[Season One Champ] Week 30 - Week 31 T.a.C

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  1. Tacky Jones

    Tacky Jones www.TaCsmassivecock.gov

    Feb 25, 2008
    Week 30 vs Born Deaf

    A few months ago was born a young child
    Painless through the cunt though, some teared, some smiled
    Parents excited to see their son grow, until he could run wild
    Started a fund with some dough, hid it under the sun dial
    As it compiled, they would raise him the religious way
    To love his family, to love his god, and his village the same
    While his people would love to pillage an rape
    He’d grow to be the one to say “yo kill this, its lame”

    One day, his grandmother decided to put the Qur’Ran on his chest
    Next morning he woke up with appeared to be a stamp on his neck
    The mother passed the kid off to let the grandma inspect
    It was written in Arabic and on the hand it said ‘death’

    They tried to wash it off, while a sense of urgency loomed
    Then they rushed the young child off to the emergency room
    The mom saying prayers in her head, as she worried, she gloomed
    But the grandmother knew of the impending flurry of doom
    The doctor said he never seen this, couldn’t believe it
    Asked if it was a prank pulled by a neighborhood miscreant
    Said “If there is any pain, possibly we could relieve it
    But if you want us to cure this disease I don’t think we can achieve it”

    When they were leaving, on the elevator out went the electricity
    Then an earthquake struck with ten point intensity
    The grandma knowing that the end was reached
    Dropped to the floor as she bent her knees
    She told her daughter what the letters mean
    And that for the good of the world, she would need to dead her seed
    When the mother refused the grandma then begged her, “please
    If you end him, you will be saving us, we’re free”

    She thought her mom was crazy, finally made her stop
    Suddenly the chain broke and the elevator dropped
    Then it got so hot they started frying like a tator tot
    They know its about to get ugly like a Raider loss

    They were able to pry the door open an escape free
    Minus the grandma who on impact suffered a sprained knee
    She told her daughter, “go get help…save me”
    She agreed and then they escaped free
    They walked out the building, the sky was odd colored
    “Life as we know it’s about to end” screamed a god lover
    “Get into some shelter, right away, if you’re not covered”
    She looked to the sky to see there a size increasing spot hovered

    It was I, coming to say time, well there was none left
    Her son caused her no pain at birth, and none at death
    Life is short, and everyone’s supposed to die
    The mother looks at her son before she closed her eyes


    You prolly wonder how I know this if everybody died in this cursed plan
    We’ll I remember it clearly, cuz I experienced it first hand
    See, people follow many religions, from Chrisitianity to Kabbalah
    Well, the worlds search for god ends with Allah
    But people doubted my existence, you all needed to learn
    I’m as real as you, you shoulda heeded my word
    You guys doubt in me, you don’t think that hurts to me
    So I stopped the oxygen from hitting your lungs cuz you don’t deserve to breathe
    You all knew about the boy with the writing, didn’t know I was up to something
    Only those religious folks knew what was up and coming
    This shouldn’t have been a surprise to you and kin
    In the Qur’Ran it says, when doomsday comes, my words will appear on human skin
    The world has became one where religion is tossed astray
    So It’s time for a change, where society has not lost its way
    Because your society has been torn and slain
    In order for me to restart from fresh, the human race will be reborn again

    T.a.C wins 3-2
  2. Tacky Jones

    Tacky Jones www.TaCsmassivecock.gov

    Feb 25, 2008
    Week 31 vs .:pain:.
    Narrator = Shadow

    Followed my passion, thought I had got my dream job
    Quit at the laundro-mat, no longer had to sling cloths
    No more dealing with people, no longer having a mean boss
    Still dealing with assholes, but not what you think, dawg
    I need to come across some currency, quick its an emergency
    Always had a big dick, chicks constantly saying ‘you’re hurtin me’
    Worrying with a sense of urgency, signed the papers hurriedly
    Getting paid to have sex, definitely is what was luring me
    Burning pee wasn’t deterring, see, I reached financial woes
    Fell pretty deep into debt with some substantial foes
    Plus I had to tap those hoes, that look like Axl Rose
    Who looked like Kim Kardash yo after those packs of coke
    At the meeting, they were on some ‘sign the line’ shit
    And yeah, I was excited so I didn’t catch the fine print
    So I show up for the filming, enter the movie studio
    See this cutie hoe, I approach and ask how shes doing, yo
    She looked at me and said “You’ll be doing me, Rubio”
    I said, “My names Shadow” “Oh, you’ll be booming Julio”
    “What?!, Peace, I need to find this bastard director”
    Approached him and sat him down like his master to lecture
    “I’m fuckin Julio?” He said “No, your actor Hector”
    “I want that fine bitch I’d rather have to sex her?”
    I’m straight like a vector, I have to confess a bereavement
    He said “You signed the contract, we possess an agreement
    Now stop bitching and get up and finesse his behemoth
    This is big money, do you really have intent to leave it?”
    I’ll spare the details for all you straight guys
    But today I became gay in the late night
    He was close, we laid tight, while I prayed I’m
    forgivin, I had a look on my face like…


    Walkin around pissed, just like a gloomy fuck
    Director said It wouldn’t be seen, that my movie sucked
    Got my paycheck, it came out to a nice stack
    Stopped at the store to buy my ass an ice pack
    Thinking “I just sucked a dick, shit I’m queer”
    The fact I enjoyed it when he licked my ear
    He pricked my rear, I enjoyed this right here
    The fact I didn’t hate it is the cause of this, my fear
    I got major stoned, surprised I made it home
    Had some Chinese food left over, which I ate alone
    I had a fortune cookie, grabbed it and cracked it
    That’s when I saw the message left in that bitch…


    .:pain:. wins 5-0
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