[Season One Champ] Week 27 - Week 28 Pent uP(first reign)

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  1. Tacky Jones

    Tacky Jones www.TaCsmassivecock.gov

    Feb 25, 2008
    Week 27 vs Born Deaf

    Yesterday VS. Tomorrow

    There's space and there's time; both blinding gapes
    You're quite innate if you think there's time in space;
    on the other side of fate is our defining race
    with no space in time for us to try and wait
    to find a great anecdote for our faulty worlds.
    Our planet floats in tandem rows with all the blurs
    the galaxy has to see in its appalling girth -
    revolving around dimensions in our Multiverse.

    everyone guesses what happens after death; what about before life
    To be forthright: living can't possibly seem more bright
    - This worlds a shit stain on a bums jean's war stripes
    Pealed, torn, wiped, and heading to a sea shore's tide
    up stream toward light where it'll evaporate
    in a gaseous state that the clouds stash away
    while they mass create continual dabs of rain
    to be recycled back to earth on a Saturday.
    when you're half awake; blurry eyed and late for work
    staring out the window - embracing earth.
    Watching the first chloroplast break the dirt -
    awaiting backyards to fill with tasty herbs.
    You see a face emerge; distant and over the fence
    noticeable to the home owners own sense
    but nonthreatening - so you're content.
    He's no soldier or threat - and you don't owe more than rent
    Its a quarter to ten and you're blinded by fright
    by the insight given from your Mayan device -
    upgraded into the digital times of our life -
    and if you're late again you'll be crying tonight.
    The excitement is ripe and you run to the bus
    where you find, in a fight, the grungiest musk
    from hungry old bums, as they struggle and cuss -
    both in despair over a pear - a couple of nuts
    Months turn to mush - that molecule multiplied.
    - a seed to a stem which freely ascends, but all with time.
    stem to a leaf - tentatively crawls through skies
    until it bore fruit for you to haul inside.
    The bum arrives with a quick hop of the fence.
    Without caution or sense you might stop and protest
    he picks at your garden; choosing which crops look the best
    He sees you and sprints after he robs your harvest
    your thoughts acknowledge its a quarter to ten
    so you hit the bus stop; composure is tense
    when you catch that bum laying over the bench.
    About to pummel him when you hit a moment of zen
    - He's homeless and spent - but uplifted in mood
    You see water drops roll and drip from the food
    one catches his lip and in a sip is consumed
    that molecule fills him; while he's cringing at you
    you come home to find him taking a shit on your stoop
    you chase him away yelling; and then give it a scoop
    bring it into the bathroom to get rid of the poo
    but stop to look at it as if it consists of your fruits.

    There's space and there's time; both blinding gapes,
    There's space in your stomach; until the time you ate.
    on the other side of fate is our defining race
    with no space in time for us to try and wait
    to find a great anecdote for our faulty worlds.
    Our planet floats in tandem rows with all the blurs
    the galaxy has to see in its appalling girth -
    While we're mere molecules in a Multiverse
    traveling through space after lunch appointments -
    All the Mayans predicted was the the subtle voyage
    and scale of time to clutch end points with.
    Starting when food bloomed and was plucked as choice pick
    for the digestive tracks and taste buds enjoyment.
    Ending when it'd turn to shit and they'd flush their toilet.

    Pent uP wins 4-2
  2. Tacky Jones

    Tacky Jones www.TaCsmassivecock.gov

    Feb 25, 2008
    Week 28 vs Lucifa

    Run if you Can

    You can't create a monster and then whine when he stomps on a few buildings
    or eats some employees in his hunger for killing
    but not all are males when it comes to a predator fashion
    even one that induces attributes of sex implored actions.
    Susan, the executive, is a bitch that likes disrespecting the men.
    Checking them on all their mistakes, to be repaid with sex that's intense.
    Blackmail- but often accepted since these guys jumped in to fuck her -
    some like choking and acts so dirty it could be done under the gutters.
    Making her shake then pasting her face leaving no come in the rubbers.
    Some have tried to smother her and got beat up for being dumb motherfuckers -
    Never having to force, her seductions took their natural course.
    As soon as they'd perform poorly, they get the axe in retort.
    Only one tried to sue her company for sexual harassment
    and he was found naked, chemistry was meddled with some capsules.

    Nobody dared crossing this lady,
    plus she kept it all entertaining;
    Trips to Aruba - giving it to her while she's calling em baby.
    This week, a new mail boy walks into her office -
    fantasies of whip cream, her breasts, and him licking it off it.
    She's bent in her closet, stares back at him looking dizzy and nauseous -
    unfriendly in all this, her reaction's a stiff kick to the balls quick,
    Pretending with the craftiest nerve an accident had occurred.
    Workman's comp is turned to fraud of regimes that have reversed,
    but leaving her thirst to be perverse at the highest of levels.
    Getting so hot with her lust, her fires could fight with the Devil.

    Then Benjamin came, a young accountant with an innocent brain.
    Sensing his pain from a recent divorce primed him for intimate games.
    The invitation to her house seemed like the friendliest date,
    so he went against the better judgment of dating in the workplace.
    Dinner was great with roasted lamb in plum sauce marinade,
    ginger rice, sweet carrots and garnishes of mint on the plate.
    Exquisite in taste so when they kissed, their tongues rinsed in the baste,
    tingling every inch of his face as his lips start to shake.
    Dizzy and dazed, eyes losing focus until Ben's cringing in pain.
    Intensely insane, Susan has drugged him for getting her way -
    An insensible rage because he was ready to give what she takes
    instead of this offensive display that's extended to rape.
    Benjamin wakes with his hands tied while she kisses away -
    His grimacing face slowly diminished as her lips hit his waist,
    condom in mouth, she's slobbing it down 'til it sticks to the base.
    Then they embrace, flinching in grace combined with shivers and shakes -
    She reversed the metrics, twisting her body across him like turns in Tetris
    with firm connections as the mirror shines her perverse reflection.
    Sex turned to weapons, used with deadly force and stern aggression.
    Submerged, his flesh grins, but facts remain as this jerk molests Ben.

    This furthers questions of why women aren't held responsible
    for the same sex crimes... While men don't think this tale is possible,
    or having to jail the probable cause of being male and macho must
    make this woman's assault a push beyond all dating obstacles.
    Because if Susan was a man, she'd be put under the prison -
    damaged and raped by tranny inmates, forced to munch rugs with her sentence
    But the stereotype carries the hype of men to not succumb as such victims -
    So if a man is forced to have sex, it's just seduction to get him.​

    A heavy evening of partying is followed by a night of sex with a chick you met at the party. You wake up in the morning and she is gone. You then see in thick red lipstick on the mirror 'WELCOME TO THE WORLD OF HIV!' ..

    Pent uP wins 3-0
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