgasm ...similar to the impact from the bombin of pearl habor
  4. BlastOff

    BlastOff Ready, Aim, Fire!!!!!!!!

    Jun 4, 2005
    Baby open up
    and i dont mean ya mind or behavior/
    they call me Blast the cooch patrolman known for flippin ya neighbors/
    good for splittin down the middle like an optimo (peach)/
    love to get a hand full whenever pussy's in reach/
    but i dont eat, naw im permanently full, lay on the sofa/
    f'uck romance, i see you ready by the way you bend ova/
    Im cock control'n, titty holdin, never noticed ya clit/
    and never look you iin the face until you slobbin ova my d'ick/
    the pee pee prick/
    im hood rich, rubbin ya scars/
    I know you love it Bobbypen, its recorded on VCR's/
  5. M-theory

    M-theory Saint Esprit

    Jan 4, 2001
    put that gerbil in my butt
  6. .:Pain:.

    .:Pain:. Futurely J. Keeper

    Dec 4, 2005
    I'm barely proper, like chicks with hairy armpits,
    Call me Jae Keeps, AKA the cherry popper,
    I love eatin' pussy, usually I finger first,
    To make sure it's wet before my tongue gets to work,
    I like chicks with hard nipples and round tits,
    And my dick, I'm tryin' to find a pussy to surround it with,
    I love virgins, I got a thing for them,
    Cuz I like to make a chicks pussy sting from sex,
    One thing that's me more eager when goin' down,
    Is when a girl let's me blow it in her mouth,
    Then them pussy lips and clit is like gourmet food,
    Delicious, you don't even know what Jae do,
    I could eat a pussy for days, I just won't quit,
    It's extasy for girls when their legs get opened...
  7. Daddy Long Legs

    Daddy Long Legs Pholcus phalangioides

    Dec 14, 2005
    All behold the mighty scepter as it bursts upon the scene
    Finding shelter in between the creases of this surly queen
    As she paws his shiny diamond crown and robs it of its wealth
    She proudly displays the pearly contents lobbed upon her shelf

    Her face bore the traits of an exhilarated child
    Recollecting how he piled deep inside her inner anal aisle
    Gliding the river violently, replenishing a garden
    That has often seen the most menacing of marred men
    Those who plucked the fruit and sucked the venomous juice up
    Sowed by the garden’s guard, a whore with the head of Medusa
    Who would encapsulate them in her pubic lace work
    Till they fell beside her nice and snug as if they’d done some great work
    That’s when she’d mount their noggins, plunging her stinking crotch
    Across their snouts until they fell limp and their breathing stopped

    So as she proudly expunges his contents off her sturdy rack
    She calmly waits until he rudely takes his early nap
    He thinks he’s won this match, but little does he know
    That he’s been anointed as the future victim of this nutty hoe
  8. R3DRUM

    R3DRUM Capo

    Jul 13, 2005
    Stick my dick ina pussy, my whole intentions to get wit this rookie..
    Yeah she a virgin, n shes a hurtin..
    Ima freak'in' surgeon makin her bleed -no mercy..
    So tight it hurts my dick but it damn sure beats tha jerkin...AHAAAAAAAH
  9. Bobbypen

    Bobbypen warm & fuzzy

    Jun 2, 2005
    rub-a-dub dub, three niggas in a tub, so which one i fuck first/
    good dick'll make a bitch curse/
    peep the second verse, cause its nasty like a handicap/
    masterbatin in the mirror, with mayonnaise between her lap/
    im bendin over like a horse with two short front legs/
    so you know (you should be gettin it) like Too Short said/
    if you packin, you can pack my puss, or dwell in my mouth/
    and if you married, tell ya wife im bringin hell to her house/
    just give my booty a massage cause its fatter than Free's/
    plus you can cum whenever you want cause it dont matter im free/
    i had my tubes tied, fuck a kid, im rollin solo/
    my puss is good enough to change a heart, i fucked a homo/
    and now he loves the twat, no more men, just stick it in/
    whats my dream? to go to jail, and live and die in a men's pen.
    I fuck for cash only so you best be paid/
    or eat me out first for half an hour drinkin my lemonade.
  10. Gsus

    Gsus aka Wordz bka G. Legit

    Jun 25, 2003
    Excuse me miss, listen...Im what ya games been missin...
    Im "cookin up" somethin "freaky" "sex in the kitchen"/
    U can call me "x"-man...cuz I got that, "uncanny love"...
    my dick'll get ya "a-dick-ted"...but my "sex" like ya, "anti-drug"/
    OO7 ya, cuz we can go "undercover" a "secret mission"...
    and Ima "rub on" ya, a "genie gonna grant me wishes"/
    See mami, u at the top of my "most wanted list" u, real "dangerous"...
    see I speak Ima teach ya how to moan, like a second language/
    Cutie, u a star in my presence...Im ya groupie...
    turn on the video-cam, and eat ya booty...and give u a whole new meaning of, "dinner and a movie"/
    Ya back'll get "Caved In" the movie, on Sci-Fi...
    see I'll make ya ass clap...just like a high five...
    plus Ima murder the I hope it got nine lives...
    cuz when Im done...the blacklight'll make ya sheets look tye dyed/
    I know u like it like I like ma "cum" and try it...
  11. mc_carls

    mc_carls Carls

    Jan 9, 2006
    ok then guys, its time you should mastermind
    fuckin your girl so hard, she tries to ball out and cry
    but instead her eyes swell up and shes gone constantly blind
    rosey red lips with sexual hips
    i lost count of the times she screamed my name while she dips
    quotation seems to be your cure for observation
    your obesession with masterbation will lead to sperm infiltration
    dont start blamin me if your bitch has perminant constipation
    she loved it when i delivered some anal penetration
    and just to top it off, as we were changin
    she says 'i cant go back to his little raisin'
  12. BlastOff

    BlastOff Ready, Aim, Fire!!!!!!!!

    Jun 4, 2005
    I let the dick slip and slide inside the OPEN while she wide/
    beat it like im tryna catch a homicide & never testify/
    this is ass music, so get used to it and screw it/
    she must've thought this was a nursery rhyme, cuz she little boy blew it/
    i let her swallow the fluid until my red cells burst/
    put her in a coma, wake up that morning, and steal her purse/
    snatch the car keys hop in the rental, you know she fakin/
    then come back that evenin for some head, she chews on the bacon/
    like ronald reagan, im go get that wrinkle, tickle and twinkle/
    snap some pictures of that bush, then make some copies at kinko's
  13. CaTchW0n

    CaTchW0n New Member

    Sep 18, 2001
    I tell a chick like marshall be ready to "fack"
    if you dont like predictablity who come through in clutch
    you ready to fack? you aint ready you you fucks!
    think they slidin in the truck
    on leathers that gettin them wettier...
    better jimmie em up...
    I aint on remy, less they put her in a cup
    I might double it up because its better safe than nervous
    I aint going out the game early like sean elliot or Pervis....
    chicks crave the d.n.a on purpose
    Habibi or hystize, groupies know my stees when they perfect
  14. mirage1

    mirage1 The One and Only

    Aug 7, 2005
    I be on dicks like them ni ggas on kryptonite
    So trust me boo tell ya moms u ain't comin home aight?
    Just tell her you stayin at ya boys crib an'll b home in the mornin
    But right now just lick up the pussy cuz it's pourin
    I know you into freaky shit cuz I don't talk to chumps that b borin'
    I'ma double XXL Kings magazine covergirl
    when you hittin this you'll forget about them othergirls
    Be switchin up an havin my ass all in ya face
    I'll know more about ya genitals then youngins on My space (OH!)
  15. KronikMage

    KronikMage Status - Blazed

    Oct 5, 2005
    I'm gettin a menauge with mirage and bobbypen in this shit
    All you niggas fallback and watch the clits get hit with the tip of a pen
    You can nibble my dick abit, but if either of you chicks decide to bite
    I'll nail ur nipples to a streetlight n leave ur ass to freeze all night
    If she ain't suckin then we ain't fuckin, I'm definately B.I.G.
    Fuckin with me need braces or a wheelchair, for that matter even an IV
    You might bleed, it'll be okay though, I'll go slow on the putty
    Wait till u nut n gushy, then continue fuckin you'll be like "damn, how could he"
    Fuck viagra, my matters r to be getting into sumthin right for deez
    Yo mirage baby, wuts good cuz we both reside in NC
    Decide to tempt me, you stayin down near aberdeen or maybe carthage
    Fuck it, I got duckets 2 come 2 moore county n knock the linings outta margins....
  16. merkage

    merkage New Member

    Jan 27, 2006
    feel the wrath when ur caught-with me and ill break ur heard in advance cuz theirs an open bar in my pants..all cum shots-are-free//
    foreplays?im hot-with-these..just ride on top and give-it-a-stear..but i wont go down..fuck what u heard..i just put my dick-in-ur-ears//
    by now u should feel stiff-in-ur-rear and im no agressive when i pull ur hair like a crazy-scientist//
    n i dont pay for sex..the ladies-buyin-it.and i wont take u out for-a-date-bitch and i will say sex is overated..look what u did to dick..u over-ate-it//
  17. KronikMage

    KronikMage Status - Blazed

    Oct 5, 2005
    if bitch's eaten ur dick^, then ur fiendin for tricks
    I rippin blouse thens dicks in mouth believe me, I'm quick
    Stay hittin the g's so when I'm history
    They remember the spot that was locked by deez
    Most bitch's hit me up to cop sum treez then they shock n freeze
    See my face n want to jock me piece n start callin me
    I like an awkward B that's a freak in bed n doesn't cease the head
    So when I'm about to rip in her mouth the bitch licks it up instead
    From behind or front, I'm a idol to fuck, my titles a nut
    These girls stay gettin fatter while I'm on the ladder climbin up
  18. Vitamin C+

    Vitamin C+ pay homage

    Jun 12, 2000
    i got the digits from this little midget wit big tits
    called her up said i should drop by and hit it
    so i did kid got my dick licked in the process
    she didn't want a relationship she wanted hot sex
    met her friend she was a tad bit taller
    bitch was freak we ended up stroking under water
    but oh shit here comes her father
    caught us red handed right after my sperm landed
    on her eye ball i might be dead if i can't manage
    to flee the scene in a split sec.
    fuck a cigarette this mothafucka said he's gonna get his tech
    hopped out the pool drippin' wet wit my big dick still erect
  19. mirage1

    mirage1 The One and Only

    Aug 7, 2005
    Boys you gotta be on point and guard when I come around
    Cuz I'll have ya confused an blue 'til I'm like Mary an I'm goin down
    I need that real shit that sutra love that g shit wit a gangsta thug
    Don't matter where Kitchen, shower, car, on the floor rug
    I'm down and my back'll be out wit that strong good d
    Tonite I'm rollin through the PC
    top down n iggas I'm like candy they stay on me
    Eyes be followin these petite thighs
    Before they meet my eyes my body already gott 'em mesmerized
    Doin dumb shit cuz they want this clit
    These lips, cuz they don't know if i swallow or spit
    An I'm not in the same class as ya ordinary ho
    Cuz I'm a sexy bitch an these boys already know
    The only way you gettin in is bein mine an thas 4 sho
    So Kronik cum through the W-I-L-M
    You'll have a time gettin my boyfriend to let me go after what I've done to HIM
  20. KronikMage

    KronikMage Status - Blazed

    Oct 5, 2005
    He could have done to you wut he wanted to do
    But that that doesnt mean that with me it isn't the truth
    Why I came back get in the booth, to get into you
    I know you hearin me too, you got a man but you need a thug
    Okay, I heard you ma^, we can get G on that rug
    Till one of us bleedin or its to heated to fuck
    See, these other people in here speakin r dumb
    I'm seein ur feelins and they beatin me up
    You need to leave him for us....


    shout [whip]
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