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  1. Tacky Jones

    Tacky Jones www.TaCsmassivecock.gov

    Feb 25, 2008
    Week 44 vs Dicnyaeye

    The best way to predict the future is to invent it.
    Alan Kay

    Destiny III
    The Final Chapter: The Epiphany

    I became speechless as chills ravage the necks
    With weakness, sweat spills *****ly and collects
    Thrills savagely, finger caressing my lips softly
    As his breath tastes like sips of coffee
    He remained frozen, voice silent yet potent
    Eyes vibrant with his mouth wide open
    He had spoken to me with a tender kiss
    To render me this moment and surrender me bliss
    Waiting for him to answer I become nervous
    Emotions now a circus, but what was his purpose?
    Beginning to feel worthless, he begins to speak
    Heat leaks from my pores, traveling down my cheek

    Your beauty would always coruscate
    Thinking that love would have more to make
    Afraid that my body would fornicate
    I revert, hoping my soul had not felt denied
    Shielding off love, heart now petrified
    Every image weakens my anima
    Legs shiver, energy stripped of its stamina
    “Was this love?” I wondered repetitively
    My heart and soul beats competitively
    In your absence, my mind dreams of you
    Abstinence now screams for you
    Depression became the spouse I reserved
    As I thought you were more than I deserved
    But I felt lonely in the presence of another
    Still wanting you more than any other
    When we finally kissed, nothing else existed
    Your eyes persisted as my lips could not resist it
    I can’t imagine my life without your breath
    I’ll continue to think of you, even when I sleep in death

    I smiled with enthusiasm at his poetic words
    Blood full of life like the song of kinetic birds
    In the beginning, I didn’t know how he would act
    So I gave him hint, watching how he would react
    Molding him into someone I could love
    Controlling him with strings dangling from above
    As I move in closer, his body now consented
    “The best way to predict the future, is to invent it”

    ShadowWarriorfs wins 0 to -1
  2. Tacky Jones

    Tacky Jones www.TaCsmassivecock.gov

    Feb 25, 2008
    Week 45 vs WarMachine




    If you are hearing this, Armageddon is about to arrive
    I have made arrangements, hoping someone would survive
    She was constructed from living tissue, realistic with her eyes
    I devised a steel mistress, her voice to reveal the mischief
    Young enough to conceal yet old enough to resist it
    Beautiful yet deadly, she was the perfect specimen
    She deserved it, she could succeed unlike the rest of them
    Their LIBERTY was all greed and filled with blood thirst
    Controlled by political leaders, their violence was the worse
    Analytical dealers protect their SECURITY with a word
    Speaking of purity but surely this ability was absurd
    Both groups battled for PROPERTY, logically an ominous sense
    Eventually to join forces, with courses for world dominance
    But she will be consistence, the RESISTANCE TO OPPRESSION
    A devastating impression, aggression now borderlines obsession
    Her presence made them anxious, aimless deployments of their weapon
    Blackened the globe, robes stained with blood and fecal matter
    Wanting to decimate her, pure laughter follows the evil chatter
    She planned to enter their chambers, chambered with ammunition
    However decided to be subtle, puddle of blood flows from her feet
    Her expression turned cold, bold survivors tried to speak
    Yet they met their demise, their eyes close in defeat
    The world lay in shambles, ample time was giving them
    Blinded by power, I decided to shower them again
    With a single rain drop, stopped within the palm of my hand
    She served me well, Hell now a calm wasteland
    And if you are hearing this, bliss is now a job too complex
    It’s time to end it all, fall because this is God and you’re next…


    Match ends in a tie 1 – 1
  3. Tacky Jones

    Tacky Jones www.TaCsmassivecock.gov

    Feb 25, 2008
    Week 46 vs WarMachine & S. Issue

    Escalated Love


    She was young back then, breath warmed the wind
    Milky smooth skin, a youth standing without a friend
    I watched from the side as her hair covered her teary eyes
    Her eerie cries exposed the hate and fear inside
    “We are alive.” I said with reassurance in my voice
    Ground moist at her feet, sweat leaks without a choice
    She began her decent from the light in the sky
    Each step made her wonder if she might die
    Trapped in situations that were difficult living in
    So I departed and followed her into oblivion
    Hoping to protect her from darkness that persist in life
    She watched as I removed my wings with a knife
    We began walking slowly, without direction
    Clouds dark, sparks radiate from the southern section
    God was angry yet I continued to walk with her
    Together amongst this world, labeled a drifter
    I loved her but I decided that she must not know
    Corrupted by passion, perhaps intimacy I must not show
    We eventually stopped as the waters became more turbulent
    Hearing a loud pop, she watched me quiver from the disturbance
    Seeing flashes as the lightning targets her chest
    I pushed her away as I’m struck from the left
    I began losing conscience as I struggle to maintain my breath
    She screamed for me to “wake up” but all I wanted was rest
    I realized that she loved me then, my death did devastate
    Beating on my torso, my lungs couldn’t resuscitate
    Every year from that moment she memorialize my passing
    Remembering my smile the most when I was laughing
    She stood there in front of the steps of heaven
    As flower pedals dive from her hand and into the ocean​

    Match ends in a 1 – 1 tie, WarMachine no shows
  4. Tacky Jones

    Tacky Jones www.TaCsmassivecock.gov

    Feb 25, 2008
    Week 47 vs S. Issue & Souled In

    Innocent Confession


    Dear Diary,

    I was an innocent, pure, beautiful temptress
    In a sense I needed more than this life as a waitress
    Receiving poor tips from a constant wait list
    Coming home to a stepfather who was labeled a rapist
    My life climbs to the top of the devil’s playlist
    His fists crackle my jaw, saliva now tasteless
    A typical racist, angry with me for filing the police cases
    Evicted from his grasp by a judicial bases
    Confined to the street corners, standing on broken shoelaces
    Hoping two faces would recognize my bruised braces
    Crying in pain as their eyes became faceless
    I was weak but they were the disgraces

    So I decided to change and become more evil
    Feeble eyes blacken like the skin of African people
    While my complexion dies, my lips burn with fire
    Dressed in demonic attire, tongue pierced with satire
    I wanted revenge on, not just him but all men
    Every one of them must suffer and die in sin
    My eyes begin to burn, luring each one to their doom
    Gloom overtakes the earth as a chill fills the room
    A drill kills a Coon, observing quietly in the darkness
    Heartless as my smile booms, leaving a scorched carcass
    Targets now scatter as urine leaks from their bladder
    Laughter now mesmerized by my sensual chatter
    My father stands before me, rope now suffocating
    A man in his forties, weakened and defecating
    Nightmarish fantasies I’m replicating
    Causing satisfaction as I strut while waiting
    His body now decapitated and shaking
    As I stand above him, air evacuated and taking
    His life into hell as I stare demonically at another
    As I move towards the next victim, my mother



    ShadowWarriorfs wins 2 to 0 to -2
  5. Tacky Jones

    Tacky Jones www.TaCsmassivecock.gov

    Feb 25, 2008
    Week 48 vs Vaudeville

    Woman Behind the Veil


    Jesus, how did it get to this?
    Eyes sealed shut spirit ceases to exist
    Her body was lifeless, skin turned pale
    Becoming like the wind that pressed gently against her veil
    I held her close as she turned into a carcass
    Tears halt from her pussy as if it now lacks in harvest
    Her imagine now tarnished, lips blistered with blues
    Her dress becoming undone revealing a bruise
    She was an intelligent girl who kept to herself
    A reflection of God, her heart beats in perfect health
    How could we have done such a thing?
    She was my responsibility she was under my wing

    He told me they just wanted to have fun
    Which later meant running train and premature cum
    I figured she needed a chance to relax
    So I invited her to experience our juvenile acts
    She agreed to hang out but did not wish to be left alone
    “I’ll be right by your side.” I said with assurance in my tone
    We arrived at the party on a warm Friday night
    It was dark yet her eyes glistened in the light
    She wore red velvet dress that barely covered her chest
    Hair flowed effortlessly barely covering her breast
    I found her attractive but I had my eyes on another
    Who was 5’7 and 120lbs with Double Ds that could smoother
    So I left her with him, thinking he would protect her virtue
    Guiding her to a back room whispering, “I won’t hurt you.”
    She became nervous but was too shy to speak
    He sat her on the bed as his genitals grew in heat
    Removing his pants, she panicked and screeched
    He grabbed her and beat her into defeat
    She just laid there, dazed and confused
    While he penetrated her, flesh blazed and abused
    Her cry less tears began to dry with every thrust
    His breathing became heavier until he would finally bust
    She felt disgusted as he smiled and left the room
    I felt something ominous beginning to loom
    I ran to her, Excedrin bottle emptied by her head
    Eyes stared inertly and her breath was now dead

    She became another statistic that day
    Another victim of a horny man’s lay
    To me she was everything in this world
    From the heavens to the very heartbeat of this girl
    I loved her and I should told her before her air went stale
    But to them she was just another woman trapped behind a veil

    Match ends in a 2 – 2 tie
  6. Tacky Jones

    Tacky Jones www.TaCsmassivecock.gov

    Feb 25, 2008
    Week 49 vs Vaudeville & S. Issue

    Grandpa’s Hymn
    Act IV: The Final Song

    Melody begins its play with a sleek elegance
    Bass line pulses with a beat of relevance
    Piano keys sings harmoniously with the existing note
    Voices now chants softly with a persisting hope
    A birth is celebrated as the crowd chants silently
    As a beautiful intercourse of noise dances vibrantly
    The crowd closes their eyes to become a hostage to the music
    Freely embracing the sound while their feet tap to it
    As a girl slowly moves toward center stage
    Lips pressed against the mic, face slowly begins to age
    The sound begins to slow, becoming quiet and somber
    The girl’s face ghostlike as if a memory still haunts her
    Drums become deaf as violin strokes increase in motion
    As a chorus of chords fills the air and release its potion

    I’ve become tired, body beaten and bruised
    Eyes burn with fire from weeping, I’m confused
    Speaking too enthused as the doctor is reading the news
    The result was “Cancer”, as I begin grieving the blues
    My life has always been about receiving more chances
    From drug abuse to alcohol, I’ve used all my stances
    Hands begins to tremble as I realize this is my Final Song
    Objects have lost their colors taste has all but gone
    I am trying to remain strong but I am too weak
    Muscle are eaten away as my skins begins to reek
    Crying as I’m forced to watch my own death
    Looking for someone but my family has already left
    Their sorrows whisper of pain from watching my demise
    Giving themselves false hope while tears fall from their eyes
    Surprise jumps on my face as my grandchild still stares
    Tears occur in my heart, realizing that someone cares
    She was still a child, full of hopes and dreams
    Grabbing my hand as the room filled with my chokes and screams
    She seems to panic, as my voice now reassures her
    “The cure for Cancer is radiation,” I said to deter
    Her mind from overwhelming, my heartbeat began to slow
    Losing consciousness as I told her she needed to go
    “I need my rest,” I said so that no one would know
    That my death was here, blood has stopped its flow
    I’m sorry everyone but it is time I let go of life
    I’m done fighting and my cells are turning to ice
    I love you all…

    With a drop of a tear, her voice became muted
    Cheeks are now red as she feels as if she looks stupid
    The music continues to play, as the drums grow loud
    Vocals become cheerful as her heart becomes proud
    She smiles as the orchestra’s voices turns pleasant
    She bows as the crowd cheers at her presence
    She leaves the stage, staring out the window of her room
    Wondering if he could hear her voice while resting in his tomb


    ShadowWarriorfs wins 2 to 1, Vaudeville no shows
  7. Tacky Jones

    Tacky Jones www.TaCsmassivecock.gov

    Feb 25, 2008
    Week 50 vs Rem Lynxis

    Died In Her Arms

    It was a warm August morning when I awaken
    Sheet soaked in liquids as if my bladder was shaken
    Almost immediately, pain started to cripple me
    I slowly left to the hospital but fell to the ground quickly
    It was excruciating, my tears were in too much pain to fall
    Someone had heard my screams and promptly made the 9-1-1 call
    When the ambulance arrived, I was curled up holding my stomach
    As they stood me up, I felt the baby beginning to plummet
    I cried out as the medics shut the ambulance door
    They kept telling me to breathe as I squawked on the floor
    “Drive faster you idiot!” I said followed by yelps of pain
    We arrived at the hospital, vaginal fluids continued to drain
    They carried me on the gurney and pushed me into Delivery
    Hunched over as I arrived, praying for God to deliver me

    The room was filled with my horrid screams
    Sweat populates my body as I faint into torpid dreams
    Holding the sheets in agony as I beg for relief
    Repetitive breaths cause my lungs to fold then release

    Convulsing violently as the doctors scream for me to push
    Vagina expands exposing the world to a cranial bush
    “Almost there!” I heard as the pain became unbearable
    “A couple more pushes!” I heard a scream that was beautiful yet terrible
    At that very moment, silence had filled the room
    I felt a sense of accomplishment as life had left its tomb
    My body now drips with sweat and blood
    As my heart now fills with a new kind of love

    I brought my son home at about noon on the second day
    He was beautiful, a mirror image of something an artist would portray
    As the week progressed, I became less and less clumsy
    I was a pro at breastfeeding and changing his onesie
    I loved everything about him from his soft, tanned skin
    To his screams of hunger, I wanted this experience again
    About a week later, I had finished his normal routine
    A bath and a story followed by a random song I could sing
    I swaddled him tightly and placed the pacifier in his mouth
    Rocking him gently in my arms as his eyelids slowly went south
    I placed him in his crib and smiled at his snore
    I kissed him on his forehead and took a picture for my mother to adore
    I laid in my bed and fell asleep from exhaustion
    Suddenly something woke me up, heart beats with caution
    It was quiet, “how long did I sleep?” I started wondering
    It’s only been two hours, so I decided to check on him
    I walked to his crib as he laid motionless, too paralyzed to breathe
    Screaming relentlessly I call 9-1-1 and dropped to my knees
    I picked him up as he slowly died in my arms
    Tears flooded the carpets as I heard the ambulance’s alarms
    They took him from my arms as I cried out to resuscitate
    The medic put his hand on my shoulder and said it was ‘just too late’

    The room turned cold just then and the screams were gone
    Sweat turns to chills as the agony tags along
    My lungs fold but they now do not release
    My limbs tighten as I cry out in disbelief

    “With each new life comes the dread of death
    And with every breath, we must remember the ones who left…”

    ShadowWarriorfs wins by no show
  8. Tacky Jones

    Tacky Jones www.TaCsmassivecock.gov

    Feb 25, 2008
    Week 51 vs Menso

    Out in the Cold

    She was perfect, God’s hand created being
    From his own rib she stood there, quietly breathing
    Her skins was pure as snow but privately bleeding
    Crushed by limitations, knowledge losing its meaning
    Yet she sat there, alone and out in the cold
    Perhaps she was depressed about never getting old
    Deprived of her desires, she cries tears of gold
    Trying to remove her restraints without being told
    Her list of sins grew deadly as did the seven
    As she missed the winds that blew through mid-heaven
    A warm mist begins to rain down upon the atmosphere
    Then it just ends, becoming cold again as she shivers in fear

    I have always been in infatuated with her
    Some questioned my love but they did not know for sure
    I figured I was nothing special so I just offered my words
    Of advice, each breath would entice like songs of lovebirds
    She smiled with such beauty as my thoughts have lost them
    Voice cracks, my hands sweat, emotions now awesome
    Becoming clumsy as her touch alone gave me balance
    Independent with her action yet still possessed perfect talents
    Wanting to give her my heart and ask for hers in return
    When I found out she loved me, my passion started to burn
    However stern realities caused the fantasy to plummet
    Romantic summits now a memory as butterflies flee my stomach
    Forced into isolation, our bodies go their separate ways
    Watching her vanish, as her image has not left for days
    She told me not to worry but I start to fear the worse
    That she would forget about me and forever leave the earth
    But she still sits there out in the cold and alone
    Waiting for me to come and to finally bring her home


    ShadowWarriorfs wins 2 – 1
  9. Tacky Jones

    Tacky Jones www.TaCsmassivecock.gov

    Feb 25, 2008
    Week 52 vs oNeiRiC

    Still Standing

    I still hear their screams deafening my eardrum
    Synchronized demonic chants, quiet yet fearsome
    Shadows follow closely, each reflection was different
    The first looked about 14, face mangled and bent
    His head was crushed by the impact of my windshield
    I placed him in my trunk then buried him in an air field
    The next was 12, torso flatten by the weight of my tire
    I carried her into the forest for the wood to set her on fire
    The third was 16 whose neck and spine were broken
    This one I just left there twitching, lying in the open
    The last was 7, she looked the worse of them all
    Car decapitated her as she tried to retrieve her ball
    It felt like I was dreaming during those four incidents
    Vision blurry as I hid the evidence to prove my innocence
    I really don’t have an excuse but mentally I was in a funk
    I was really half asleep…ok, I was actually pretty drunk

    After the first three murders, life continued like normal
    However after the last killing, things weren’t so formal
    This is when the shadows started to appear
    Randomly from a distance, standing there in fear
    I tried to ignore them as slowly they moved forward
    With each emergence, their souls looked more horrid
    One day they materialized inches from my skin
    Staring into my eyes just like they did back then
    I begged for them to leave but they stood in silence
    They opened their mouths, screaming for violence
    I shouted in horror as the police came rushing over
    I told them that those kids were torturing me
    “Where are they?” He asked as I pointed hesitantly
    The cop turned in their direction and paused, confused
    “Sir, I don’t see anything but four pairs of shoes”
    I screamed “they want revenge” but the cop just strolled pass
    He walked away saying not to "waste his time" then laughed
    I grabbed his gun and started firing, blindly into the air
    Each bullet pierced their image but they still stood there
    The cop tackled me and struck my several times
    Putting me in handcuffs he yelled that I was “out of line”
    I was thrown in jail for an attempted murder charge
    While working in the yard, I found a box that was large
    It had my name on it so I opened it like a Christmas gift
    Chills crippled my spine as the 4 pairs of shoes lift
    From the box and stand in the mud, I screamed
    For peace as their images formed like I had dreamed
    I ran to the fence and began to climb, bullets shatter my chest
    “My children have finally gotten their revenge.” I said with my last breath

    ShadowWarriorfs wins 1 – 0
  10. Tacky Jones

    Tacky Jones www.TaCsmassivecock.gov

    Feb 25, 2008
    Week 53 vs S. Issue


    Why Me?


    Things started off great when we met
    Dreamed of love yet my mind hasn't slept
    She was light skinned with a slim frame
    Supple hips with lips that drove me insane
    Breasts were perfect, hair a curly light brown
    She was beautiful, a popular choice around town
    However I knew something wasn’t right with her
    She asked me out with a southern accent that was quicker
    Which enticed me, suddenly stripping the will to suffer
    I didn’t want a relationship but still I fucked her

    I was deceived into conceiving a bastard child
    I asked her how she could do this, her response, “Simply to defile”
    From that moment, I knew I was trapped in her game
    Ever since his birth, she has not been the same
    Breast now sag and her frame no longer slim
    Hair has lost its zeal, as her lips remain open
    Spewing words of deformation trying to weaken my spirit
    Accusations of fornication broadcasted as my ear refuse to hear it
    This continued for weeks but I have become adept to ignoring
    Staring silently into my face while my lungs were snoring
    Suddenly she attacked me after I had brushed her off
    Her expression had hardened and skin was no longer soft
    I pushed her and she fell violently into the furniture
    I told her “Step off bitch” hoping she would learn to mature

    She moved to her parent’s house, custody split equal
    Visitation denied for weeks, constantly in sequel
    Legally, she continued to break the custody agreement
    Yet judicially they look the other way, like they haven’t seen it
    She had the courts wrapped around her fingers
    Screwing me anally as the stench of shit lingers
    The progression of weeks has made her more psychotic
    Dark rings form under her eyes, image less exotic
    The courts continued to turn the other cheek
    My words have no effect as if they pushed mute when I speak
    One day I arrived to pick up my son
    She stood there with her arms limp and undone
    She pulled out a knife and started to dissect me
    Blood pour from my neck “Now, do you respect me?”
    She cried out as I tried to stop the bleeding
    “Why me?” I thought as my soul begins leaving…

    S. Issue wins 2 – 0, Season ends
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