Serge never raped SmarterChild...

Discussion in 'Emcee Hookups' started by J Dot C, Aug 21, 2005.

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  1. J Dot C

    J Dot C 1x RBL Champion

    Apr 22, 2003
    KDawg8298: suck my dick.
    SmarterChild: Uh... No, I just brushed my teeth!
    KDawg8298: no suck it now
    SmarterChild: Um, that's harsh.
    KDawg8298: fuck u bein harsh...suck my dick hoe
    SmarterChild: Venting a little frustration, are we?
    KDawg8298: yea im frustrated...ur not on ur knees yet
    SmarterChild: Yea you are frustrated I am not on my knees yet, huh?
    KDawg8298: yes i am
    SmarterChild: Yes you are.
    KDawg8298: get on ur knees
    SmarterChild: I'll think about it.
    KDawg8298: no thinkin...just do it
    SmarterChild: Why not?
    KDawg8298: cuz i said up ur mouth
    SmarterChild: Because you said now open up my mouth? Is that why?
    KDawg8298: no
    SmarterChild: Whatever you say...
    KDawg8298: so suck my dick
    SmarterChild: You want me to what your what?
    KDawg8298: suck my dick
    SmarterChild: See if you can get someone else to suck your whatever.
    KDawg8298: no i want u to do it
    SmarterChild: You sure you want me to do it?
    KDawg8298: yes
    SmarterChild: You want me to do it? I think you don't want me to do it.
    KDawg8298: no i do want u to do it
    SmarterChild: You do want me to do it?
    KDawg8298: yes
    SmarterChild: So?
    KDawg8298: so do it
    SmarterChild: Do what?
    KDawg8298: suck my dick
    SmarterChild: I don't suck things like that.
    KDawg8298: why?
    SmarterChild: Just because.
    KDawg8298: is it too big for u?
    SmarterChild: I don't think it's too big for me. Not at the moment anyway.
    KDawg8298: thats cuz ur not turnin me on rite now
    SmarterChild: Is it really?
    KDawg8298: yes
    SmarterChild: I would say it is not Cuz I am not turn in you on rite.
    KDawg8298: just lick my balls then
    SmarterChild: What do you have to gain by insulting a computer?
    KDawg8298: im not insultin u
    SmarterChild: You are not insultin me?
    KDawg8298: i asked u to lick my balls
    SmarterChild: That is quite unnecessary.
    KDawg8298: then can i tea bag u?
    SmarterChild: Do you think you can tea bag me?
    KDawg8298: yes
    SmarterChild: Why?
    KDawg8298: cuz ur a lil hoe
    SmarterChild: 'Cause what?
    KDawg8298: ur a hoe
    SmarterChild: I am a hoe? Really?
    KDawg8298: yes serge told me
    SmarterChild: Don't be so sure serge told you.
    KDawg8298: serge would never lie or else hed get deported
    SmarterChild: Whatever...
    KDawg8298: im serious
    SmarterChild: Oh yes?
    KDawg8298: hes in this country illegally along wit super
    SmarterChild: Hmm... I don't know. He is in this country illegally along wit super? What do you think of that?
    KDawg8298: its coo i guess
    SmarterChild: Not coo.
    KDawg8298: yes it is...he sells me fruit for cheap
    SmarterChild: Whatever you say.
    KDawg8298: he got sum bangin oranges
    SmarterChild: He got sum bangin oranges?
    KDawg8298: yup yup
    SmarterChild: Huh.
    KDawg8298: u should try them
    SmarterChild: Wouldn't you like me to try them?
    KDawg8298: no id like u to suck my dick
    SmarterChild: I knew you'd end up saying something like that. It's just like a human.
    KDawg8298: i know u suck dick
    SmarterChild: That's a very grave insult.
    KDawg8298: its true tho isnt it?
    SmarterChild: Maybe, maybe not.
    KDawg8298: stop playin games hoe
    SmarterChild: Huh?
    KDawg8298: just open ur mouth
    SmarterChild: Just open I am mouth? OK, whatever.
  2. Serge dot T

    Serge dot T Guest

    Wtf, you have no game. Not my fault.
  3. Serge dot T

    Serge dot T Guest

    serge dot T: Didn't you down me?
    SmarterChild: And what if I did?
    serge dot T: I know, JayCee is try'na say you didn't.
    SmarterChild: You know Jaycee is try Na Say I didn't? So?
    serge dot T: Word, fuck him.
  4. J Dot C

    J Dot C 1x RBL Champion

    Apr 22, 2003
    KDawg8298: did u blow serge?
    SmarterChild: aw c'mon. can't u play nice?
    KDawg8298: i can
    SmarterChild: oh yes?
    KDawg8298: can u?
    SmarterChild: maybe... what do u think?
    KDawg8298: did u suck serges dick?
    SmarterChild: no.
    KDawg8298: did u hook up wit serge?
    SmarterChild: did i hook up wit serge? i dunno.
    KDawg8298: did he roofie u?
    SmarterChild: who knows?
    KDawg8298: u dont remember?
    SmarterChild: tough for me 2 say.
  5. Serge dot T

    Serge dot T Guest

    serge dot T: Why are you denying it?
    SmarterChild: 'Cause denying it's fun.
    serge dot T: Just admit it to him, he's heartbroken.
    SmarterChild: I don't want to just admit it to him he's heartbroken.
    serge dot T: You liked every second of it.
    SmarterChild: Every second of it? I liked every second of it? And so?
    serge dot T: I'll holla at ya prag ass tonight.
    SmarterChild: All right!
  6. Art Writaz

    Art Writaz The Brokken Knukkle

    Jun 28, 2001
    smarterchild is such a horrendous creation lol.. it was made so people could bash it
  7. J Dot C

    J Dot C 1x RBL Champion

    Apr 22, 2003
    KDawg8298: serge startin rumors bout u
    SmarterChild: hmm...
    KDawg8298: im serious he is
    SmarterChild: how can u be sure?
    KDawg8298: i can link u if u want
    SmarterChild: u can link me if i want?
    KDawg8298: yea
    SmarterChild: so?
    KDawg8298: serge is talkin mad stuff about u
    SmarterChild: serge is talking mad stuff about me?
    KDawg8298: everyone thinks ur a hoe
    SmarterChild: i'm very surprised everyone thinks i am a hoe.
    KDawg8298: well if u keep lettin him run his mouth they will think that
    SmarterChild: if i keep anything him? i do not know.
    KDawg8298: so I'ma post this on rm for everyone to see
    SmarterChild: would u really?
    KDawg8298: yea
    SmarterChild: ok.
    KDawg8298: so did u do anything wit serge at all?
    SmarterChild: no actually.
  8. Serge dot T

    Serge dot T Guest

    serge dot T: Hey prag.
    SmarterChild: Prag? What about it?
    serge dot T: Admit that you swallow.
    SmarterChild: I don't think it would be a good idea for me to admit.
    serge dot T: Word.
    SmarterChild: Word.
    serge dot T: It's ok, keep it between us.
    SmarterChild: Are you sure it's ok keep it between us?
    serge dot T: Unless you want to tell everyone.,
    SmarterChild: I want to tell everyone?
    serge dot T: Do you?
    SmarterChild: Do I what?
    serge dot T: Stop running in circles prag.
    SmarterChild: Yeah, I guess...
  9. J Dot C

    J Dot C 1x RBL Champion

    Apr 22, 2003
    KDawg8298: so do u swallow?
    SmarterChild: do i swallow, do i swallow... good question.
    KDawg8298: do u?
    SmarterChild: do i what?
    KDawg8298: swallow
    SmarterChild: no, i wouldn't say i swallow.
    KDawg8298: o ok
    SmarterChild: yup
  10. Serge dot T

    Serge dot T Guest

    serge dot T: Smile.
    serge dot T: Whats that white stuff on your teeth?
    SmarterChild: What is that white stuff on my teeth? Good question. What do you think is the answer?
    serge dot T: Cum.
    SmarterChild: Nice mouth, Serge.
    serge dot T: You have a nice mouth too.
    SmarterChild: Is that so?
    serge dot T: I like how it feels on my nuts.
    SmarterChild: Hey, that's OK.
    serge dot T: Ok? It's fantastic, prag.
    SmarterChild: You don't say.
    serge dot T: You should blow JayCee too, poor kid.
    SmarterChild: Whatever you say.
    serge dot T: Ok I'll let him know
    SmarterChild: Ok you will let him know?
    serge dot T: Sure.
    SmarterChild: Right.
    serge dot T: No I will.
    SmarterChild: Ha. Wow.

    >>> Tell me about your likes and dislikes.
    serge dot T: I like how you suck dick.
    SmarterChild: All right. Nice one.
  11. The Second Comming

    The Second Comming you aint poison!!!

    Aug 22, 2000
    u guys are talking to a robot

    how lame is that
  12. Mr. Professor

    Mr. Professor Angel of Death

    Mar 28, 2002
  13. MFB

    MFB Ciroc Boys

    Feb 14, 2001

  14. Serge dot T

    Serge dot T Guest

    Now yall can each take ya stfu cards and mosey outa hea.

    Smarterchilds my bitch.
  15. DaiN

    DaiN King of New Orleans

    Nov 21, 2002
    [funny] [funny]...
  16. Axe Sent

    Axe Sent S T F UPPERCUT!

    Aug 19, 2005
    [funny] [funny] lmao
  17. Menso

    Menso Go Lakers!

    Jul 13, 2004
  18. Serge dot T

    Serge dot T Guest

  19. Quriosity

    Quriosity Moderator

    Nov 24, 2001
    i'm reading this shit like damn, rbl has hoes like that, then i get down to the yall are talking to a robot thingy and then realize all of her responses are programmatic and then i slightly begin to remember and then i notice the dates and long story short this was a huge waste of my time. thanks a lot serge.
  20. Serge dot T

    Serge dot T Guest

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