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  1. Tacky Jones

    Tacky Jones www.TaCsmassivecock.gov

    Feb 25, 2008
    Week 43 vs Kryptikal


    This vision's a blaze, you'll receive in life's critical stage
    Time ticking away until all your senses just fade
    Rinsing the tastes out of mouths who keep spitting up hate
    In ignorant rage seeming extremely dense and insane
    But when we dispense of the waste that these mentally slaved....
    Bitches have made, leaving bloody trails of menstrual decay
    The stench is too great and everyone suffers; cringing in pain
    Until the tension that reigns is given a face
    This is a game and all of us are sentenced to play
    Within the range of good and evil thoughts tinting our brains
    And pinching our veins til blood flows so slow, we're physically drained
    With no heart to give to the great Kings cuz they're missing an Ace
    An integral phase is choosing whether revenge is replayed
    Or will we amaze even ourselves in the gift of old age
    Submitting to faith in hopes to be forgiven with grace
    Before the ending of days lays us into our graves

    Main Topics:


    Star Gazer

    Crystal is dazed... eyes staring at stars trickling through space
    But looking like an intricate maze of intimate shapes
    These images played through her mind like repeat spins from DJs
    And the effects have similar traits from her hips to her waist
    She'd sit and embrace the ground or the sand as if she's mounting a man
    Then lay back and charge up her plan; watching stars as they danced
    A great twist to start a romance, but making it last was the challenge
    Needing that view before proceeding to do her passionate madness
    Relapsing was tactless; Crystal didn't ask if they wanted to try
    She'd withhold sex to punish the guys who wouldn't make love to the sky
    A troubling vice because of her eyes, D cups and butt that was nice
    They would become so enticed and get naked while running outside
    But she settled for less and less because of unsettling stress
    Sex was just sex: strictly using the bed for her rest
    This new year's eve doing her thing seemed easy as cake
    That evening Jake was the tease she would bait in her meaningless date
    Turning the dinner party into feasting foreplay
    As they sat with a balcony view of the beach house estate
    He played with her toes under the table and that basted her bones
    No taking it slow, only 9pm and marinating her clothes
    Desert was taken to go in obvious ways for them both
    But I'm stating it though...
    1 was sweet food, 2 was making her moan
    They changed into robes, pacing the coast wearing blankets as coats
    She laid down exposed, penetrated by the shape of his nose
    Apple Brown Betty flavored his throat making taste buds explode
    Crystal held his face as she rode, staring through space as he chokes
    She came and made Jake a float to wash down the rest of the food
    Turned him on his back to attack since he bettered her mood
    Wetness exudes as she rests on his tool, his chest to her boobs
    Kissing him too, while thrashing her hips to get in the groove
    But then comes his crew, but little did they know what Crystal could do
    One grabbed her from behind, but she rolled off Jake and kicked out his tooth
    Sending her boot through his cheek as she gets up confused
    Looks at the sky; her fantasy leaks waterfalls into blood pools
    The next victim is screwed from behind with a stiletto heel
    Like the same plot they're risking to do reversed til death gets revealed
    The next, she just killed quickly and brutal with four kicks through his pupils
    Walks slowly back to Jake after death sentencing two ghosts
    Gives him the roughest kiss across his bloody lips
    And rubs it in by smashing his mouth until his tongue is ripped
    Crystal looks up again.... her loving dreamscape has crashed
    Into a nightmare where she has become a demon at last
    Seeing her past flash before her in several scenes to a path
    Through a gateway to hell with a lifetime extended seasonal pass
    That evening had to happen to Crystal before the clarity shined
    Just like the gem her name represents, her beauty must stem from inside
    It's within your life to make the changes that will lift you to stride
    And being that mentally high is truly kissing the sky

    Ending Topic:
    Eclipse of Madness

    Dicnyaeye wins 2 -1
  2. Tacky Jones

    Tacky Jones www.TaCsmassivecock.gov

    Feb 25, 2008
    Week 44 vs ShadowWarriorfs

    ~ Main Topic ~
    Religious Circus

    I give thanks for my blessings, but won’t make dates for confessions
    Yet, I do make some arrangements to give praise in church sessions
    This day seemed perfected as I’m leaving the house
    Put on my pin strip suit, smoke some weed and I’m out
    I’m not extremely devout, still there learning the rules
    But I’m for certain confused when 3 women emerge with no shoes
    I patiently watch, they run to the church like escaping from cops
    And grab some dude: two of them punch him in his face so I’m shocked
    They’re all dressed nicely with one exception, the shoes of course
    In a house of God, plotting shots to fuel a war
    Security comes, but by then… the guy looks like a furious bum
    And the women are delirious drunks, skidding while steering their truck
    So this is wassup? I can’t judge… so I laugh at these bitches
    But then I close my eyes, bask in God’s wisdom and ask for forgiveness
    I’m trying to get right with the Lord and let my life be absorbed
    Bu his accord….
    even trying to not like so much porn
    Those reflections that day caused me to exit the place
    And return for worship in evening service, re-scheduled for 8pm

    Middle Topic:
    Everybody likes to go their own way--to choose their own time and manner of devotion.
    Jane Austen (1775 - 1817), Mansfield Park

    When I return, my eyes are burned by all the tight, shiny skirts
    With guys and girls trying to flirt…… hold up!!!! Am I at a church?
    Seeing Jesus over the steeple so I just flow with the people
    And go to my seat slow; seeing enough cleavage to open a peep show
    I stop myself from glancing at fire with steps dance to the choir
    Then some couples in front of me wants their romances admired
    I’m thinking… “the holy ghost can explain all that I’m seeing
    They’re just being filled with spirit from the causes they’re feeling”
    But nah…. It’s revealed then with some squeezes of ass
    And an intimate closeness like they need a cold bath
    Now they’re getting explosive with some kisses performed
    Even though I have basic cable, I’m viewing Cinemax porn
    So I just giggle with force as if they gave me permission
    Could of enjoyed all of this before behaving as Christian
    But wait, did I mention the Set It Off girls returned to the scene
    Working some jeans
    and stunna shades to camouflage these dirt causing queens
    In my past, I’d be first to agree that they deserved to be beat
    But now I’m more for passivism and turning the cheek
    The pastor came out and everyone stands relaxed, then sits down
    He captures the crowd; holy ghost dancing and clapping’s the sounds
    Reactions are loud…. But none of that matters somehow
    It’s rationale now….. and even the thug chics seem rather devout
    A sermon of peace to let all of us work through our grief
    From an X biker turned reverend to furnish the streets
    With an urgent release of orgasmic hallaluahs to service these freaks
    I turn and I see the guy from earlier looking to further the beef
    He throws it reverse as he sees guards shaking heads no
    And making some slow motions towards him before he makes like a ghost
    But he’s taking his post right on the corner to state his approach
    Which’s murder as he pulls a .380, blazing til faces explode
    Satan has rose…
    none of these “Christians” have forsaken his soul
    Crazy, I know…
    but without evil, church congregations are low
    It’s all population control
    for the sin revenge getting embracement by most
    Leading a path straight to hell with blood paving the roads

    Ending Topic:
    The more I study religions the more I am convinced that man never worshipped anything but himself.
    Sir Richard Francis Burton (1821 - 1890)

    Dicnyaeye loses 0 to -1
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