[Season One Champ] Week 31 - Week 32 .:Pain:. (3rd reign)

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  1. Tacky Jones

    Tacky Jones www.TaCsmassivecock.gov

    Feb 25, 2008
    Week 31 vs T.a.C

    The Pen Is Mightier Than The Sword...

    At eighteen, he had achieved all of his dreams,
    Followed the schemes laid by Oliver's sheep,
    Orphans with a mind to lay it on the line through
    every kind of bullshit, that life can supplies you,
    He tried to fly through the cries, his mind moved,
    Onto to vengence, true, the visions of crime grew,
    And within a time, dude knew it was time to choose,
    Between life or a vibrant view,
    Now this guy's in blue, disguised as a hybrid fool,
    A cross between lies and pride unglued,
    So he cruises with a carload of thugs for minute,
    Wonderin' if it is the last time his blood is within him,
    He's just player in a game, a pawn to a king,
    His cause is long-gone, he swallowed the sting,
    And there's another player rollin' right up beside 'em,
    Uniform red and black, throwin' liners with side arms,
    Another mind gone, a sigh, yawn,
    Cuz although the young die strong, they die dumb, a life lost,
    All for being corrupted by pride,
    It should come as no surprise that a gun took his life,
    Slumped in the car, blood from his heart,
    Leaking everywhere, holes plugged by the scars,
    Another nameless story, another dateless day,
    In the life on the road most know as gangsta way...

    ...He was never nothin' other than intelligently gifted,
    Magnificent with written scripts of telling 'bout what's in him,
    True expression, lessons were taught based on his poems,
    A guy everyone liked, but hated and loathed,
    He always had it easy, had money to spend,
    Had friends that would always have some money to lend,
    Never has he said, fate was funny, perplexed,
    Because of the ironies found when fucking distressed,
    Instead, he had a safe life, and found fun in a pen,
    And he wrote theme-less stories about nothing at best,
    But he made a lot of envy with emptiness to blame,
    The emptiness in his writing that the senseless have praised,
    And since he never once threw a punch or a kick,
    He was quite conspicuous to get snuffed for his shit,
    And one night, a thug and his click, we're walkin' out of a club
    with a pissed state of mind runnin' their lips,
    They spotted the man walkin' home by himself,
    They followed him to a place where no one could help,
    They attacked him, jumped on his face, and stabbed him in the back,
    He was an easy target marchin' the back-way to this, in fact,
    Simply walkin' back home, after signing a contract,
    To write three novels; beyond that, he'll call back,
    If he only had a spine, and walked with some weight,
    That poor son of a bitch would be walkin' today,
    Instead you can visit 'em, just walk through the gate,
    Third stone on the left, another pawn in the game...

    ...They say the pen's mightier than the sword, and I don't see it,
    Cuz men use rifles at war, and you can't read it,
    There ain't no book that can stop a bullet from hittin' you,
    There ain't no pen that can kill a person like pistols do,
    But if you wanna live the longest, at least stay on their minds,
    Then the pen is your friend, cuz even after you die,
    You will live on through songs, poems, novels, and quotes,
    If you died by the gun too, then they'll probably take note,
    I give both their due, they have no problem sharing souls,
    The pen's mightier than the sword, but I carry both....​

    .:pain:. wins 5-0
  2. Tacky Jones

    Tacky Jones www.TaCsmassivecock.gov

    Feb 25, 2008
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