[Season One Champ] Week 8 - Week 11 L. Kross

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  1. Tacky Jones

    Tacky Jones www.TaCsmassivecock.gov

    Feb 25, 2008
    Week 8 vs .:pain:.

    Fit To Die

    Let me introduce you to a couple of thieves, runnin the streets
    My brother an me, do any an everything for a couple of Gs
    ..... An struggle to keep heat up where we sleep
    Nothin to eat, call me a rat, but Ill beat you up for ya cheese
    Trust an believe, we dont know fear other than He
    But struggle wit greed so much that we'll plug you for green
    ...... Choppin up soap to go an hustle the fiends
    In the hustle we trust, an thats all the muscle we need
    In these streets all night, if I do tumble to sleep,
    My hopes have been crushed, Im too humble to dream
    Jungle is mean, lemme introduce you to the way that I pass it
    So angry an mad, she the only dame thatll have it
    Get her ass kicked, twisted an sprained on the matress
    An still love me, just cry through the pain an the sadness
    This is madness, shes more worried Ill be lain in a casket
    Wish she hated me
    Itd make it easier for the way that she catch it
    But ecstatic is always how she faces the savage
    My hatred is snappin, in agony regular pain is relaxin
    Imagine havin nothin when havin everything is ya passion
    The strains just a fraction of the shame of my actions
    .... Caged an Im trapped in, the shit is gettin worse
    News I got next had me like Im sittin in a hearse
    So stiff, it hit my nerves soon as her lips was gettin pursed
    "Im three months pregnant," In six, she givin birth
    Im in no position, its no work. Im still a kid, Im still a jerk
    I walk the fence, dodgin bids, knockin niggas in the dirt
    But Im suspended with the vision when I listened to her first
    Feel imprisoned in the instance, try an get it inta words
    .... It was a very long six months with no complications
    Waters breakin, on the kitchen floor she started shakin
    Baby fathas racin to the doc an patients,
    Got her top sedations while they operatin
    The room in a gasp just as soon as she snaps
    Knew she was pullin her last, then her heart fully collapsed
    Already gave her blood, so I knew Im a match
    Go to the bathroom, then you hear a boom an a blast
    .... Cause everytime a thug dies, a dove flies away
    I found somethin that Ill die for wit a wide smilin face
    For the two lives I saved its a small price to pay,
    Im glad I knew you for a minute in my final day.

    A man who has nothing to die for isnt fit to live.

    Kross wins 5-3
  2. Tacky Jones

    Tacky Jones www.TaCsmassivecock.gov

    Feb 25, 2008
    Week 9 vs Blitz_kreig

    Lookin dumbfound, another average day, bummed out
    Suns down, had to wait, when my boysll come 'round
    A thud pound crash the gate, Vince come an run wild
    Breath wheezin, chest heavin with his tongue out
    Lookin strung out, red face brighter than a duelies light
    Losin sight from catchin breath runnin through the night
    His mood was too excited that exude delight
    Glued, I bite
    But before I ask, hes burstin out about a jewelery heist
    You see, his daddys at the precinct as a lead detective
    Someone just went on a spree, from the rings to necklace
    Thats why V is breathless, the culprit fleed detectives
    He tried to plea
    told em he threw everything in the trees, he wreckless
    They aint leaked it yet, even though its probably just
    Some bullshit to fool kids, they gotta discuss
    Media would have em in the woods choppin it up
    Scared somebody might find it. Somebody is us
    Talkin it big. Sounds good, but walkin its diff.
    All but convinced, he draggin me along for the shit
    Head startin it quick, I spot a sparkle an glint
    A bag full of cash that made me scoff at the jems
    Soon enough the shock wheres off of me when
    We heard the cop cars closin in awfully quick
    Darted wit Vince. Targeted by his father, the pig
    Crossin the bridge soon as we come off of the ridge
    Comin from the other side, shit, its Ross an his friends
    They said give up the money or Vince goes off of a bridge
    Vince spit in his face an said, "Toss the bag off of the cliff"
    I was just rememberin the days.... Ah we were kids
    Woke up from a day dream at the side of your bed...
    Sighin, I said, I wish that you'd decide what is best...
    Silently wept, Im hopin for either a sign in his chest
    Or that liein in bed, he himselfll choose to slide into death
    Cryin, depressed. Tryin to hide it my best
    Hide from the stress, got a blunt Im lightin the cess
    Try an confess shit you neva knew to lighten my chest
    Why I digress from the topic of this frightenin mess
    You liein wit Death while I sit here an remember the days
    From treadin the tank to startin real shit an sit in the waves
    'Member when we were lames? Down memories lanes
    When we found those jewels, that bully tried to get us to break
    You never broke. Life or death, you never know
    You spit on him, I bet youd spit on this doc if you eva woke
    You wouldnt wanna live your life hangin on a tether rope
    Layin like a vegetable, youd probly rather let it go
    .... But who am I? The village idiot from a foolish tribe
    Only God can judge me, the same must be for my dude who fight
    You were too full of life for your plug get pulled tonight
    If its meant to be, Im sure the lordll definitely do it right
    But, wait... what if I was chosen to escort him to the gates
    Then if I refused to do my duty, Id be shorting him his fate
    Pulled the plug, life support aborted him, escaped
    Flatline bouncin from his core, through the ward an to the grave

    'Lifeless Support'

    L. Kross ties 4-4
  3. Tacky Jones

    Tacky Jones www.TaCsmassivecock.gov

    Feb 25, 2008
    Week 10 vs Blitz_kreig and MC Guttso

    This is the final test we're takin, lifell try an test your patience
    You can find me duckin death like this is final destination
    But when I finnaly check my fate in, from this violent escapadin
    Ima stay inside the mind of every guy that never made it
    Every time that I got faded, everytime that you related
    It made it that much harder for the time that Im cremated
    Its my time, cause Ive evaded everytime when they were aimin
    Every spy an every agent, every guy in every matrix
    Right when they were chasin, it was tires to the pavement
    With my iron at the waist, an with no type of hesitation
    Its a message to the masses, this tyrant that we facin
    Will try an cheat our type of out of a higher education
    We gotta band together with a tighter dedication
    Cause devided, we gone fall in these trialed tribulations
    ...... One by one until we're exiled by the nation
    Im just the last of a diein breed whod die for intergration
    Behind this seperate nation, through the lies they set in places
    That blind the shepards faces for wolves to dine on lesser patients
    The devide of nets an gains is how they define this section 8 shit
    An stuff em in the gutter where only life an death awaits him
    But, if you had been born just inside their severed station
    Youd have had quite the celebration an never strife humilliation
    With the life ya really facin got ya lookin at the knife an really thinkin
    Is this life worth earnin stripes when any night it might be taken
    I tried to fight the basics, but they blind side all my claims with
    This blindin, vibrant hatred. Cant rewind the mind of racists
    They just keep liein until they can find the time to change it
    We could put a stop to it, but we never unite an try to take it
    The swine in deffication while I try to find the breath Im wastin
    ... But its just another wasted little quiet explanation....

    L. Kross wins 2-1-1
  4. Tacky Jones

    Tacky Jones www.TaCsmassivecock.gov

    Feb 25, 2008
    Week 11 vs Main Stream

    A usual day that started off a beautiful way
    The troops get appraised before they shoo'ed em away
    Told em all your trainings a prelude to the day
    When they strap you with a ammo belt fulla grenades
    "Wont ruin my day. He might as well stop the stressin
    When Im pullin away went an got my best chick
    All I need is you for a day that I dont stop confessin
    Roses for my boo in a vase an Ima pop the question"
    He been practicin the scene an he actually believed
    He could make her happy like it happened in a dream
    Happened to his knees "Hes unwrappin me a ring."
    Tears spackling her feet as she happily agreed
    Last that she had seen, hes shipped over seas
    "No matter how far apart we are, youre close to me"
    An she hopes that he never has to know defeat
    For two.... He left a soldiers seed in her ovaries
    Hopefully, Godll bring the father of her first kid back
    But not like this,
    He's bein rushed into the hospital she's nursin at
    His dead Cap. is in the morgue from a morter blast
    Boarders crashed, then their bunker quarters flashed
    The war has passed, but soldiers are left with no heart
    In shock, she aint left her post, she wept in both arms
    Doctor echos codes "Nurse, get him prepped for O.R."
    His words feel like it cut into her flesh with no scar
    The stress was so hard, an when he managed to speak
    She could detect a different tone an manner of speech
    Manicly screams, hes not the same man as he seems
    Stand to her feet, grab her finger, hand him his ring..
    Put her hands to his teeth 'fore he could split or purse em
    Youre a different person, Im finished, this just isnt workin
    Neglected to mention shes sittin with his kid on purpose
    Cause he's flipped all circuits an she'll just deter it.....
    ....... Cut scene, skip to where his blood heat
    Grab a scapel off the table then he to cut deep
    Feeling nothing gathering some bottles and some cut sheets
    Soaked in gasoline he huffed deep and barely got enough steam
    "The whole hospital got burnt up and nobody survived
    Or escaped. Mother, Father, Child with our bodies inside
    .... The time and love invested, and its all for naught
    You wouldnt wanna hear the horror story if these walls could talk"
    ^This pic looked like a ghost nurse walkin up a old burned building staircase

    Edit: I thought deadlines were still thursday thats why I edited this 40 minutes later, askin for extension, but mostly just so mainstream wouldntve had to no show
    Main Stream wins 3-2
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