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Discussion in 'Graphic Forum' started by prophicey, May 25, 2006.

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    Aug 9, 2001
    whats up my name is james jenkins from uab productions , i have a friend thats in some pretty dire need to get a ••••••• done , at the moment he's scrambling to put out a dvd on the history of puerto rico in time for the puerto rican day parade on 6/11/06, seems he made a donation while he was on vacation and he got a cassette , anyway he recently had it put on dvd and would like to duplicate the dvd more , we haver a duplicator and we are considering artwork now, we need about 500 dvds covers and will pay for art work

    i'm guessing he wants to do this in a bit of a hip hop fashion , like have pictures of puerto rican government, culture and musicians in a collage of sorts with the title "Puerto Rico" simple as that , i see puerto rico being in red , white and blue or red , i dont have anything thing to offer you just that , we need a quote for about 500 dvd covers

    thanks for your time
    uab productions

    ps if you do dvd duplication too , we'll listen to your offer on about 500 dvds with the dvd covers
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