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Discussion in 'Open Mic' started by dsp2k5, May 27, 2012.

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    Sep 7, 2005
    Smash that ass so hard she thought a train hit her
    I hear her and her girl when they whisper
    Saying they wiling to swallow all my dick like its a pain killer
    Pitch some pain pills in there detection to get some brain quicker
    Tonight is the nights for pills and sex, tits and breasts
    we itch and sweat, as they lick my neck till this dick is erect
    Im licking the first girls tits, the second girl gets it next
    We might need life vests in a minute because its getting wet
    They other girlfriend asks if she can have a pill
    Well that depends, why come that ass is still?
    Clean it all off with Vagasil then gag my deal
    Till ya throat chokes and then you can have a pill
    Deal? Chill we gonna have a nice orgy
    All these titties, all these pills, no way they can bore me
    Of course we can record it girl, that make you more horny, shorty?
    Go ahead and get freaky when you ready, you ain't got to warn me ...
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