[Season One Champ] Week 33 - Week 34 -Atreyu-

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  1. Tacky Jones

    Tacky Jones www.TaCsmassivecock.gov

    Feb 25, 2008
    Week 33 vs ShadowWarriorfs

    " You might find a dream you might find a lie
    I found a lie the day thAt you were born to my aunts surprise
    And please believe I knew before I looked into your eyes
    Cousin, you were full of lies,lies...lies!But I
    A little pizza pocket with marinara behind my ears
    Never wudve expected this treachery in years
    What happened to the "two musketeers",Cousin?
    The fat spiked back smash Koopa patroL crushers?
    Motherfucker,reminsce on the childhood we spent
    the mozzarella ball fights in the kitchen n shit
    when we worked at Mama Mias pizzeria
    I shoudve known ur character by what I caught do with Maria
    you knew I liked her and it wasnt mystery...
    No wonder she told me to tAke time with the deliveries
    and for years miserably,we didnt talk,u were stuck to thoughts
    but i realized it wasnt you,it was THEM from the START
    Thats why I let u come work for the plumbing company
    but who knew youde be scheming to take her from me...
    Just because you smashed A dragon and plucked her from hell
    she mustve forgot thAt I was there as well,brick break fist smash shells
    i did it all as well but i still caught you two...slippin
    but i realize it isnt you,it was always the women..
    So here is your gift for fucking the bitch...Yoshi
    I got her in bondage at Bowsers tower come get'r homie"

    IGN:Super Mario Bros. Redemption/Second Qrtr 2010 for Wii​

    -Atreyu- wins 2-1
  2. Tacky Jones

    Tacky Jones www.TaCsmassivecock.gov

    Feb 25, 2008
    Week 34 vs Memento

    "I knew the day would come since infancy,it was planned
    Stitched by hands omnipotent blueprints to expand
    That of which is trenched inside of all sides of me
    Surprisingly,Everyday unlocks a new knowledge variety
    In packages,And I can feel the end is getting closer
    Each breath,each quarter inch moves me frigidly closer
    The brink of what I know to expect is morose and suspect
    The more of what is exposed and what I think I know is complex...
    ly explicit and overpowering,even though its the battery that powers me
    but to think it would devour me...bothers me honestly
    The holy scripture speaks of its meek love of course
    and how it keeps me fertile in order not to scorch
    or even parched,it sends waves to balance my equilibrium
    ashes amongst the darkness nutrient rich at minimum
    for milleniums,this has been the way upon the front line
    when its my time and I finally meet 'Shine', Ill be fine
    Many near death experiences describe this cleanliness
    A vivid bliss of God and red proportioned discs
    The death of me will bring darkness opposite glooms
    I can feel 'Shine' even though I have not proper proof
    so it must be truth,as true as I feel sore swamped and floored
    I know whats coming,but how do I prepare for what ive never seen before
    I Suppose,the truth is exposed when before extermination
    I focus on making it past my germination" ,wrote the Priest
    paint brush ink signed Hanshi finely lined and creased
    this is where he deceased,left hand stands over note
    right hand grabs brush stands over quote
    head folded in the middle this is not a riddle
    His whole life was littered with interference and crippled
    Scribbles he seen through,he never fathomed a power
    would give him the wisdom to see inside a flower
    the universe within a verse disperses quarks
    blasting the pathway towards the origins core
    that the seed is the beggining of life,and strife
    occurs when death is conceptualized the problem lies
    for when the seed dies,a flower blooms on the frontline
    the first sight of another life,spawned from the same ties
    The light is the God the human seeks the death thats feared
    The seed becomes a flower,but not in fear.

    Memento wins 2-1
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